Thai-US operation helps take down global cybercrime gang

Thai-US operation helps take down global cybercrime gang

Ransomware was strewn on Chon Buri’s qualities in connection with a significant number of Chinese suspects detained in Singapore.

Thai-US operation helps take down global cybercrime gang
On Friday, a Thai-US activity to demolish an international crime organization displays money and valuables in Chon Buri. ( Police photo )

Thai authorities assisted in destroying an international crime organization on Friday in collaboration with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Following a number of major corporate systems attacks that involved demanding ransoms and stealing state welfare funds from more than 190 nations, the Central Investigation Bureau ( CIB ) and the FBI teamed up with the CBI.

The collaboration was initiated as a result of a request from the US to stop cybercrime activity, with particular attention given to Foreign national Wang Yunhe and his affiliates. They are accused of planning national-level website scams, damaging protected laptop systems, making money laundering arrangements in the US, and using digital communications fraud.

One of the seven nations where Wang is alleged to have purchased properties in order to launder some of the$ 100 million he earned selling hacked IP addresses to other cybercriminals is Thailand.

The attacks, led by CIB director Pol Lt Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej and Michael Chai, legitimate attaché at the US Embassy in Bangkok, targeted four places. They included three apartment units in the Chon Buri Bang Lamung area and a house there.

A result of the operation was the arrest of money in Thai and international assets worth 7.5 million baht, 13 Audemars Piguet watches worth more than 30 million, 23 pieces of jewelry value more than 50 million, property deeds, banks accounts linked to the suspects and Spicy Code Co, and flash drives believed to contain encryption keys and passwords.

Wang is accused of managing the 911 S5 system, which was used to elude legal proceedings and launch cyberattacks. He was detained in Singapore on May 24 as part of the multi-national operation.

Four locations in Chon Buri province were raided on Friday, including a posh house in Bang Lamung district. ( Police photo )