Precursor seizure earns PM”s praise

Myanmar was bound for the metal element.

Precursor seizure earns PM's praise
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, straight, inspects the arrest of 90 kilograms of benzene, a controlled element, at Laem Chabang Port in Chon Buri on Friday. Without a sanction from Busan, the substance was headed for Yangon. ( Photo: Government House )

A significant number of benzene, a liquid that can also be used as a prelude substance for opiate drugs, has been intercepted at Laem Chabang Port in Si Racha area before it could be exported to Myanmar.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, held a press conference at the interface on Friday to release the media about the drug-strength operation. Other officials present included Pol Lt Gen Samran Nualma, assistant national police chief, and Pol Lt Gen Panurat Lakboon, secretary-general of the Office of Narcotics Control Board ( ONCB).

According to Mr. Srettha, the government’s federal plan includes a clear strategy to combat narcotics. He praised agencies, such as the Royal Thai Police, ONCB, the Customs Department, the Department of Industrial Works, and the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, for the seizure of 90 tonnes of toluene, a chemical substance classified as a Category 3 hazardous substance under the Hazardous Substances Act BE 2535 ( 1992 ). The prime minister has mandated that there be a thorough research into this matter.

According to Pol Lt. Gen. Panurat, ONCB and officers learned that six shipping vessels at the port were being smuggled with benzene. The substance was transported via Mae Sot in Tak from Busan, South Korea, to Yangon, Myanmar.

Before the property sale could begin, the government had it seize it at Laem Chabang Port.

According to an inspection by the officers, the supplier had not previously imported this kind of substance. He said benzene is widely used as a liquid in a variety of industries, including mechanical color, material colouring, and rubber and plastic production.

It can also be used as a prelude substance to the production of illegal drugs, though.

If the 90 tonnes of benzene had been safely smuggled for opioid drug creation, it could have been used to create 4.5 tonnes of crystal meth, 270 million pills of methamphetamine, and 4.5 tonnes of cocaine.

According to Pol Lt Gen Panurat, the toluene’s price was about 3.6 million baht, but with this much money, it could be the source of significant quantities of illicit drugs for tens of billions of ringgit.

He claimed that the police may issue a request to the executives of the importer.

This activity also follows the president’s policy to eliminate the medication production cycle fully. Since last year, 859 kilograms of precursor chemicals have been confiscated.

The causes of these supplies are India, Australia, China, and South Korea, with sites in Myanmar and Laos.

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EC asked to probe senator

Concerns asked of Keskamol’s best count

EC asked to probe senator
Keskamol: Degree questions

The Election Commission (EC ) has been asked to assess the suitability of the candidate who received the most votes during the most recent Senate election.

Sonthiya Sawatdee, a former assistant to the House committee on legislation, justice and human rights, filed a complaint on Friday asking the EC to evaluate Senator Keskamol Pleansamai’s suitability for the position.

He claimed to have obtained a copy of the senator’s application to promote her certificates before the vote.

He claimed that the educational background in the report may have been falsified.

Mr. Sonthiya claimed to have contacted the EC to find out whether the senator had provided false information to government officials and had met the requirements set by the Office of the Civil Service Commission ( OCSC ).

He cited the natural laws governing the Senate vote, which prohibits individuals from giving false information about their educational background to other applicants.

Dr. Keskamol emphasized on Friday that her education accomplishments were genuine. ” I earned my degree, I did not acquire them. The institutes I attended are not fake ones.

She claimed that provincial election officials had previously examined her educational qualifications.

Dr. Keskamol received his health science degree from Rangsit University and his organizational management master’s degree from Krirk University.

She went on to earn two PhDs, one in business management and one in resources management and development, from Maejo University and California University. Additionally, she received accreditation from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

The Higher Education Commission’s President, Pradit Wannarat, stated on Friday that those with mentor degrees or diplomas who want to work for state companies must first obtain OCSC approval.

The OCSC currently has a list of colleges that the organization has acceded to. According to Mr. Pradit, they are unable to work for government organizations but can still work for private companies without approval from the OCSC.

According to solutions, California University, from which Dr Keskamol earned a degree, is not the same as the University of California.

The California University Foreign Credentials Evaluation (FCE ) Institution is its full name, according to a search that was conducted. The cause said it issued a document, not a level.

The US university where Dr. Keskamol received his PhD, which is the same school where Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Capt. Thamanat Prompow chose, has even scathing reviews.

Capt Thamanat’s research was found to have been graded and issued by a degree-equivalency examiner.

Dr. Keskamol, the owner of four beauty salons, said she entered the Senate contest to voice her thoughts and ideas based on her work as a representative for the House Committee on Law, Justice, and Human Rights.

When asked why she applied to the contractor group rather than the public health or women, she responded that it was part of her plan because the specialized groups had a lot of competition, particularly from top doctors in the open health group.

She claimed that she had given it a thorough evaluation before submitting her software, noting that she had no idea why the EC examiners were so strict about this aspect.

Dr. Keskamol added that she had previously received similar concerns about her education background. She claimed that she had previously submitted files to the EC, and that there had not been any issues so much.” Officials at the Phetchaburi Provincial Election Commission had actually summoned me for an inquiry.

She also refuted users ‘ says about her educational background, claiming that she had received her degree from California University in the US and that she had done all the studies herself.

She continued, noting that the title “professor” from Thai colleges may be compared.

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IN FOCUS: IPO drought, poor valuations: What can be done to revive Singapore’s ailing stock market?


The Singaporean government has taken actions to increase the appeal of the regional stock market.

Two money – especially the S$ 1.5 billion Anchor Fund@65 and S$ 500 million EDBI Growth Investor Fund -&nbsp, were established in 2022 to help high-growth firms to raise capital through pubic listings around.

Fund managers assist companies in advising them on the SGX listing requirements as well as facilitating meetings with investment banks and market makers, according to a Ministry of Trade and Industry ( MTI ) spokesperson.

According to Mr. Chee, these funds have so far been invested in nine businesses, according to a statement released last week in Parliament.

When asked if this number meets any initial goals and whether the funds have been successful in revitalizing the local stock market, MTI would only respond that the last two years have been “more challenging for equity markets globally” with a decline in IPO activities as a result of the high interest rate environment.

According to the spokesperson, the region’s equity markets have experienced similar repercussions in Singapore and the region.

CNA inquired further about the nine businesses that received support, as well as whether additional investments are planned. MTI did not respond.

In addition, there are plans to cover SGX-listed companies ‘ research costs and help with listing costs. &nbsp,

The Monetary Authority of Singapore ( MAS ) offers grant amounts up to S$ 2 million that help offset listing-related expenses as part of the Grant for Equity Market Singapore ( GEM) scheme, which was launched in 2019.

As of May, this grant has supported a total of 46 listings from sectors ranging from new technology, media, healthcare to information technology, an MAS spokesperson said.

Ten of these included mainboard listings like Digital Core REIT and Nanofilm Technologies. The remaining 36, including newly listed SAM Holdings, are listed on the Catalist board.

A research development grant, which is also funded by GEMS, has supported more than 10 research institutions and has hired 38 research analysts as of the end of 2023.

Over 900 research reports covering more than 130 SGX-listed companies have been produced by these research firms, with information provided by these firms providing insights for retail investors and aiding in better decision-making, according to MAS.

The central bank’s spokesperson told CNA that “one of the factors that potential IPO aspirants take into account when considering a listing on our equities market is the GEMS grant funding.”

“MAS will continue to work with industry stakeholders on this goal and review new ideas and proposals to improve our equities market and support business growth,” according to the statement.

On its part, SGX introduced new rules in 2021 to permit the listing of special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, on the mainboard and more recently, a Thailand-Singapore Depository Receipt was launched to broaden access to capital and markets.

It also&nbsp, started a market maker and liquidity provider programme in 2014 to boost trading volumes. The market operator declined to reveal specifics of this programme, citing confidentiality.

Additionally, SGX declined to comment on other inquiries made by CNA for this article, such as whether it is reviewing its current initiatives to improve performance.

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How to beat the heat in Singapore, without air conditioning

In fact, Boon Keng has conditions that are a few degrees Celsius warmer than Bukit Timah, he claimed, calling it “one of the best places in Singapore to live.”

For example, in Old Holland Road, where” there’s less concrete, there’s less cement, more grass, large landscapes”, he described, its green spots” cool the atmosphere substantially”.

Natural exposure to heat is one element in heat risk. Another factor is the age distribution, which is more susceptible to heat stress or heat strokes.

And fewer older citizens live in Bukit Timah than, say, Clementi, which was built up in the 1970s and 80s. People of well-established HDB lands “tend to reside there for the duration of their life,” said Chow.

Next is income: Those with lower than average incomes or poor people have less money or resources to keep cool.

See: Is we beat the heat without heat fitness? ( 23: 23 )

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Analysis: What fuels Manila’s bid to claim more seabed in the South China Sea, and what waves could it stir?

There’s been a rising song in the midst of the incident, particularly within the Philippines, for the US to show its ability to be a credible agreement ally, said Dr Koh.

” Some of them hoped that the US would offer more substantial support, including military actions against China. Not always to use force against China, but to demonstrate much more than just joint exercises. So because of that, I think the US has been coming under force”.

Washington is equally aware that if the Philippines pushes its say to the extended continental shelf, there is a real chance of China, according to observers.

” For the Chinese government, for a walk is an illegal issue to its broad nine-dash range on a supposed traditional basis”, said Dr Wong from the Institute for Indo-Pacific Affairs.

Dr. Koh cited rumors that China was using the Jun 17 incident to show its anger toward the Philippines. It was noted that it occurred just two weeks after Manila submitted its UN say.

” So this is a difficult topic for the US because, on the one hand, you have to support this legal endeavor as a trustworthy ally. At the same time, you have to manage the situation.

” This is a really complicated, rectangular relationship between the US, Philippines and China.”


Despite all of this, maritime law experts point out that the UN is unlikely to practice the Philippines ‘ extended continental shelf obedience, let alone to take the claim seriously.

The issue is that there are nations that have asked for the UN to refrain from doing so, in this case, China and Malaysia.

The UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, which regulates these things, is unlikely to recommend the parameters the Philippines is seeking because the CLCS does not make suggestions about proposals that problem disputed regions, said Dr. Schultheiss.

He explained that while the Philippines might be able to create a case against China’s criticism by citing the 2016 mediation decision, Malaysia’s opposition complicates things as its rejection is due to Manila’s say being” projected using standards from Malaysia’s Sabah”.

According to Dr. Schultheiss,” The Philippines ‘ surrender can therefore be interpreted as the Philippines upholding its say to regional autonomy over Sabah.”

Hence, it is unlikely that the CLCS will take the issue of whether the judicial award of 2016 might possibly open the door for the Philippines to take the extended continental shelf submission into consideration.

This is an illustration of how unresolved issues between two ASEAN people impede their interactions with China in the South China Sea.

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Drones swooping in save farmers: govt

Drones swooping in save farmers: govt

A spokesman for the government, Chai Wacharonke, announced on Friday that the government had started a new project where each tambon may be given one aircraft for use in gardening.

This might reduce farming expenses while increasing crop yields.

” One Tambon One Digital” is the founder of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. According to Mr. Chai, it aims to establish a new online habitat in Thailand’s agricultural business and encourage higher produce produces and lower production costs.

He claimed that the farming drones must be produced in the nation and will be used to improve crop supervision, including tracking grain health or identifying potential issues.

He stated that the government intends to establish a helicopter maintenance and repair facility in each community to teach residents how to check and fix the flying devices in addition to providing one per tambon.

When robots are used in the agricultural sector as a common practice, these centers may possibly lead to new employment for some.

In a year from now, there will be about 50 like repair facilities, while over 10, 000 communities in 500 areas are expected to use drones for farming on more than 4 million ray of land, Mr Chai said.

Of the 50 aircraft maintenance areas targeted, plans to establish 35 have already been approved– 19 in the Northeast, eight in the North, five in the Central Plains and the West, two in the East and one in the South, he said.

Additionally, the government intends to work with a secret lover to establish a center to improve drone pilot training and expand drone technology for agricultural purposes, he added.

The center will be in charge of certifying and training qualified aircraft pilots and concepts in the field of maintenance and repair.

These functions are expected to generate financial benefit of more than 20 billion baht.

Mr. Srettha places a high value on the need to embrace new systems for use in agriculture and related activities in addition to the PM’s priority-placed agricultural costs. He highly believes technology will help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and raise yields, said Mr Chai.

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Former PMs, film and sports stars join Ambani wedding

Boris Johnson and Tony Blair, past British prime ministers, made their way to Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s beautiful wedding reception on Friday in Mumbai, India.

The two politicians joined an all-star squad of visitors, including Bollywood stars, sportsmen and musicians from around the globe.

The lavish four-day service will mark the wedding’s string of intricate gatherings that the Ambani family has organized since March.

The richest person in Asia, Mukesh Ambani, is Anant Ambani’s boy.

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Trading of Great Eastern shares to be suspended after OCBC closes takeover offer

The insurer announced late on Friday that trading in Great Eastern shares will be suspended starting on Monday ( Jul 15 ), with less than 10 % of the listed company now being owned by the general public.

OCBC’s acquisition offer&nbsp, for Great Eastern closed on Friday, with the lender holding more than&nbsp, 93 per cent of the business.

As of 5.30pm on Friday, the bank had 93.32 per cent of its total shares, up from the 88.44 per cent it originally had two months ago when it first announced a&nbsp, S$ 1.4 billion ( US$ 1.03 billion ) offer&nbsp, to buy the remaining stake, according to a Singapore Exchange (SGX ) filing.

Listered firms must maintain a complimentary float – stock held by the people – of at least 10 % in accordance with SGX regulations. If this level is never met, SGX does suspend dealing of the company’s shares.

If the free fly necessity is met and investing is suspended, OCBC stated in its offer letter that it would not take any steps to keep the list status of Great Eastern. &nbsp, &nbsp,

For the time being, owners who rejected OCBC’s offer will have a right to demand that the lender pay the sell price. &nbsp,

The lender claimed that the share price of S$ 25.60 per share on May 10 represented a 36.9 % advanced over the then-current S$ 18.70 amount of Great Eastern, which the bank had previously offered.

Shares of Great Eastern closed at S$ 25.80 on Friday.

In a statement, the employer said OCBC’s present and the buying suspension would have no effect on its company and procedures. &nbsp,

” There are no modifications to consumers ‘ coverage deals with Fantastic Eastern”, said the employer. Excellent Eastern and its economic staff may continue to provide consumers with excellent service.

According to Mr. Khor Hock Seng, group CEO of Great Eastern,” Our financial strength is still strong as it was before, and probably even more so as a result of the increase in the market value of our shares since the offer was made public.”

On Jun 14, Ernst &amp, Young – the independent financial adviser appointed to the bargain – described the terms of OCBC’s give as&nbsp,” no fair but acceptable”. It did, however, advise majority shareholders to consult with Great Eastern’s independent managers.

In a separate statement released later that evening, OCBC announced that its offer price was last and that its final meeting would be July 12, disappointing owners.

In the following week, retail investor watchdog Securities Investors Association Singapore ( SIAS ) posed questions to OCBC, saying the bank’s privatisation bid for its insurance arm created a “dilemma” for Great Eastern’s smaller investors.

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