More than 1,000 mobile phone lines terminated in crackdown on scam syndicate activities

SINGAPORE: According to the police, two people have been detained as part of a three-week activity to thwart activities carried out by fraud syndicates.

The procedure, which lasted from May 8 to May 31, involved freezing bank records used for illegal purposes as well as terminating & nbsp and cellular phone lines.

According to the authorities, more than 1, 000 cellular phone lines were terminated, and close to 50 bank records were frozen after being seized. More than S$ 210, 000 ( US$ 155, 498 ) were also taken.

In addition, a 23-year-old man and an unidentified woman were detained for their alleged involvement in the false registration of prepaid SIM cards using the information of unwitting customers.

Initial investigations revealed that the guy, a mobile phone shop assistant, had supposedly stolen the identification cards from the portable device used by his business to register prepaid SIM cards.

Therefore, using the information of others, he pre-registered prepaid SIM cards and sold them to clients who wanted to buy SIM Cards without using their names.

Studies also revealed that the lady allegedly assisted him in committing his crimes by setting up a shell company to buy unlicensed prepaid SIM tickets from an intermediary.

Various items, including smart phones and prepaid SIM cards, were seized during the procedure.

Investigative assistance is being provided by 25 men and 3 people, ranging in age from 22 to 43. It’s thought that someone stole their personalities.

Investigations by the authorities are still ongoing. Improperly obtaining specific details is a crime that can result in up to three years in prison and monetary penalties.

Unauthorized adaptation of machine content is punishable by a fine of up to S$ 10,000, three years in prison, or both.

Failure to exercise reasonable diligence in the performance of one’s duties as a director is punishable by fines of up to S 5,000, 000, or an A & nbsp fine and an up-to 12-month jail sentence.

According to the police, improperly registered postpaid SIM cards can serve as a covert means of communication for illegal activities like scams, vice, and unregulated moneylending.

Rip-off syndicates have also been discovered using like prepaid SIM cards to call victims and communicate with one another in order to avoid detection.

The police added that they would keep a tight eye on any accidental assistants or retailers of cellular phone shops who might be supporting illegal activities inadvertently. & nbsp,

In order to prevent abuse during registration, members of the public are also advised to refrain from buying pre-registered paid or postpaid SIM card game and to keep an eye on their verification papers.

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Massage parlour licence revoked after pub raid

In the midst of an investigation into illegal company providing Chinese goods, two Makkasan police officers were transferred.

Chinese patrons wait inside a pub found to be operating illegally on the premises of a massage parlour in Huai Khwang district of Bangkok after a police raid around 3am on Friday. (Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham)
After a police raid at around 3am on Friday, Chinese customers are forced to wait inside the restaurant that was discovered to be operating fraudulently on the property of saatchi massage parlors in Bangkok’s Huai Khwang area. ( Wassayos Ngamkham provided the photo )

A police raid on a restaurant that was operating fraudulently inside the mixture and where many Taiwanese tourists were discovered using drugs resulted in the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration suspending the license of the massage parlor in Huai Khwang area.

Following the attack, which occurred at 3 a.m. on Friday, two senior police officers from the Makkasan authorities station were transferred to passive positions.

The BMA attempt was posted in front of a Meree Massage tower on New Phetchaburi Road on Saturday by police and representatives from the Huai Khwang neighborhood office.

The city office’s director, Paithoon Ngammook, claimed that the massage parlor had been recognized as a legal entity fifty years prior. It again dispatched a consultant to the office to ask for permission to run an entertainment venue.

Later inspection by city authorities revealed that the location had not complied with safety standards. The permit was never issued. Before word of the attack spread on Friday, he claimed, there had been no communication between the company and the city workplace.

Because the fraudulently run bar was situated inside the same building, according to Mr. Paithoon, government had to close the massage parlor in order to set a precedent.

A sizable banner was also posted by officials announcing the building’s license revocation and the five-year ban on its use.

The restaurant may be subject to a problem for operating without authorization. According to him, the offense carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and / or an additional fine of up to 50,000 ringgit.

Early on Friday, police searched sachets of illegal drugs inside a Chinese tourist-frequented restaurant in the Huai Khwang area. ( Wassayos Ngamkham provided the photo )

48 Taiwanese tourists and five Thai people were detained during a raid on the Diamond KTV restaurant inside the massage parlor on Friday by police from the Children and Women Protection Division and the Office of the Narcotics Control Board. At the Makkasan officers depot, everyone was detained for questioning.

Along with drug-taking equipment, at least four different types of drugs were seized, including cocaine, morphine, alcohol, and” content water ,” an illicit drug concoction.

The 48 Foreign visitors were among the 56 people who were detained during the attack, according to police on Saturday.

Authorities claimed on Friday that the company they raided operated similarly to the legendary Jinling restaurant. The latter was the goal of a attack last year that sparked inquiries into the nation’s popular Chinese gang activity.

However, following the raid, the Metropolitan Police Division 1 signed a directive on Saturday to transfer two older officers to the Makkasan place.

The officials were Pol Lt Col Booncharaat Chote, assistant superintendent for exploration, and pol Col Jarin Lamluek, director of the place.

They were moved to the MPD Operations Center 1 and became operational right away.

During the assault, two members of a police squad stand guard at the pub’s entrance. ( Wassayos Ngamkham provided the photo )

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Shangri-La Dialogue: Chinese general hits out at US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin over Taiwan

On Saturday( June 3 ), a senior Chinese general attacked United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and accused him of” seriously distorting the facts and truth” about Taiwan’s status. Austin had attempted to” pull out of Beijing’s one-China principle ,” according to Lieutenant-General Jing Jianfeng, vice chief of theContinue Reading

Video of councillor calling out graft goes viral

Buy order for inexpensive, underpowered class servers that appear to be set up to avoid e-bidding

File photo
a picture

Social media users have praised the picture of a provincial government associate exposing alleged corruption in the purchase of laptops for two schools.

The 10-minute movie received more than 2 million views in just a few days after it was posted on YouTube on Saturday night.

The unnamed provincial council member can be seen in the movie giving a council meeting address and disclosing information about alleged corruption involving the purchase of 21 school computers. He claims that the local president gave his blessing to the purchase of subpar computers for the schools, which cost a total of 462, 000 ringgit for each unit.

The council notes that the purchase price was purposefully kept below 500,000 ringgit in order to prevent an electronic buying process that would have required the governor to give up his decision-making power. The governor argued that his lack of experience in evaluating the bids served as justification for this.

embedded material

The committee part responds by arguing that the president might have asked for help from qualified individuals. Additionally, he laments that the ultimate obtain order only included laptops with 8 gigabytes of memory rather than the necessary 32GB. He continues by saying that the requirements were from 2020 rather than the required 2022 requirements.

The council member calls the order rude to the government and exhorts his fellow council members to refuse to approve it. Additionally, he suggests raising the price limit for buying under 500, 000 baht.

Many people who commented on the video have praised the government person’s integrity while expressing concern for his safety. Social media users praised his commitment to the kids and his sense of obligation.

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Drunken provincial councillor fires into police booth

After film captures event in Phetchabun, the offender reports to the police.

Phetchabun provincial councillor Somphop Thaiwattanatrakul was seen shooting a firearm into the air before firing into a police booth in Bung Sam Phan district of Phetchabun province on Friday. (Screen capture)
In the Bung Sam Phan area of the Phetchabun province on Friday, Somphop Thaiwattanatrakul, a provincial councillor for the province, was seen aiming his gun into the air before opening fire on the police booth. ( Screen capture )

PHETCHABUN: After the incident was captured on security video, a drunk provincial council in the Bung Sam Phan city reported to authorities.

On Friday night, Somphop Thaiwattanatrakul was seen firing a gun into the atmosphere before moving toward the police station.

When police arrived at the scene, they were unable to locate the gunman but instead came across two devastated volunteer officers who claimed to have seen Mr. Somphop coming after hearing an original gunshot. The provincial council apparently asked them if any full-time police were present in the hall before opening fire while clearly incapacitated.

At the time of the event, on-duty officers were on a guard.

Three 9mm bullet casings were gathered, and fragments of the shots were discovered embedded in the booth’s material fish pond.

The officers top brass, including deputy national key Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, have taken notice of the case and ordered that the criminal been prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

According to most recent studies, Mr. Somphop visited the officers on Saturday evening. On Friday nights, he claimed to be socializing at a location across from the authorities station.

Mr. Somphop claimed that while he was at the hall visiting the village chief, his gun accidentally went off and struck a concrete pillar.

He has primarily been accused by the police of carrying a gun in community without an appropriate defense or disclosure. The results of further investigations will determine additional charges and nbsp.

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Simultaneous war in Europe and Asia will be ‘catastrophic’, says Ng Eng Hen

Dr. Ng stated that” people is concerned” about what has been accomplished so far at the summit in terms of easing tensions between the US and China, specifically Mr. Austin.

Dr. Ng continued,” You need to have lines of communication among companions, and I would say particularly among enemies ,” as he openly stated during his full treatment.

” That’s been demonstrated time and time again because, even in times of conflict, you want to be able to pick up the phone and say,” Look, we have this situation. How do we de-escalate it?” because it either isn’t worth it or, as you may know, it is not within our objectives. “”

China and the US, according to Dr. Ng,” met at the Shangri-La Dialogue, sat across from one another at lunchtime( on Saturday ), and heard each other talk ,” despite the fact that they have not fully met.

When they finally engage, he added,” Get a sense of the man’s thinking, tendencies, and demeanor. Hopefully, it’ll contribute to their databank.”

Dr. Ng also questioned whether efforts to build open channels of communication between the US and China are being hampered by the fact that an American ship is now passing through the Taiwan Strait.

Each nation wants to abide by international laws, he claimed, but may have” slightly different interpretations” of it.

How can you talk about peace while acting in a way that could be upsetting to the other group is your query. Well, this is the truth. We are here to speak because of this, he continued.

But I do suggest that all of this is underpinned by commitment and the realization that the conflict in Asia will be disastrous. Things that truly reflect your real feelings are not only in the language they use, but also in their judgment when they speak.

That gives me the assurance and hope that defense officials are aware of the cost of battle. We are making every effort to stay away from it. “”

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EC chief: Poll endorsement won't take too long

According to Ittiporn, the payment is also gathering proof in Pita’s media-shares case.

Election Commission chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong gestures during a news conference to update the vote count on May 15. (Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)
Ittiporn Boonpracong, president of the Election Commission, gestures during a press conference to release the vote total on May 15. Varuth Hirunyatheb( picture )

Ittiporn Boonpracong, chairman of the Election Commission ( EC ), declared on Saturday that poll results would be approved much sooner than they were in 2019 and well before the mid-July deadline.

According to the law, the EC must officially confirm at least 95 % of all MPs-elect within 60 days of Election Day, or until July 13. On May 8, 2019, or 45 days after election day, it finished this work. The 45-day level would be reached on June 28 this time.

Since a protracted period of uncertainty is bad for trust and the market, the people and businesses have been pleading with the EC to approve the outcomes as soon as possible. In order to move forward with forming a government, the partners in the potential coalition led by the Move Forward Party ( MFP) also want to expedite the process.

On Saturday, Mr. Ittiporn stated that the committee still had to adhere to the correct procedures even though the results would be approved more quickly than the previous time and undoubtedly earlier than within the 60-day deadline.

He stated that in order to determine where voting recalls or even fresh polls may need to be held, it must first check all 95, 000 polling places across the country. The EC ought to immediately have access to this information.

The procedure may then proceed quickly, and the time when the ballot results may be formally endorsed would be clear, according to the EC chairman.

Next year, everyone is expected to be clear, he told the media. The EC is fully aware of the need to support statistic effects that might not be postponed. But, there are rules that the payment must adhere to.

According to him, there were about 280 problems against MPs-elect as of Friday. Approximately 20 winning candidates were the target of those issues, he continued.

The EC is currently focusing on determining whether those issues are supported by convincing data, he said.

iTV shares a circumstance

Even if Move Forward’s victory is declared standard later this month, the party will still encounter a challenge in the form of allegations that Pita Limjaroenrat, its leader, violated election laws by owning stock in media companies.

The EC had not yet started proper consideration, according to Mr. Ittiporn, who claimed that facts and evidence regarding Mrs. Pita’s ownership stakes in iTV Plc were still being gathered. If the problems are dismissed, Mr. Pita is in the obvious. However, the fee may ask the Constitutional Court for a decision if it is unsure. Mr. Ittiporn declined to say whether it would.

When asked whether Mr. Pita’s case was different from the one against Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, the head of the Progressive Movement, said the EC chair,” All holding situations are based on the facts and evidence at hand.”

Mr. Thanathorn owned 675,000 shares in V-Lucy Media Co Ltd., a life publication that was shut down. However, the Constitutional Court decided in November 2019 that he was not eligible to serve as an MP due to his ownership. The Future Forward Party, which Mr. Thanathorn had founded and led, was disbanded by the judge three months later due to a product he had made to it.

42, 000 stock of iTV, an independent journalist established in the 1990s, are at issue in Mr. Pita’s event. His parents, who passed away in 2006, was the original owner of the stocks. Mr. Pita attempted to sell the shares while serving as the estate’s director but was unsuccessful in doing so. He previously stated that he had given the EC an explanation of the situation before being sworn in following the vote in 2019.

In 2007, iTV ceased television, and Thai PBS took over its license. In 2014, the business was removed from the Thai Stock Exchange. Its company registration is still effective, though, as there is ongoing legal action against the government for concession fees. Other than small amounts from a company that rented gear to broadcasters but was dissolved in 2002, it hasn’t made any money from media activities in many years.

With 151 tickets, Move Forward won the election last month, 10 more than the Pheu Thai Party. A 313-member partnership made up of them and six other events aspires to become the next state.

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