China bridge collapse kills 11 after torrential rains

a bridge collapsed in northern China on Saturday ( Jul 20 ), killing 11 people, according to the state news agency Xinhua. The gate in Shaanxi country’s Shangluo collapsed at around 8.40pm on Friday “due to a sudden rainstorm and display storms”, Xinhua said, citing the provincial public relationships office.Continue Reading

Police deploy 1,250 officers for King’s installation

The authorities have deployed 1, 250 workers from July 18 to July 27 in conjunction with the assembly service of His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim as the 17th King of Malaysia.

378 police officers have been dispatched to manage traffic and escort VIPs for the installation ceremony at Istana Negara on Saturday morning ( July 20 ), according to Director of the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department, Comm. Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri.

” All deployed workers have three main tasks: to escort Guests, manage prospects on the 14 roads identified for shutdown, and maintain traffic rules, with action to be taken against those who violate the laws until the final Royal Tea ceremony”, he said.

” This ancient event, which takes place after every five years, is viewed quite significantly, and all employees have been reminded to be aware of their tasks throughout the rites”, he added.

Preparations, including dry runs and rehearsals, began as early as July 10 with assistance from other contingents to ensure no mistakes occur, he said.

Road closures were escorted by all VIPs to Istana Negara starting at 8am on Saturday ( July 20 ), and they will be reopened after that time. The roads will remain open until the evening before the ceremony and the Royal Banquet, Yusri added.

We ask the public to adhere to traffic laws and express our gratitude to them for their assistance throughout the series of events taking place during the installation, he said.

On Saturday, the Istana Negara installation ceremony will start at 9:15 a.m. About 700 guests are expected to attend, including sultans, Yang Dipertua Negeri, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his Cabinet ministers, foreign diplomats and top local leaders.

The Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, and the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, are also expected to attend.

Following the installation, the Royal Banquet will be held at Istana Negara in the evening.

The Yasin Recital and” Doa Selamat” ceremony at the National Mosque on July 18 marked the opening ceremony. The National Mosque held a special sermon and Friday prayer service on July 19.

Other events include the Queen’s visit to the Orang Asli Hospital in Gombak, Selangor, on July 23, and the’ Raja Kita ‘ ( Our King ) exhibition at the National Museum on July 25, which will showcase Sultan Ibrahim’s personal collections.

The Istana Negara’s July 27 Royal Tea Reception will be the ceremony’s closing reception.

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Bangkok cyanide poisoning: What we know so far

43 days ago

By Joel Guinto & BBC Vietnamese ServiceBBC News

EPA Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok uneaten food of cyanide poisoning victimsEPA

Before police officers opened the door to the second floor of the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok, there was little to suggest what had transpired.

No-one was heard to cry, or had rung for help. No-one had also made it to the entrance.

Yet inside, it appeared to be showing no signs of conflict, with the unopened late breakfast still waiting patiently on the table for the guests to enjoy.

The group’s soon check out of the resort was the only sign of the dread inside the locked area, according to the outside of Room 502.

And still in were six body, opposite tea cups laced with poison.

No time did it take the police to determine whether the room’s occupants had consumed the contaminated drink or to identify the suspected victims.

But time after authorities revealed the terrible discovery, great concerns remain: why them- and who did it?

Who were the six people who passed away?

Facebook Bangkok Hotel poisoning victimFacebook

Four of the patients are Taiwanese citizens- Thi Nguyen Phuong, 46, her father Hong Pham Thanh, 49, Thi Nguyen Phuong Lan, 47, and Dinh Tran Phu, 37.

The various two are National people of Asian origin- Sherine Chong, 56, and Dang Hung Van, 55.

According to investigators, Chong was believed to have borrowed 10 million baht ($ 280, 000, £215, 000 ) from husband and wife Hong Pham Thanh and Thi Nguyen Phuong to invest in a hospital building project in Japan. The pair, who owned a design firm, had apparently tried in vain to get their money up.

In truth, it was scheduled to take place in Japan in a few days.

On the face of it, this appointment appeared to be an attempt to talk about the matter in advance of the situation.

Chong, who according to US media reported living in Oakland, California, had asked her to serve as her entity with the few regarding the purchase, so Thi Nguyen Phuong Lan was present.

But how were the various two connected to the situation?

At the meeting working for Chong, Dinh Tran Phu, a powerful make-up actor whose audience includes Vietnamese artists, actors, and beauty kings, was present.

His father, speaking to BBC Vietnamese, emphasised the point he had travelled to Thailand with his ordinary users, certainly with strangers.

A close companion, however, said he knew both Thi Nguyen Phuong and Thi Nguyen Phuong Lan, having introduced them to solutions at a friend’s resort in Da Nang, where he lived.

Dang Hung Van’s participation in the hotel suite meeting was not immediately clear.

The hotel appointment had a sixth name, according to police, the sister of one of the six. That man left Thailand last week and went back to Vietnam, but authorities said she was uninvolved in the event.

What transpired in the hotel hotel?

Over the weekend, the group checked into the hotel separately, and they were given five rooms, four of which were on the sixth floor and one of the second.

Chong checked into Room 502 on Sunday. The five others came to see her in her collection that morning, but they each returned to their particular sleeping quarters for the evening.

Before noon on Monday, Dang Hung Van ordered six cups of tea while Dinh Tran Phu, the make-up designer, ordered fried corn from their respective areas. They asked that it be delivered to Room 502 at 14: 00 local period.

Chong started receiving the meal purchases at Room 502 a few minutes before 14:00. At the time, she was by herself in the hotel.

According to authorities, she turned down the customer’s offer to make teas for her gathering. Additionally, the servant discovered that she” spoke very little and was clearly under anxiety.”

Shortly after that, the rest of the team began arriving. The pair went in lugging a briefcase.

At 14: 17, all six could be seen by the entrance before it was shut. From that point on, there was no indication of internal activity.

They had planned to arrive on Monday, but they omitted to do so.

Officers discovered the six dead on the floor when they entered the room at 16:30 on Tuesday.

Reuters A screen displays the crime scene diagram during a presser following a case of six foreign nationals who were found dead inside a room at Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel at Lumpini Police Station, in Bangkok, Thailand, July 17, 2024Reuters

The first investigation revealed that two initially attempted to get to the suite’s entry, but they were unable to do so on time.

All the body bore indications of poison poison, which may- in particular doses- kill within minutes. Their inner organs turned “blood purple,” another indication of cyanide poisoning, while their teeth and claws had turned black purple, indicating a lack of oxygen.

Researchers claim that” no other trigger” exists that would account for their deaths, “aside from cyanide.”

To rule out any additional waste and identify the “intensity” of the deadly substance, more checks are being conducted.

Cyanide starves the body’s tissue of air, which can cause heart attacks. First symptoms include dizziness, shortness of breath and diarrhea.

Those found using it illegally in Thailand are subject to two-year prison sentences.

Who poisoned them?

Police have not named the deceased, but they believe one of the deceased was responsible for the poison and was motivated by mounting debts.

According to Vietnamese outlet VN Express, investigators said Chong had been sued by all the other five over their failed investments.

The gathering in Bangkok was called to discuss a lawsuit, but the effort failed.

What additional turns are researchers chasing?

Getty Images Tourists in Thai traditional dress take a selfie at Wat Arun on Vesak Day in Bangkok, Thailand on May 22, 2024. Getty Images

Authorities have sought a declaration from the group’s visit manual in Bangkok, 35-year-old Phan Ngoc Vu.

According to the report, the arbitrator Thi Nguyen Phuong Lan, the guide, requested that anyone purchase standard medication containing snake bloodstream for her joint pains before she passed away.

Additionally, there are the two copper beverage containers that the hotel’s officers discovered in the collection.

The tanks were placed beside the cyanide-laced vases, near the dining tables.

Leaders want the issue to be resolved quickly, but one thing is for sure.

Authorities in Hanoi and their Thai rivals should work closely together on the investigation, according to Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

As for Thai authorities, it could n’t have come at a worse time for Thailand. To revitalize its tourism sector, a crucial financial foundation that has yet to completely recover from the crisis, it had just expanded visa-free access to 93 nations.

Barely a year before, a 14-year-old boy shot dead two people at a luxury shopping mall, also in Bangkok.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, was with officers at the Grand Hyatt on Tuesday evening. He claimed that the public’s health was unaffected and that it was a personal matter.

For the people left on, the shock is evident.

BBC Vietnamese got hold of the make-up writer’s family, Tuy, on the phone, but she was sobbing but violently that she hung up after a brief chat. She claimed that she believed her son was simply going on a regular job vacation.

His parents, Tran Dinh Dung, claimed in a separate interview that when he last saw his brother, he did not notice anything unusual.

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Everest: Bodies of fallen climbers finally recovered from ‘death zone’

1 minute ago

By Rama ParajuliBBC Nepali

Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa Nepal's mountain clean-up teamTshiring Jangbu Sherpa

Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa, who was buried atop Mount Lhotse in the Himalayas just metres away, is unable to ignore the system.

In May 2012, a German man attempted to scale the world’s fourth-highest pile while the Nepali was serving as a manual. Milan Sedlacek, a Czech climber who had just passed away a few days before, was reportedly the body that was blocking their route.

Mr. Sherpa was interested in the Bohemian climber’s death but close to the top. One of the boots on the body was out of reach.

The manual speculates that” the plain side may have slipped off the rope.” He” could include perished” if he had slammed into the rock while losing his balance.

Every man who was climbing Mount Lhotse had to move past it, but the body stayed where it was.

As part of a staff of a dozen military officers and 18 climbers that the Nepali troops had sent to clear up the high Himalayas, Mr. Sherpa, 46, had no idea therefore that he would come back 12 years afterwards to get the climbing body.

There have been more than 300 deaths in the Everest region since records of mountain climbing there began a century ago, and many of these bodies remain. The death toll has kept increasing: eight people have been killed so far this year; and 18 died in 2023, according to Nepal’s tourism department.

The government first launched the clean-up campaign in 2019, which included removing some bodies of dead climbers. But this year was the first time that authorities set a goal to retrieve five bodies from the so-called “death zone”, above an altitude of 8,000m (26,247 feet).

In the end the crew- who subsisted on waters, chocolate and sattu, a mixture of wheat, barley and wheat wheat- retrieved four body.

After a 54-day activity that ended on June 5th, one bone and 11 tons of garbage were taken from lower behaviour.

” Nepal has received a bad name for the wastes and dead body which have polluted the Himalayas on a tombstone size”, Major Aditya Karki, the head of this year’s activity, told BBC Nepali.

Additionally, the strategy aims to increase climbing ‘ health.

According to Maj Karki, some people have been shocked by the sight of bodies; in fact, one mountaineer was unable to walk for 30 minutes last year after witnessing a body on their way to Mount Everest.

Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa Mr Sherpa is proud to be the Himalayas clean-up campaignTshiring Jangbu Sherpa

Price and challenges

Many people are unable to bring the body of friends who have died on Nepal’s mountains. Most private companies do not work to transport systems from the suicide area because it is too dangerous, perhaps if they have the financial means.

The military allocated five million rupees ($ 37, 400, £29, 000 ) this year to retrieve each body. To reduce a figure from 8, 000m, 12 people are required, each of whom requires four cylinders of oxygen. One cylinder costs more than$ 400, meaning that$ 20, 000 is needed for oxygen alone.

There is only about a 15-day screen each year when climbing is ascend and descend from 8, 000 meters because the winds slow down during the shift between weather cycles. In the dying area, the wind rate often exceeds 100 miles per hour.

The team mostly worked after nightfall because they did n’t want to disturb other mountaineers after finding the bodies because they mostly did so after nightfall. There is only one ladder and gondola accessible from base camp in the Mountain region, which also includes Lhotse and Nuptse.

According to Mr. Sherpa, “it was very difficult to bring the body again from the suicide zone.” ” I vomited nasty water several times. Because we spent hours and hours at such great altitude, some people still developed problems and coughed up air.

At 8, 000m, even strong Sherpas can carry only up to 25kg ( 55 pounds ), less than 30 % of their capacity at lower altitudes.

Tshiring Jangbu Sherpa The clean-up team working at nightTshiring Jangbu Sherpa

The figure near the summit of Mount Lhotse, which stands at 8, 516m, was discoloured after exposure to the sun and winter for 12 years. Half of the body was buried in snow, Mr Sherpa says.

All four climbing ‘ bodies were discovered in the same location as their deaths. Their legs could n’t be moved because of their freezing condition, making travel even more challenging.

According to Nepali rules, all objects must be in their best condition before being returned to the authorities; any damage done to objects could result in fines.

Because pulling the bodies from behind or in front was not feasible, the cleanup group set up a roping system to slowly lower the bodies. Often, the bodies became stuck in the steep, snowy landscape, and pulling them out once was a tedious job.

According to Mr. Sherpa, it took 24 hours nonstop to transport the figure that was thought to belong to the Bohemian climber to the closest camp, which is about 3.5 kilometers away. The crew then spent another 13 time moving the body to a different lower station.

The team was forced to spend five days in Namche, Nepal, after the bodies were flown by helicopter to Kathmandu, where they were later found. On June 4, they safely arrived in the cash.


At a doctor in Kathmandu, the skull and four bodies were kept there.

The military has located identification documents on two systems, both of which were American climber Ronald Yearwood and Czech man Milan Sedlacek, who both died in 2017. The individual embassies will be in touch with the Nepali state.

The identification of the other two body is ongoing.

Sherpa climbing and instructions keep track of the whereabouts and probable identities of the dead climbers, providing potential clues to some of the bodies. The state has no confirmed this, despite their belief that all the systems relate to foreigners.

Since records began, there have been about 100 trekkers deaths in the Himalayas, and some people have been awaiting the final Buddhist rites to be performed for their loved ones for years.

Whether the body belong to a stranger or a Nepali, officials have declared they will destroy the remains if no one comes forward to say them three months after verification.

Mr. Sherpa initially climbed in the Himalayas when he was 20 years old. He has completed the Mountain three times and the Lhotse five times in his profession.

” Trekkers have got renowned from climbing. The Himalayas have given us so many chances”, he says.

” By doing this particular career of retrieving lifeless body, it’s my time to pay back to the Great Himalayas”.

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Keskamol will not quit Senate: lawyer

Senator Keskamol Pleansamai shows no intention to resign, says her lawyer, Decha Kittiwittayanan. ((Photo: dr.kes.keskamol Instagram account)
Senator Keskamol Pleansamai shows no intent to withdraw, says her attorney, Decha Kittiwittayanan. ( ( Photo: dr. kes. keskamol Instagram accounts )

Senator Keskamol Pleansamai does not want to retire amid the current discussion surrounding her educational background, according to her attorney, Decha Kittiwittayanan.

Mr. Decha claimed in a live Facebook live stream that the questionable senator, who received the most votes in the last round of the Senate election, has no desire to move along.

” I asked her, and she told me some persons suggested that she retire. She said she did n’t, and getting the most seats was no fluke”, he said.

The Senator currently faces two complaints to the Election Commission (EC ), according to Mr. Decha. Any attempt to remove her from the post would n’t be simple, he added.

Her state that she was a professor with a PhD was the subject of the problems, which the EC considered.

The EC may decide whether it was a fraud to defraud Part 77 of the 2018 Senate election laws.

Although the law does not require a minimum educational background, the area states that people forcing, influencing, or dishonestly persuading others to voting or never vote for a prospect can face a prison term of one to ten years and/or a 20, 000 to 200, 000 ringgit fine. Additionally, for the next 20 times, they will have to forfeit their right to vote.

Mr. Decha said he tried to remove himself from the president’s event several times, but she is still involved because she has n’t found a new legal director. In response to queries from people, he said.

Mr. Decha, who has defended the lawmaker over her academic credentials, claimed he had previously represented a customer who had connections to as many universities as she does.

The lawyer added that the senator wo n’t continue to speak with the media until she changes her mind in another livestream and that he wo n’t respond to questions from reporters about her.

However, Dr Keskamol was spotted in congress, and she refused to answer any questions, including a media statement about the Medical Council of Thailand’s (MCT) decision to take legal actions against her for claiming to be a skin and beauty consultant without having any documentation.

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Govt “united”                         despite weed                         policy U-turn

Anutin nonetheless’ on part’, insists Phumtham

Cannabis plants for sale at Nonthaburi Green Market in April last year. (Photo: Chanat Katanyu)
Cannabis flowers were for sales at the Nonthaburi Green Market in April of last year. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

Despite recent controversies regarding the program to re-list marijuana as a narcotic, deputy prime minister and trade chancellor Phumtham Wechayachai insisted that the government was still united. He added that he had spoken with interior minister Anutin Charnvirakul about this.

The Bhumjaithai Party under Mr. Anutin’s leadership had a major promotion plan strategy called the decriminalization of cannabis.

A relevant act has now passed the House’s first reading. But, it was shelved according to criticism from the medical profession.

Cannabis and cannabis are now considered narcotics as effective from January 1, 2025, as confirmed by Surachoke Tangwiwat, assistant permanent secretary for public heath. A wellness committee responsible for controlling illegal medicines voted by lot vote on July 5.

The panel’s quality said hemp and flax are to be considered opioid plants, except for their trees, roots, and seeds. Cannabis buds and any other substances that contain more than 0.2 % tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) will also be categorized as narcotics.

The Narcotics Control Board (NCB) will review the plan this month.

Mr. Phumtham responded by telling the media to let the NCB carry out its legal duties monday.

” I believe there is no trouble. Mr Anutin is free to express his thoughts. But, we have tried to approach this subject sensibly rather than focusing on one individual”, said Mr Phumtham.

When asked about Mr. Phumtham’s opinion of whether he thinks the alliance should proceed in the same way, he responded,” There is no need to talk on items that have not yet happened.

” Now, there are no issues at all. We coexist by relying on each other, cooperating and taking shared responsibility for problem-solving”, he said. Because it is the coalition’s responsibility, no one group should be given exclusive authority over any particular issue.

However, the medical cannabis scientific community led by Panthep Phuaphongphan, dean of the College of Oriental Medicine at Rangsit University, submitted a notice to the NCB, saying that the information provided by the Public Health Ministry is inaccurate and misleading.

According to the letter, the ministry’s report showed a discrepancy of 800%-2, 100 % compared with statistics from the National Health Security Office ( NHSO ).

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Panel probes spread of invasive fish

Fisheries department, CPF to face concerns

Invasive blackchin tilapia fish caught from Sanam Chai and Khok Kham canals in Samut Songkhram are cooked to serve people at the BKK Food Bank activity held at Bang Khunthian district office in Bangkok on Friday. (Photo: Apichart Jinakul)
At the BKK Food Bank event held on Friday at the Bang Khunthian area office in Bangkok, persons are served with aggressive blackchin fish seafood that has been caught from Sanam Chai and Khok Kham rivers in Samut Songkhram. ( Photo: Apichart Jinakul )

On Tuesday, a government committee may visit the Department of Fisheries to look over import files and inspect the condition of fish carcasses.

Nattacha Boonchaiinsawat, a Move Forward Party MP for Bangkok and deputy president of the committee, stated on Friday that they would evaluate the trade controls for international types to see how strict the controls are.

Regarding the trade of blackchin fish bass from 2013 to 2016, the district’s director-general, Bancha Sukkaew, said records have shown that 11 secret companies exported this species of fish from Thailand to 17 nations worldwide, totalling 230, 000 bass.

Blackchin fish bass were first discovered in Thai waters in 2012, but at the moment they were not marked as prohibited.

The Institutional Biosafety Committee recommends that private companies submit tail samples as well as four requirements in order to be permitted to trade mysterious fish species.

On Thursday, the committee will also call upon one of the buyers, Charoen Pokphand Foods ( CPF), to answers questions and understand whether they adhered to such circumstances.

In 2010, CPF brought the aggressive bass into Thailand.

The Samut Songkhram province-based firm had a force to examine the fish for breeding purposes.

Mr. Nattacha explained that the investigation aims to set up a stricter system for fish imports, especially those that could endanger the ecosystem.

Without demanding methods, Thailand may face thousands of alien varieties, he said.

The committee also wants to know whether the aggressive fish’s DNA matches that of the bass brought by CPF.

CPF claimed to have lost all of the property of blackchin fishes fish in 2011.

The Lawyers Association’s vice president will also be contacted to offer legal counsel on issues involving organic tools and the environment. The subcommittee’s results will be used to acquire filing the petition.

The congressional will review the current rules for amendments because the potential solution to the problem is insufficient to the current law. For the moment, Mr. Nattacha asserted that they can assume duty in accordance with the law or spiritual principles.

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Microsoft IT outage: Global services slowly recovering after bug causes chaos

2 days before

By Robert GreenallBBC News

EPA Queues at Mexico City International AirportEPA

Companies and services are carefully recovering after a severe IT outage on Thursday and Friday temporarily affected computer systems.

Companies, institutions, hospitals and flights were among the worst-hit after cyber-security strong Crowdstrike issued a malfunctioning software update which affected Microsoft Windows.

Crowdstrike’s CEO apologised for the disruption and said a resolve had been issued, but admitted it could be” some day” before all systems were back up and running.

Users anticipate some delays and delays to continue through the trip, even though some flight services are beginning to return to regular after thousands of flights were canceled.

Numerous businesses are currently dealing with orders that have been delayed and that have been delayed, which may take days to arrive.

Health service in Britain, Israel and Germany also suffered problems, with some businesses cancelled.

The extent to which a solitary program problem could have such a large impact has been sparked by the global chaos and concerns about how vulnerable the interconnected technologies of the world are.

The problem began at 19: 00 GMT on Thursday, affecting Windows users running security applications CrowdStrike Falcon, according to Microsoft, though the entire amount of the issue simply became apparent by Friday morning.

However, by Friday night, the problems were easing in some parts of the world, with many airports reporting that the majority of flights were then operating despite issues with the check-in and settlement systems.

And the business Downdetector, which looks at websites that may be having technical problems, revealed fewer websites in the UK that were having troubles by the end of the day.

Crowdstrike CEO George Kurtz reported on X that a bug was discovered “in a second content release for Windows visitors.”

” We’re profoundly sorry for the impact that we’ve caused to clients, to travellers, to people affected by this, including our business”, he told the NBC channel.

” Many of the buyers are rebooting the program and it’s coming off and it’ll be functional.

” It could be some time for some techniques that really automatically did n’t return, but it is our goal… to make sure every user is completely recovered.”

Microsoft has also stated that there may be need to reboot several times, with some users reporting up to 15 reboots before the issue is fixed.

Also, tech experts say Crowdstrike’s fix will have to be applied separately to each and every device affected.

Concerns about Crowdstrike’s influence as one of the largest operators in the cyber-security market and the wisdom of having such a sizable portion of the sector under the control of just a small number of businesses are likely to be raised now.

Crowdstrike’s shares fell by around 12 % on Friday, at the expense of rivals SentinelOne and Palo Alto Networks.

The issues were first identified in Australia, and they may have been most acutely felt in the air travel sector.

Airports saw delays, with long queues as flights were cancelled or delayed, aircraft grounded and passengers stranded.

Some saw additional staff drafted in to manually check in passengers.

By 18: 00 GMT, aviation data from Cirium suggested that more than 4, 000 flights- or 3.9 % of the total- had been cancelled so far on Friday, though the figure may also include flights cancelled for other reasons.

Payment systems, banking and healthcare providers around the world were affected.

According to some experts, the outage may also have a longer-term impact because businesses struggle to pay their employees ‘ wages, especially when they are paid weekly.

Some railroads issued warnings about delays, and both Sky News and ABC Australia lost power.

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The 60-year-old hardcore punk legend in Singapore who’s also a hardcore toy collector


” Audio has always been instilled in me, naturally”, shared Suhaimi. The self-professed community son recalls being raised listening to various musical instruments when he was a young child, having lived with his mother and extended family. He had&nbsp, aunties and uncles who were professional players, with one yet recording an record.

In the early 1980s, Suhaimi and his family were relocated to a level in Tampines, where the new surroundings proved less favourable.

” The place where we lived was n’t very good. My younger brother was warned that I did n’t want him to be in bad company. But, around 1984 or ‘ 85, I started a skating party called Circus of Mutants for people around my brother’s years, which was about 14 to 16, to establish a safe neighborhood for them”.

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Commentary: Guo Wengui’s disinformation network exposes growing threat of hostile operations against governments


The threat of hostile information campaigns is covert because it does n’t manifest in tangible or tangible forms and spreads quickly on social media and other digital platforms that have become increasingly common thanks to mobile and other forms of technology.

As a result, the countermeasures to combat such a low-cost and potent risk may be based solely on one gold shot.

Through norms like FICA and the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act, the Singapore government has taken a strong place and made known its lack of compassion for any attempts to propagate disinformation online and elsewhere. Beyond the visible effects, as seen in the most recent limits on the Guo network of accounts, these restrictions send a strong message to any willing bad stars that the authorities in this country are unwilling to take any action.

However, opponents are unlikely to be totally deterred by legislation alone because of the anonymity and low-cost nature of information procedures. The ability to use existing technologies like cellular, digital, social media, and possibly artificial knowledge in the near future also means that trying to take down each and every bill and software will turn into a fruitless game of whack-a-mole.

Therefore, a population that is aware of the nature of angry information campaigns, mindful of how to identify and detect disinformation, and motivated to do their part to stop it from spreading is the most effective counter to these threats.

Singapore’s education officials have now begun looking into how to begin teaching its youth how to prevent these threats from a young age. Public outreach and education programs are being conducted by organizations like the National Library Board in response to the problems of deception.

These efforts, in addition to trusted and reliable mainstream media outlets that are dedicated to accurate and timely reporting, and other interested parties like separate fact-checking organizations, does provide a fundamental and universal first line of defense.

The members are then responsible for taking the threat significantly and working together as a nation to prevent them from falling victim to Guo and his system, both now and in the future.

Nicholas Fang is the director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, an impartial think tank, for safety and world affairs. He is the founder of Black Dot Research, a business and social research firm that runs an independent fact-checking program. He is also a former elected member of parliament.

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