MFP gets 15 more days to submit defence

MFP gets 15 more days to submit defence
Pita Limjraroenrat, head of the Move Forward Party, listens as the Constitutional Court courts read out their decision on January 31 in congress. Chaithawat Tulathon, the party’s head, and other members joined him. The MFP’s claim that on January 31, they had pushed for modifications to Section 112 of the Criminal Code, also known as the der guess laws, indicating that they intended to destroy the constitutional king. ( Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut )

At the party’s request, the Constitutional Court on Wednesday extended the deadline by 15 days for the Move Forward Party ( MFP ) to submit documents to defend itself in the party’s dissolution case.

Following the recommendation from the Election Commission (EC ) to the court to dissolve the party under Section 92 of the Political Parties Act, the MFP requested more time to mount its defense.

On April 3, the jury and the defendants agreed to hear the case.

If the EC has obtained sufficient proof of an act that the King is the head of state and is considered to be hostile to the political system, the law grants the EC the authority to order the dissolution of a celebration.

This action was taken in response to a court decision on January 31 in which it was discovered that the MFP had pushed for modifications to Section 112 of the Criminal Code, also known as the der guess law, indicating an attempt to undermine the democratic king.

The judge gave the MFP until Wednesday to report its defense upon accepting to hear the case.

The party, however, requested a 30-day expansion and claimed more time was needed to prepare its situation. The court on Wednesday made a decision to extend the deadline by 15 times to May 3.

After the date expansion was announced, Surachet Pravinvongvuth, an MFP MP, said that despite the court proceedings, the party ’s people were in great spirits.

He argued that there were no compelling reasons for the group to dissolve. “We do not want our party to dissolve. We must give truth and reason a chance, ” he said.

In the event that the MFP is disbanded, Mr. Surachet expressed his hope that adherents would continue to support the organization under a new name and identity. An other group was previously reported to be in the network.

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Court rejects parliament petition on charter change process

Court rejects parliament petition on charter change process
A copy of the contract in the form of an accordion-style paper, symbolizing legal king, sits on a beautiful box under a light at Democracy Monument. ( Bangkok Post file photo )

The Constitutional Court on Wednesday rejected a plea from the legislature asking for a decision regarding whether the law can be changed before a referendum is held and how many polls may be held during the process of changing the charter.

According to the court’s business, seven judge judges on the chair voted unanimously to accept the petition. Additionally, the petition requested that the court decide whether to include a suggested motion for policy amendment on the court’s agenda.

The courts argued that the decision had already been made and that parliament’s authority was unaffected by this circumstance. The legislature leader already has the power to put the issue on parliament’s plan in line with meeting rules, the judges said.

A contract rewrite could not be carried out without a vote being held second, the court had earlier said. A earlier, favorable referendum vote is required, according to the court, to amend significant portions of the charter or to change it entirely. Yet, the ruling did no spell out how many elections are needed.

Speaking after the court’s ruling, Parit Wacharasindhu, a Move Forward Party ( MFP ) spokesman and list MP, called on parliament president, Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, to put on parliament’s agenda charter amendment bills proposed by the Pheu Thai and MFP parties.

Mr Parit also said the coup-appointed lawmakers, who are coming to the end of their name, should not hinder the law act process. The MFP has argued that a contract writing assembly members must be elected, and it has endorsed Pheu Thai’s proposal to carry two polls on the amendment. The plan to amend the military-sponsored 2017 law, which was one of the ruling party ’s election commitments, is a priority matter for the coalition state.

Due to a 2021 Constitutional Court decision that the consumer must approve any attempt to alter the whole charter, the referendum is a contentious issue. If a update is approved, another referendum may be held to review the information. To find common ground on how the 2017 law should be amended, the authorities established a commission to create rules for holding a vote.

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Paintings from Singapore’s national collection shown at Venice Biennale’s main exhibition for the first time

Visitors to the Italian city can expect to see Singaporean art in a few locations when the prestigious Venice Biennale opens on Saturday ( April 20 ).

Robert Zhao Renhui, a native designer, will have a display at the Singapore Pavilion.   And for the first time ever, artworks from the National Gallery Singapore ( NGS ) are also included in the biennale’s main exhibition.

In Adriano Pedrosa’s massive exhibit, which features 331 artists, will be exhibited in Stranieri Ovunque – Foreigners Outside, which features eight pieces from the NGS selection.

Eight renowned designers from the area have been loaned by the NGS, which is home to the largest public collection of contemporary art in Southeast Asia, including Indonesians Affandi and Hendra Gunawan and Singaporean Georgette Chen and Chua Mia Tee. The portraits included in the Nucleo Storico portion of the show are all included in the works.

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Want to WFH? Here's how to ask your boss when guidelines for flexi-work requests kick in this December

SINGAPORE: Are you considering requesting permission from your manager to work from home or to begin work after? Your manager will need to take your ask into account in December and respond to you within two weeks.

When the requirements for recommendations on flexible work plans may become effective. It does not imply that you will definitely have more work-from-home days or sleeping in during the week, but employers will need to have a system in place to allow their staff to submit for requests.

If the firm rejects your request, it needs to be based on business needs rather than a player’s choices.   Employers who deliberately disobey the rules may be sent for correctional workshops or given a notice.

Here is how to officially request a adaptable work arrangement since not all requests are immediately covered by the guidelines.


You may submit the request in writing and following the company’s instructions, such as using an HR gateway or other official channels.

Send an email or text message with information like:

  • The type of flexible job design you want to own, such as working away from the office, for fewer days, or taking on a smaller load
  • Why you want to have a versatile job design
  • How often the structure will be in place, whether it is monthly, weekly or monthly
  • The start and end time of the flexi-work structure

If the request does not include these facts, it is not a conventional demand and is not subject to the guidelines.

Despite this, many managers and employees have discussions about how their working agreements can be changed as needed. If these methods are successful, they may remain.

Model OF A Ask

How to ask for a flexible job design can be demonstrated in this case:

” I would like to ask to change my regular work hours from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, to Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm, but that I may take my five-year-old child to school in the morning. I request for this structure to commence on Jan 1, 2025 and ending on Dec 31, 2025. “

The individual is asking for a flexi-time structure to support caregiving responsibilities.

According to Minister of State for Manpower Gan Siow Huang, more people in Singapore are required to take care of seniors or young children, and flexible job arrangements will help these individuals to continue working.

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Government hails Songkran public transport feat

Government hails Songkran public transport feat
On Wednesday, passengers arrive at the Chatuchak district’s Mo Chit vehicle switch. ( Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill )

During the Songkran festival, up 7 more than 15 million visits were made using public transportation. 92 % from the previous year, according to the Transport Ministry.

During the Songkran holiday this year, folks made 15,035,465 trips between April 11 and April 16, according to minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit, who announced on Wednesday.

He reiterating how effective the miracle was because of state agency participation, which made it possible for public transportation to provide people.

International means of public transportation included carriages, planes, ships and vehicles, with 485,323 people travelling by bridge, 543,017 people travelling by air and 822,725 going by street.

Additionally, according to Mr. Suriya, there were 13,877,651 cars traveling between and around Bangkok during the trip. He said in terms of incidents, the number of injuries decreased daily because all agencies carried out their duties flawlessly.

During April 11-16, the initial six weeks of the “Seven Dangerous Time ” strategy, a complete of 1,811 injuries were reported, down from 1,996 circumstances, or by 9. 2 % from last year. This time, 1,837 people were injured, over from 2,005 last year, and there were 243 incidents — a little higher than last year’s 223, according to Mr Suriya.

The six types of vehicles involving the highest number of accidents included motorcycles ( 684 accidents ), four-wheel pickup trucks (608 accidents ), private vehicles ( 517 accidents ), lorries with over 10 wheels ( 47 accidents ), six-wheel lorries ( 39 accidents ) and tuk-tuks ( 33 accidents ).

Anutin Charnvirakul, deputy prime minister and interior minister, claimed that the decrease in vehicle injuries during Songkran was not unexpected because motorcycles were the most common cause of the injuries.

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Indian man arrested over fatal hotel stabbing

Indian man arrested over fatal hotel stabbing
The American suspect is seen leaving the hotel where the death occurred, on Tuesday evening. ( Screenshot )

A 32-year-old American male has been detained in Kanchanaburi state on Tuesday evening after allegedly stabbing a 51-year-old Thai lady 31 days, killing her, at a hotel in Bangkok.

Since April 7, the sufferer and the man have been staying at a five-story motel on Soi Wutthakat 14 Road in the Thon Buri area. according to press information. The girl typically spent the day there and traveled it at night. She had a 20-year-old brother.

A hotel worker reported hearing loud arguing in their second-floor place on Tuesday around noon. The place phone was called half by the employee. It was contacted each moment and hung up right away. The American man left the hotel shortly after 1 p.m. on a blue-grey bike registered in the province of Nakhon Pathom.

Then officers were called to the scene. They found the Thai person, Sukanya Disayabut, dying with 31 attack scars. A 30-centimeter knife that had been strewn throughout the area was even discovered.

In Tha Maka city of Kanchanaburi frontier province on Tuesday night, authorities on the suspect, identified as Rajman Yabav, made the arrest. He had a large knife scar to his right arm while receiving care at Makarak Hospital.

According to reports, Mr. Yabav allegedly confessed to the crime and claimed to have acted furiously.

Police were awaiting an speaker, so they could question him more carefully.

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Russian dies in Phuket motorbike crash

Russian dies in Phuket motorbike crash
On Wednesday morning, the occupied bike is sat among vegetation in the deep ditch in Phuket’s Muang area near Patak Road. ( Photo: police )

A Belarusian man was killed on Wednesday when his bicycle slammed into a deep trench in the Muang area at around 5:00 am.

The crash occurred at a slope on Patak Road in tambon Karon, according to Police Chief Khunnadet Na Nongkhai, who said it occurred about 5 minutes later. 50am.

Emergency firefighters found Pavel Uriadov, 40, lying lifeless next to a tree in the five-metre-deep drain alongside the road.

His family Anna Uriadov, 41, was on the street. She had small accidents.

Ms. Uradov claimed to have told police that her father had taken her riding scooter from their resort in tambon Karon to Wat Phra Yai.

On the slope, he lost control, and the bicycle veered off the road. Before it plunged into the trench with her father, she had fallen.

The boy’s body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital for post-mortem investigation.

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COE prices close mostly higher; premiums for smaller cars rise above S$90,000

In the most recent bidding exercise on Wednesday ( Apr 17 ), Certificate of Entitlement ( COE ) premiums closed largely higher.

For Category A cars, or those 1,600cc and below with horsepower not exceeding 130bhp, premiums closed at S$ 94,010 ( US$ 68,960 ), up from S$ 89,000 in the last exercise.   The last time the Category A price was above S$ 90,000 was on  Nov 8, 2023.  

Premiums for larger and more powerful cars in Category B rose to S$ 102,001 from S$ 101,334.

Open category COEs, which can be used for any vehicle type but end up being used mainly for large cars, rose to S$ 103,249 from S$ 101,002.

Motorcycle premiums closed at S$ 9,990, down slightly from S$ 10,000 in the last exercise.

COEs for commercial vehicles, which include goods vehicles and buses, increased to S$ 68,502 from S$ 67,501 in the previous bidding exercise.

A full of 3,624 proposals were received, with a limit of 2,498 COEs accessible.

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Songkran road accidents killed 243 people

About 85 % of accidents involved scooters

Songkran road accidents killed 243 people
On Tuesday, cars swarm the Mitraparp highway’s Bangkok-bound roads in Nakhon Ratchasima state. ( Photo: Prasit Tangprasert )

During the Songkran event trip, 243 people were killed and 1,837 others were hurt in road accidents.

Education Minister Permpoon Chidchob reported on Wednesday that there were 1,811 traffic fatalities between April 11 and April 16, when some workers returned to their hometowns for Songkran festivities. Riders were involved in 84. 9 % of all traffic accidents.

Chiang Rai, the province with the highest death toll and highest number of accidents ( 71 ), was the province with the highest death toll ( 15 ).

Another northern province, Phrae, reported the most people injured ( 68 ). During the Songkran Thai New Year festival, Pol Gen Permpoon reported that nine out of the 77 regions were free of customers mortality.

On the last day of the street health plan, April 16, there were 242 traffic accidents, leaving 32 people dead and 237 injured. Speeding was the most prevalent reason, accounting for 37. 6 % of the fatalities, followed by drink-driving ( 23. 9 % ) and cutting in front of other vehicles ( 21 % ).  

Most Songkran travelers, according to Pol Gen Permpoon, have now come back to work.

Ruangsak Suwaree, director-general of the Probation Department, said that from April 11-16 there were 5,786 traffic infraction situations, 96. 6 % of which included drink-driving. Bangkok had the most drink-driving cases ( 493 ), followed by Samut Prakan ( 313 ) and Chiang Mai ( 302 ).

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