KL20 Summit hopes to boost Malaysia’s startup ecosystem with ambitious top 20 target by 2030

  • Startups may benefit from the Summit’s ability to connect them with a wide range of funding options.
  • Allows traders to gain valuable insight into Malaysia’s modern surroundings

KL20 Summit hopes to boost Malaysia’s startup ecosystem with ambitious top 20 target by 2030

Malaysia is attempting to become one of the top 20 global business ecosystems by 2030 in terms of growth in its business landscape. Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli just announced the KL20 Summit, with the aim of stimulating Malaysia’s business field. &nbsp,

In a statement, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation ( Mosti ) stressed the Malaysian government’s commitment to making the country a hub for startups. It said the business scene may look forward to a surge in action during the KL20 Summit&nbsp, and beyond- including 10 star initiative launches, fuelled by friendly government policies, a growing talent pool and a vibrant innovative ecosystem.

At the same time, it acknowledges that obstacles remain, especially in accessing money, navigating governmental restrictions and attracting top talent.

Creating a blooming habitat

Mosti says investors are drawn to Malaysia’s vibrant startup field because it offers a wide range of opportunities across a range of industries, from finance to e-commerce, and that this diversity is appealing.

Mosti believes that activities like the KL20 Summit taking place on April 22 through April 23 will help accelerate Malaysia into the best 20 global business communities by 2030 because the government is playing a crucial role in creating a conducive atmosphere for startups. Startups can flourish more in a more supportive environment thanks to efforts to simplify regulations, promote useful resource management, and modernize public services.

The Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap ( SUPER ) has been developed as a guideline to help our nation’s startup ecosystem become a regional hub. &nbsp, SUPER addresses important areas like skill development, funding mobility, ensuring market admittance, and driving innovation in technology and social impact”, said Chang Lih Kang, Mosti Minister.

By streamlining procedures and combining tools under one software, Malta will be launching the Single Window Initiative to develop Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

This program will eliminate bureaucratic strain, make certifications quicker, and make it easier for entrepreneurs to get started. This is important in boosting our development field towards achieving KL20’s objectives”, Chang added.

Addressing Funding Hurdles

Access to funding remains a hurdle for some business entrepreneurs, especially during the earlier rounds. KL20 and other activities aim to close this lull. The conference will assist businesses in establishing connections with a variety of financing sources, including government grants, venture businessmen, and angel investors. Pitching options, networking situations, and showcasing of success stories is further enable businesses to secure the funds needed for development.

” The Malaysia Venture Capital Roadmap ( MVCR ) and MyDigital initiatives, alongside incentives for foreign investment, makes Malaysia an attractive proposition for digital businesses seeking a regional foothold. Participation in the KL20 Summit allows international investors to gain valuable insight into our electronic environment, regulations and purchase opportunities”, said Chang.

Investing in talent and collaboration

Malaysia has a young, dynamic and tech- savvy workforce. To further enhance their skill sets, the government is investing in education and training programs. Additionally, initiatives are in place to attract international talent and encourage knowledge transfer, creating a robust talent pool that fuels our digital ecosystem.

For maintaining a vibrant startup ecosystem, education and knowledge sharing are essential. KL20 brings together thought leaders from the industry and experienced business owners to exchange their knowledge and best practices. Panel discussions and keynote presentations provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and abilities necessary to navigate the difficulties of entrepreneurship and build profitable businesses.

A collaborative culture is essential to maximizing Kuala Lumpur’s potential as a leading startup hub. Collaboration between government agencies, investors, educational institutions, corporate entities, and startup founders is vital to create policies, programmes and initiatives that address the needs of entrepreneurs and foster innovation. By working together, stakeholders can position Kuala Lumpur as a premier destination for startups, driving economic growth and job creation.

The government is also supporting local innovation – through MDEC, Cradle, MRANTI and other agencies, providing startups with crucial financial and technical support. The implementation of clear guidelines is also among the government’s priorities, ensuring a more conducive environment for startups to operate and comply with requirements.

By addressing challenges, fostering collaboration and capitalising on the government’s supportive initiatives, Malaysia is poised to become a leading startup hub in Southeast Asia said Mosti.

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Broadcasters announce early bird price of S$88 for Euro 2024 viewers in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Football fans in Singapore can expect to pay an early bird subscription price of S$ 88 ( US$ 65 ) to watch the European Championships, which is taking place in June.

The advertising- offered by Mediacorp’s mewatch, Singtel and StarHub- did run till May 26.

The broadcasters will change the price from May 27 to S$ 108 from today ( Apr 11 ).

In comparison to the previous version, which was held in 2021, the price for Euro 2024 clients is slightly higher. &nbsp, &nbsp,

StarHub next charged early birds users S$ 84, while Singtel’s rate was S$ 83. The revised charges after the promo were at S$ 94 and S$ 93 both.

All 51 games may be broadcast via SPOTV programs. SPOTV is a North Korean media firm that acquired the unique advertising rights&nbsp, in Malaysia and Singapore for the Euro 2024 game.

Clients can sign up to enjoy the competition on the particular broadcaster’s websites.

Also, StarHub customers will be able to listen via the StarHub game, on StarHub TV , and in- keep from May 1.

Mediacorp’s Channel 5 will also be showing four group stage matches completely, with all game kicking off at 12am Singapore period.

It will broadcast France versus Poland ( Jun 26 ), Denmark versus England ( Jun 21 ), Turkiye versus Portugal ( Jun 23 ), and Spain versus Poland ( Jun 16 ).

The quadrennial football tournament runs from Jun 15 ( Singapore time ) to Jul 15 and will feature 24 teams. &nbsp,

At 3 a.m., hosts Germany take on Scotland in the beginning game, while defending champions Italy mouth Albania on June 16 for their name defense.

At 9 p.m., 12 a.m., and 3 a.m., group-stage games may be broadcast, with knockdown matches taking place in the two later times.

The last will be on Jul 15 at 3am. &nbsp,

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Heavy Songkran traffic in Korat

Songkran revelers swarm Mittraparb Highway to initiate journeys to their communities.

Heavy Songkran traffic in Korat
On Friday, the Mittraparb Highway in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Mittraparb Highway was moving at only 20 to 30 kph. ( Photo: Prasit Tangprasert )

As Songkran revellers streamed out of Bangkok on Friday, the first day of a five-day vacation to enjoy the ocean event, visitors was congested on major roads in Nakhon Ratchasima, the gate to the Northeast, and adjacent areas.

On Friday morning, heavy traffic was reported at kilometer marker 55 on the Pak Chong district’s Mittraparb Highway, which is bound for Korat. In the center of Pak Chong district, vehicles were moving at speeds of only 20 to 30 kilometers per hour.

Congestion developed between the Phon Nong Sarai and Phon Khlong Phai in the northeastern province of Sikhiu from the Phon Nong Sarai in Pak Chong. To facilitate traffic flow, highway police and neighborhood police had to set up special lanes.

Somkiart Sairada, a driver from Samut Prakan, reported leaving his home in the central province at around 4.15 am on Friday for Songkran celebrations in Mukdahan in the upper Northeast. Due to the heavy traffic, he arrived in Nakhon Ratchasima at 11.25 a.m., seven hours after setting out.

In Prachin Buri, heavy traffic was reported on Highway 304 between Na Di and Muang districts. Numerous revellers traveling from eastern provinces to Bangkok were taking the Northeast’s route to visit their ancestral homelands.

Vehicles were moving at 30- 40kph on Highway 304. Some areas of Na Di and the Nakhon Ratchasima district’s Wang Nam Khieo district saw the growth of traffic.

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Man gets jail for hiring maid he knew would be doing part-time cleaning for other households

SINGAPORE: The gentleman immediately rejected his wife’s request to use her companion as a home worker despite the fact that she would not be working for their home. &nbsp,

However, he eventually relented and hired the lady so she could find a work force. &nbsp,

Instead of working as their girl, the girl did part- time washing for seven different homes over about seven months, earning a total of S$ 2, 000 ( US$ 1, 470 ).

All three were taken to court and given prison sentences for the crime when the Ministry of Manpower learned of the crime.

The bride’s company, 38- yr- old Singaporean Nurkhairul Achis, was sentenced to six weeks ‘ prison and fined S$ 6, 000 on Friday ( Apr 12 ).

His partner, Ei Ei Khing Soe, was sentenced to six weeks ‘ prison in August next month, while the girl, Yin Yin Htwe Hlaing, was given the same prison term in July.

THE Event

According to the jury, Yin contacted her companion Ei in June 2021 to ask for a work permit and that she intended to perform part-time cleaning duties for another.

If Yin gave her$ 6,500, Ei agreed to assist. She finally asked her husband&nbsp, Nurkhairul to use Quiet as his private contractor.

Nurkhairul immediately disagreed, but eventually resisted Ei’s request to assist her friend.

Yin paid S$ 4, 000 to Ei through Ei’s community in Myanmar. Of that amount, S$ 1, 000 was used to pay for the services of an employment company that&nbsp, Nurkhairul engaged&nbsp, to approach Yin’s work force. &nbsp,

Yin was given a work permit for the time December 2021 to November 2023 on the grounds that she may be employed by Nurkhairul as a girl.

Yin paid S$ 600 per month for her rent and operate force charge when she arrived in Singapore on November 29, 2021. Before moving somewhere, she stayed at his home for about three times.

At all times, she did not work for Nurkhairul’s home.

Otherwise, between January 2022 and July 2022, she did part- time washing for seven households without a true function pass. A cleaning business manager had recommended the tasks to her.

After the Manpower Ministry discovered Yin staying in a product at Beach Road on July 28, 2022, the crimes were discovered. &nbsp,

Nurkhairul admitted guilt on two counts of conspiring to obstruct Yin’s job under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act by assisting her in breaking her work-related law while being self-employed without a true work permit. A second charge was taken into consideration.

The judge and the trial both agreed that Nurkhairul would not have been able to carry out the offence.

There is no way Ei and Yin may have carried out this on their own, she said, adding that for abuse of the work force system should not be tolerated.” Without him, this whole thing would not have happened, and it could not have taken place,” she said.

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'He's very different from other dogs': Man fined by court for repeatedly walking dog without a leash

A guy continued to walk his Chinese terrier without one despite receiving reminder letters and memories to follow the rule to collar his canine when walking it in public. &nbsp,

He was eventually taken to court after violating the Animals and Birds ( Dog Licensing and Control ) Rules and told the judge that his dog was “very well-trained” and “different from other dogs,” but he was later told sternly that it was not his responsibility to make that assessment.

Ng Lai Beng, a 61- year- old Singaporean, was fined S$ 3, 000 ( US$ 2, 210 ) by a court on Friday ( Apr 12 ).

He will have to serve four weeks in jail in default if he does n’t pay the fine by the end of the month.

Ng admitted guilt on two counts of violating the Animals and Birds ( Dog Licensing and Control ) Rules for putting his dog on a leash in a public place, with four other similar charges being taken into account.

The National Parks Board ( NPParks ) received information on Aug. 18, 2022, that Ng’s dog was being walked unlammed at the rooftop garden in Fernvale Road, according to the court.

Investigations revealed that Ng had a rope attached to the puppy’s body harness but failed to hold onto it.

Ng received a letter in the first few days of September 2022 letting him know that the government had been given feedback on how to walk his dog.

Ng’s family acknowledged the text on his behalf.

However, even after receiving the letter from Ng, he continued to walk his dog without collar on five occasions at different locations, including a garden, a park, and a top garden.


NParks prosecutors testified before the court that Ng had been subject to police action on six prior occasions for walking the same dog and another dog while unloaded in public.

Ng has previously been found guilty of a comparable offence. He even received a 2021 fine for fighting with a man who had refused to let his dogs into a lift hall.

The prosecutor claimed that Ng has been shown” considerable latitude” on previous occasions by way of warning letters and fines for composition, but that he has” not learned his lesson” and continues to “flagrantly flout the regulations.”

The attorney claimed that the regulation’s purpose was to stop accidents and “dog bit cases” when dog owners walk their dogs in government.

He claimed that the absence of any such mishaps is merely foreshadowing rather than due to the accused’s lack of preventative action. The accused may understand that it is not his responsibility to determine whether the laws may be upheld.

He argued that reminding other dog owners that walking their dogs in people without ensuring that the animals are leashed and in good health is a serious crime.

The prosecutors sought a full great of S$ 3, 000 for Ng.

Ng first stated that he could not afford any fines and would default and spend the rest of his life in jail.


He claimed in a speech to the court that he bought the puppy when it was two months old and raised it like a member of his family.

He learned to cross the road without another dogs ‘ assistance, according to Ng, adding that the dog would wait until the traffic lights turned green after my business failed.

We also advise him not to be violent toward any pedestrians or visitors while at the same time, and even my near neighbors ‘ Asian families praise him for being very well-trained and submissive, Ng said.

He claimed that the reason he did n’t want to keep him on the leash was because” I want him to be safer” than other dogs who were leashed but escaped and were killed on the way.

The trial responded that it was inconvenient to claim that tying a dog to its rope makes it riskier for the animal. &nbsp,

He emphasized that this was not Ng’s second instance of a crime of this nature.

District Judge Wong Li Tein told Ng:” It’s up to you whether you think your puppy is well-trained. Other people on the road would n’t want to run into you and your mutated dog.

She claimed that she found it repulsive that he continued to insult despite being warned and that this was not just because of this canine.

You are aware that neighbors who live in your neighborhood dislike it and are hesitant. If you continue to accomplish this, you will be going to prison, paying fines for no reason at all”, the prosecutor said.

Ng shook his head when he was accused of “blatantly disregarding the rules and the safety of other people.”

The judge told Ng that he must obey the law or face the penalties, adding:” I do n’t think it’s worth it for you”.

She gave Ng the option of paying his great in installments by the end of April.

A puppy that has been walked off the leash will be fined up to S$ 5, 000.

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South Korean singer Park Bo-ram, known for Reply 1988 song, dies at 30

Park Bo-ram, a South Korean singer, confirmed in a statement that she passed away at the age of 30 on Thursday ( Apr 11 ).

When she went to the bathroom, Park was reportedly drinking with two of her companions at one of their homes. Her friends checked her on her and discovered her unconscious around 9:55pm ( South Korean time ) when she refused to leave. &nbsp, Park was taken to the hospital but died around 11: 17pm.

” We at Xanadu Entertainment are seriously depressed and profoundly saddened by the passing. Delivering unexpected information to Park Bo- ram supporters is even more painful, according to the agency.

Xanadu Entertainment further stated that funeral arrangements will be made after her family has been advised, and that the general public should refrain from making theoretical information.

According to South Korean media, Korea JoongAng Daily, an autopsy will be conducted on Saturday ( Apr 13 ) to determine the cause of death, and an investigation into her death is ongoing.

The singer made her official album with the music Beautiful in 2014 after appearing on the Mnet interview present Superstar K2 in 2010.

Some of her music include Sorry, Celepretty and Dynamic Love. Notably, she was also in the OST for the 2015 K- drama Reply 1988 with the song&nbsp, Hyehwadong ( Or Ssangmundong ).

Before her passing, she apparently had been getting ready to make do with her return to honor the tenth anniversary of her album.

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Banks clarify that sensitive customer information is never requested via phone calls

  • Banks always request CCV, website banking credentials, or OTP figures from customers
  • Banks perform confirmation checks to protect customers ‘ accounts, ensure ongoing security

Banks clarify that sensitive customer information is never requested via phone calls

The member banks of the Association of Banks in Malaysia ( ABM ) and the Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia ( AIBIM ) have reiterated that they will not call in sensitive customer data, such as credit or debit card numbers. &nbsp,

However, in certain scenarios, such as evaluating suspicious transactions, banks may contact customers to get clarification and perhaps do verification checks using fractional personal information, such as the last four digits of the NRIC, to confirm the customer’s identity.

This action is taken to protect customers ‘ financial data and ensure its continued protection. Customers who believe they have been called by fraudsters who pretend to be bank officers should hang up and dial the bank’s established customer service call right away.

Businesses emphasized that they never will ask customers for the following details:

  • Credit/ debit card number and card verification value ( CVV ) number
  • Online banks username and password
  • SMS OTP/ TAC statistics

The finance industry collaborates closely with regulators and police agencies to secure banking systems and electronic platforms, improve safety measures in accordance with the most recent scam practices, and detect and freeze bank accounts associated with scammers and animal account holders in ongoing efforts to protect the financial well-being of customers.

The banking sector has implemented five important measures since July 2023 to protect against scams, including replacing SMS OTP with a more secure authentication process, tightening fraud detection regulations, putting in cooling-off periods for first-time online banking access registration, allowing registration to be registered on only one cellular or safe device, and setting up a 24/7 dedicated complaint channel for customers.

For assistance, victims of scams should immediately dial the National Scam Response Centre at 997 or their banks ‘ 24/7 customer service hotlines at 997. Customers can use the Kill Switch feature via the online banking platform or mobile banking app to deactivate access to online banking or block credit/debit cards linked to fraudulent transactions. Customers can visit www. customerservice .com to find the bank’s customer service hotline and learn how to spot the most recent scams. JanganKenaScam.com.

Customers can also choose to use the Kill Switch feature on the online banking platform or mobile banking app to quickly deactivate their access to credit/debit cards that have been linked to fraudulent transactions.

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Indonesia denies claims of normalising ties with Israel for OECD membership

Prior to the Oct. 7 Hamas assault in Israel and the subsequent war against Hamas in Gaza, President Joko Widodo’s office last month denied press reports that Jakarta and Tel Aviv intended to normalize relationships in October 2023.


According to a number of influential Jewish news sources, Indonesia has agreed to normalize ties with Israel as a prerequisite for joining the OECD.

According to them, the foundation for this arrangement was laid during three weeks of covert conversations between Jakarta, Tel Aviv, and OECD secretary-general Mathias Cormann.

According to the reports, Indonesia has agreed to a provision requiring that it build diplomatic ties with Israel before the organization approves its account.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, the Council has publicly agreed to the explicit and clear early conditions that require that Indonesia establish diplomatic relations with all European member nations before any decision is made to confess it to the organization, Mr. Cormann wrote in a letter to Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz two weeks ago. The text was officially approved by Indonesia.

In his reply to Mr Cormann on Wednesday, Mr Katz welcomed the discovery. I anticipate that this process may lead to full diplomatic ties between all parties, as I anticipate a positive change in Indonesia’s policy toward Israel, particularly abandoning its angry plan toward it.

In light of the ongoing anti-Israel sentiments caused by its military activities in the Gaza Strip, the normalization of relationships between Indonesia and Israel would be important, according to an unknown Jewish standard.

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