Strengthened resolve to prevent conflict from occurring in Asia, says Ng Eng Hen at Shangri-La Dialogue

Strengthened resolve to prevent conflict from occurring in Asia, says Ng Eng Hen at Shangri-La Dialogue


Following a conference between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun on Friday, Dr. Ng also addressed questions about how the US and China interact. &nbsp,

This was the first substantial face-to-face meeting between the defense rulers of the two nations in 18 months.

Both leaders discussed Taiwan, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the conflict in Gaza. A Chinese military director had told investigators that the talks were “positive, useful and constructive”.

Mr. Austin emphasized that the Indo-Pacific region remained a “priority” for Washington in his conversation at the conference on Saturday night, and that the US was “only safe if Asia is.”

His remarks come as a result of growing concern that Washington’s efforts to prevent the Indo-Pacific from spreading have taken away interest from Russia’s war and support for Israel’s conflict in Gaza.

Additionally, Mr. Austin added that as Beijing applauded the” stabilizing” security relations between the US and China, the two countries would resume military-to-military communications “in the coming times.”

Responding to CNA’s issue on Singapore’s position in the interactions between the US and China, Dr Ng said the state is “realistic” and does not have enormous aspirations or corporate overwhelm. &nbsp,

” The difficulties that China and US face, only China and US is address. They are the biggest capabilities, so how can we possibly expect that we will have a significant influence on the training?” said the army secretary. &nbsp,

But what Singapore can do, he continued, is make it possible for different nations- even those with opposing viewpoints and viewpoints- to have a place to come along. &nbsp,

Their existence here also indicates a need to talk, they say. Otherwise, why do you travel for a conference to speak sights”?

He added that over the years, the dialogue has become “more true,” focusing on real problems, looking for solutions, and hearing various viewpoints. &nbsp,

” But as long as we think that there’s value that, Singapore may continue to play that part”, Dr Ng added.