Bangladesh reels from surge in snake bites

Following reports of a rise in snake wounds all over Bangladesh, all health facilities and hospitals have been given the order to share anti-venom.

Dr. Samanta Lal Sen, the health secretary, urged the general public to immediately visit snake-bites if possible.

In rural Bangladesh, hospitals have noticed a rise in snake struck people, particularly those who have South Asian Russell’s snake.

In recent days, the situations have become a hot issue on Bangladeshi social media.

As it feeds on rabbits, the Russell’s snake is usually found near individual settlements, and in farmland especially during harvest time.

A 2023 study said about 7, 000 people die in Bangladesh every month from snake bites. If rapidly treated with anti-venom, the majority of patients survive.

The Russell’s snake was declared dead in Bangladesh in 2002 but the species has then returned.

Experts believe the snake, which often lives found in dry regions, has adapted to various weather conditions, and has now spread to more than 25 towns in Bangladesh.

One of the most undertreated tropical diseases, according to the World Health Organization, makes battling snake wounds a goal.

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Thai and Chinese officials team up against scams

In Kunming, talks are organized to discuss ways to stop international crime.

Thai and Chinese officials team up against scams
On Saturday, Thai police Anti-Trafficking in Persons ( ATPD ) representatives will meet with Chinese officials to discuss human trafficking and call center scams in China and their effects on the area. ( Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham )

Thailand’s authorities are collaborating with their Chinese rivals to combat call center and human trafficking in China.

During a visit to Kunming in the Yunnan province on Saturday, Pol Maj Gen Sarut Kwaengsopha, the head of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division ( ATPD), an update on cooperation was provided. He observed the actions of the immigration officers that while meeting with Kunming Immigration Office assistant captain, Pol Maj Gen Kong Yiping.

According to Pol Maj Gen Sarut, systems has reduced the task by about 80 %.

The Central Investigation Bureau’s inspector, Pol Lt Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej, has mandated that law enforcement agencies in the nation redouble their efforts to combat call center fraud.

He has also mandated that state firms and the ATPD speak with the ATPD about the difficulties faced by people smuggling in northeastern Myanmar. According to him, the neighboring nation serves as a foundation for some call center groups that trouble both Thailand and China.

Pol Maj Gen Sarut met with Pol Col Thatchaphong Sarawanangkun, the Thai consul- standard in Kunming, to explore the human smuggling problem.

According to Pol Maj Gen Sarut, China does not have a certain human trafficking rules. The Thai embassy in Kunming has, however, been closely monitoring the actions of swindling syndicates. He claimed that the agency has also been looking for 27 people who have fled Thailand to China for individual trafficking.

According to Pol Maj Gen Sarut, Chinese officials have also agreed to help fight child labor and trafficking. Leaders from both countries are concerned that a number of Thai youth have been discovered working illegally in Kunming.

Fresh Thai women are a source of worry because the majority of Chinese people hire them for wedding and then leave them, he said. ” But, the problem must be immediately addressed and criminals arrested”.

Pol Maj Gen Sarut even met with You Xiaowen, acting director- general of the Lancang- Amazon Integrated Law Enforcement and Security Cooperation Centre, and Jiang Shui, the council’s deputy director- standard.

The meeting highlighted the cooperation between China, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand in tackling transnational murder in the Mekong area.

The LMLECC has compiled a massive virtual collection, which representative countries can use to access records on drug smuggling, call center scam gangs, arms sneaking and human trafficking.

Mr. Jiang claimed that the center also increased border joint guards and improved security measures using cutting-edge technology.

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Death toll rises to 54 in India liquor tragedy

A government official reported on Saturday ( Jun 22 ) that the death toll from drunken alcohol in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu has increased to 54 as a result of the consumption of tainted liquor. More than 100 people are still hospitalized. Nearly 200 individuals have been treatedContinue Reading

Vietnamese man arrested with protected birds

Red-shrouded bulbuls are discovered in Bangkok and are intended to be smuggled into the neighboring nation.

Vietnamese man arrested with protected birds
After discovering about 60 protected species inside his home in the Klong Chan neighborhood of Bangkok, police issue Hoang Ngoc Cuong, 36. ( Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham )

A Asian male was detained, and 58 protected species, which are intended for a different country, were taken from a home in Bangkok’s Klong Chan neighborhood.

Hoang Ngoc Cuong, 36, was apprehended at a cover house in Bang Kapi area on Friday. Authorities seized 58 purple- whiskered bulbuls, known in Thai as nok parawd ying khoan and for about 174, 000 ringgit, said Pol Col Arun Wachirasrisukanya, deputy chief of the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division.

Following a Jan 9 attack, authorities detained three Taiwanese users of a multinational wildlife trafficking network, and recovered 21 red-whisked bulbuls, 929 turtles, four chameleons, and six snakes as part of a follow-up investigation.

The system typically smuggles wild creatures by transporting them to a neighboring nation on an international vehicle, according to Pol Col Arun.

After that, researchers discovered that the group kept wild animals at a home in the Klong Chan neighborhood before emigrating them from Thailand.

The officers requested court permission to search the home, which resulted in the arrest of the Asian person.

According to the officers, Mr. Cuong admitted to having purchased the red-whisked bulbuls from a seller who ran a Facebook page for between 3, 000 and 4, 000 baht each. Before being delivered to a neighboring nation, where each bird could fetch tens of thousands of baht, he kept the shielded animals inside the house.

In infraction of the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, the arresting group first accused him of possessing protected wild creatures without consent.

Police take a photo with the Vietnamese suspect ( second from left ) and the 58 red-whisked bulbules he seized from him. ( Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham )

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Popular Facebook page busted for Euro 2024 betting ads

Site with 2 million followers apparently earned B150, 000 a fortnight in ad revenue

Popular Facebook page busted for Euro 2024 betting ads
Police officers examine a desktop computer during a raid on the home of a 36-year-old gentleman in Nakhon Ratchasima on Friday, who was the owner of a Instagram page that promoted sports betting.

The owner of a Facebook page with over 2 million subscribers has been detained, according to police, on suspicion of posting online gambling promotions related to the 2024 Uefa European Championship ( Euro 2024 ).

Central Investigation Bureau ( CIB ) officers, armed with a court search warrant, apprehended the 36- year- old suspect identified only as Chavalvit, the owner of Facebook page the” Top Comment” page, at his home in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Friday.

Authorities also seized things believed to be linked to the crimes, including an iPad Pro 3 product, two desktop&nbsp, laptops, an iPhone 12 Pro Max and a Kasikornbank account wallet.

The CIB monitored platforms that promoted sports betting as a result of increased website activity revolving around Euro 2024 soccer matches.

” Best Comment”, a publicly accessible Twitter conference with a wide- reaching market exceeding 2 million followers, was among the websites researchers uncovered. According to authorities, the page was spotted posting comments that included ads for a number of gambling websites.

Mr. Chavalvit admitted to running and owning the Facebook page, which has been engaged since 2014. Its income comes primarily from advertising, with over 90 % derived from sports betting systems, he told researchers. Regular income from the ads exceed 150, 000 ringgit.

The assume has been accused of encouraging gaming activities in contravention of the Gambling Act.

The” Top Comment” Facebook page earned 90 % of its advertising revenue from football betting platforms, its operator told police.

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Taiwan detects 41 Chinese aircraft around island

TAIPEI: &nbsp, Taiwan’s defence ministry said on Saturday ( Jun 22 ) it had detected 41 Chinese military aircraft around the island in a 24- hour window, a day after Beijing said “diehard” advocates of Taiwan’s independence could face the death penalty. China claims Taiwan, which it has self-ruled democratically,Continue Reading

PM Lawrence Wong calls for Singapore to embrace broader definition of success

Mr. Wong also acknowledged that he too felt the” same force to contend and compare with people” when he looked up on his own career.

He once felt the urge to leave the government, but he later developed friendships with coaches who encouraged him to work for the government and gave him a sense of goal.

He claimed that some young Singaporeans have told him that they do n’t want their self-worth and success to be measured solely by their academic and material accomplishments. &nbsp,

Let us also redefine what success really mean for Singapore as we refresh our Singapore vision. I have a dozen ideas”, he said.

We have grown used to judging some industries based on their fame. We should be available to the possibilities of how individuals can prosper.

We are glad for our younger talents and top achievers, but we should also be glad for our late bloomers and those who experience a backseat after a string of setbacks and failures.

Using the medical field during the epidemic as an example, he said that underrated champions such as nurses, therapists, occupational therapist and radiographers should be celebrated as much as specialists.

He continued,” Success means excelling at what we do now, persevering in it, and doing it with confidence rather than concern for achievement.”

Some people will choose to work at a slower pace to give their communities more time, but others may want to advance in their careers or start new businesses.

He urged Singaporeans to appreciate their resources and enjoy the success of others because it is” not a zero-sum race,” underscoring that each journey is unique.

Redefining the measures of success is a recurring design for Mr Wong, who was sworn in as Singapore’s Prime Minister next quarter, taking over from Mr Lee Hsien Loong, who is now Top Minister.

During an interview with the Singapore media just before the command change, he spoke about” embracing these distinct, several pathways of victory “in a” culture and system where every job is respected”.

At the start of the Forward Singapore Festival next October, he also&nbsp, said that&nbsp, the” Singapore Dream “is no more only about material accomplishment.

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