Maxis Anugerah Gemilang eKelas student grant programme recognises academic growth through digital learning

  • Maxis donated 330 refurbished notebooks to 77 universities nationwide
  • Extra students received US$ 320 provides, while major students received US$ 160 grants.

Anugerah Gemilang 2024 winners being celebrated at Menara Maxis with Maxis CEO Goh Seow Eng (10th from left) and Ministry of Education deputy director of the Educational Resources & Technology Division, Pn Fadzliaton Binti Zainudin (6th from right)

Maxis, Malaysia’s top included company, continues to make a positive effect through Maxis eKelas, its flagship group initiative that aims to improve the academic performance of students in rural areas. With more than 120, 000 registered people on its app and growing, the free after-school online learning program has grown steadily.

In recognition of their academic success, Maxis just gave individuals from nine different states in Malaysia Anugerah Gemilang eKelas 2024 offers as part of the program.

The Anugerah Gemilang eKelas grant program, which was launched in 2017, honors individuals who demonstrate significant academic development. In addition to academic changes, individuals are assessed based on cooperation in eKelas actions and contests, as well as their teachers ‘ endorsements on their personal growth and development.

During a meeting held just for the 2024 consumers, the provides were simultaneously presented by Fadzliaton binti Zainudin, assistant director, Educational Resources and Technology Division, Ministry of Education, and Goh Seow Eng, CEO of Maxis. Staff from the Ministry of Education’s Sports, Co-curricular &amp, Arts Division, and the English Language Teaching Centre even attended the ceremony.

” We are glad to acknowledge the contributions made by our Maxis eKelas students in their academic and professional development. Their dedication and hard work inspire us in our efforts to motivate our students through online learning. Through eKelas, we look forward to supporting even more learners on their academic journeys, enabling them to thrive well into the potential”, said Mariam Bevi Batcha, chief business affairs agent, Maxis.

Primary school students were awarded grants worth US$ 160 ( RM750 ) each whilst secondary school students received grants of US$ 320 ( RM1, 500 ) each. The students received potential financial aid to more their knowledge by depositing the particular provides into their National Education Savings Scheme accounts.

Maxis just completed the donation of 330 refurbished devices to 77 primary and secondary schools nationwide in addition to the offers. The efforts aim to increase access to digital learning resources like Maxis eKelas for the student populations of these schools, particularly those in rural areas.

Open to all students nationwide from Time Four to Form Five, Maxis eKelas provides complimentary access to quality training content in line with the Malay college course, focusing on Science, Mathematics, English, Bahasa Melayu and History, as well as experienced understanding. Maxis eKelas joined the Ministry of Education’s online learning site DELIMa next year, extending its reach for all teachers and students nationwide.

Grant victim, Cherrylane Rachell Cornalius, a Variety Four scholar from SMK Tun Fuad Stephens, Sabah said,” I believe that work leads to effects, as a victim of the Anugerah Gemilang eKelas, I am truly more motivated to continue to increase myself”.

Meanwhile, Chong Pohyi, graduate from SMK Tasek Utara, Johor, said” Through participating in this eKelas competitions, I have learnt to overcome my fear of speaking in front of the public. I’m currently enrolled in a matriculation program to continue my tertiary education, and the SSPN grant will undoubtedly help me with my education.

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Melexis opens US.7mil wafer testing site in Malaysia, its largest facility worldwide

  • Located following to X-FAB’s chip factory, one of Melexis ‘ major manufacturers
  • Advanced energy-saving techniques, solar assembly to produce 30k watt per month

(L 2 R): Dr Malcolm Mussen Lamoh, Deputy International Trade, Industry and Investment Minister; Roland Sagah Wee Inn; Education, Innovation and Talent Development Minister; Melexis chairwoman, Francoise Chombar; Premier Abang Johari Openg; Deputy Premier, Dr Sim Kui Hian; Peter Van Acker, Belgium ambassador to Malaysia; Francis Harden Hollis, Deputy Education, Innovation and Talent Development; and Siva Sundara Raja, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Investment Promotion & Facilitation, MIDA.

Melexis, a Belgium-based global microelectronics engineering company, has opened a US$ 75.76 million ( RM356.5 million ) wafer testing site, its largest globally, in the city of Kuching, in the East Malaysia state of Sarawak. This development demonstrates Melexis ‘ commitment to boosting its presence in the Asia-Pacific place and meeting the growing demand for electronics.

Marc Biron, CEO of Melexis said,” With an investment of €70 million ( US$ 75.76 million ), this opening underscore the ambition of Melexis and will ensure future growth. With Melexis, we are at the forefront of innovation, and this beginning will help us in the areas that we serve”.

The agency’s 35-year journey to meet the growing global demand for semiconductors, which is expected to double in the next ten years, is marked by the development of its presence in Malaysia. Integrated Circuits ( ICs ) are tested on 90 semiconductor wafer test equipment, including 90 of them. Melexis continues to innovate in border sensors and top drivers aimed at current and future applications in the freedom, conservation, robotics, and heath areas. The development will provide all these applications.

Placing the ability in Kuching, next to X-FAB’s chip factory, one of Melexis ‘ vital suppliers headquartered in Germany, is a strategic move to optimize logistics and help minimize the company’s natural footprint. Also, Kuching boasts a different, multilingual, innovative and skilled workforce, more enhancing recruitment potential.

The Belgian-based Melexis believes that Malaysia’s position in the Southeast Asian region, between the East and the West markets, is effective.

Green and future-proof&nbsp,
The new 4-story structure, which was created by award-winning French engineer Sebastian Mortelmans and Sarawakian architect DNA, is the largest Melexis wafer testing facility in the world. The contemporary style referencing local homestead architecture, incorporates sophisticated energy-saving systems, a solar installation that can make 30, 000 kWh per month, and minimises the climate footprint.

Françoise Chombar, Chairwoman of the Board at Melexis, highlights the significance of the green and future-proof tower, stating,” Our constant search for better solutions led us to this new, wonderful tower that embodies the values of Melexis: development with heart, keeping in mind our people and the planet. We are proud of the building’s sustainability because we have gathered lessons from previous experiences. This expansion confirms our ongoing commitment to our Asian customers and will enable Melexis to meet the steadily growing global demand for semiconductor solutions.

Additionally, like a longhouse, the facility is designed with future expansions in mind, ensuring adaptability and scalability to meet growing demands. It will support Melexis ‘ recent start-up research and development initiatives in Kuching. The building respects local customs and has been designed to promote the well-being of the employees who work there, allowing natural light to flow throughout the large, modular offices as well as the manufacturing areas, and with views of the nearby Sarawak river and Mount Santubong.

Significance of Malaysia&nbsp,
To broaden Melexis ‘ presence in the Asia-Pacific market, Malaysia is an optimal choice geographically, culturally, and economically. Initiatives to grow the semiconductor ecosystem are actively supported by the local Sarawak government and the federal Malaysian government.

Zafrul Aziz, Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry ( MITI ) said,” The opening of Melexis ‘ largest global wafer testing facility in Sarawak reflects Malaysia’s strong execution of investment projects, while further strengthening the country’s position in the global semiconductor supply chain. As Melexis contributes to Malaysia’s technological advancement, it will also contribute significantly to the socio-economic spillover that will benefit the nearby businesses and communities, making it more inclusive and broad-based in the 2030 New Industrial Master Plan.

The Ministry of International Trade, Industry and Investment ( MINTRED ) Sarawak added,” Melexis has made the right choice to invest in Sama Jaya High Tech Park, Kuching. Sarawak is business-friendly and welcomes investments that can bring about mutual benefits due to its political stability. Sarawak is one of Malaysia’s most popular investment destinations, and it has many advantages over Malaysia in terms of both its strategic location, green energy, its talented workforce, and its suitable land for industrial activities.

Echoing these sentiments, Sikh Shamsul Ibrahim Sikh Abdul Majid, CEO of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority ( MIDA ), stated,” By providing comprehensive assistance, we aim to create a conducive environment for technological growth and sustainability. This includes facilitating the flow of necessary resources and streamlining administrative procedures. We make sure to facilitate Melexis ‘ integration into our ecosystem by ensuring they receive the support they need to prosper and make a significant contribution to our technological landscape.

Looking ahead: innovation and growth&nbsp,
In order to promote regional innovation and growth, Melexis is also looking into expanding its network of partnerships with universities and other partners. The Local Pioneer Talent Program, a collaboration between universities and Sarawak Microelectronics Design ( SMD), a government agency with a focus on research and development, was one of these initiatives that formally launched in 2023.

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Solarvest appoints Daniel Ruppert as chief investment officer to drive investment strategies 

  • Appointment reaffirms Solarvest’s devotion to its clean energy expenditure strategy
  • has more than 15 years of experience in business administration and investment banks.

Executive director and group CEO of Solarvest, Davis Chong (left) & Daniel Ruppert, chief investment officer, Solarvest

With effect from July 1st, 2024, local clean energy specialist Solarvest Holdings Berhad announced the appointment of Daniel Ruppert as its main investment officer.

The company stated in a statement that this visit confirms its commitment to advance its investment strategy in the clean electricity sector, both regionally and vertically. Through new and brownfield investments throughout Southeast Asia, Solarvest aims to have 1GW of fresh energy assets as part of its five-year plan. This proper visit is expected to expand the group’s international business expansion, further develop Solarvest’s position as a leading clean energy player, and drive innovation in green solutions.

Executive director and team CEO of Solarvest, Davis Chong Chun Shiong, said,” In early 2022, we introduced a five-year strategic strategy with an overarching purpose to spark exponential rise in the renewable energy industry through EPCC, property rights, and the development of a clean energy ecology. To promote this goal, we are delighted to welcome Daniel Ruppert. He will be very important in accelerating Solarvest’s efforts to promote regional leadership and promote green growth across different sectors. Ruppert is a useful addition to our team, positioned to lead our expense initiatives because of his thorough knowledge and active participation in the green energy sector.

Ruppert brings over 15 years of experience in investment banking and business control, with a significant track record in the Technology, Media, Telecommunications, and energy fields. His knowledge will help to guide Solarvest’s investment plans and help it advance its progress trajectory.

I’m honoured to be a part of Solarvest and play a role in driving this change because we are in a very interesting time when the energy transition propels important progress in Southeast Asia. We  intend to diversify with numerous investments in clean energy infrastructure beyond our present solar pipeline, which is 6. 1 GWp. We will welcome administrative and impact investors to meet our growth journey and take part in the economic returns as part of our expense strategy,” Ruppert said. &nbsp,

He added that Solarvest will likewise do co-investment partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and shared projects. With the company’s proven track record in renewable, he said Solarvest is ready to become a larger person in Asean’s energy system.

Ruppert’s fresh role includes clean electricity property acquisitions, portfolio management, risk management, and proper money planning. He is now looking for Asean location investment opportunities for different clean energy technologies. This encompasses solar, wind, electricity, biogas/biomass, power store, energy efficiency, and the EV habitat.

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CelcomDigi launches US.7mil state-of-the-art AI Experience Centre in boost to innovation ecosystem

  • Combines emerging technology AI, XR, and Metaverse to promote growth of remedies
  • Component of&nbsp, US$ 53.1mil&nbsp, devotion by Axiata &amp, &nbsp, Telenor to build&nbsp, world-class technology centre

Idham Nawawi, CelcomDigi CEO (5th from left), Fahmi Fadzil (6th from left), Communication Minister, and, Albern Murty (6th from right) CelcomDigi deputy CEO) with partners of its AI Experience Centre (AiX).

CelcomDigi Bhd unveiled its state-of-the-art CelcomDigi AI Experience Center ( AiX ) yesterday, which it describes as a one-stop immersive innovation and collaboration hub designed to inspire, advance, and inspire the development of world-class digital solutions across a range of industries and verticals. As part of the value Malaysia can expect from the 2022 merger between Telenor owned Digi and Axiata’s Celcom, the two sides committed to a US$ 53.13 million ( RM250 million ) investment&nbsp, to build a world-class innovation centre in Malaysia over five years. &nbsp, The AiX is part of the promise to deliver on this.

Supported by a wide ecosystem of leading global technology players and local partners who, together with CelcomDigi have invested a total ofUS$ 11.68 million ( RM55 million ) into the centre, AiX will serve as a focal point for cross-industry collaborations, leveraging emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence ( AI), Extended Reality (XR ), Robotics, Analytics and Metaverse. This creative facility is designed to drive fast technologies advancements and growth of new online startups, enterprises, and potential skills to build a burgeoning development ecosystem and fuel Malaysia’s digital transformation.

Launched by the Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil, AiX provides an interactive experience combining look, sound, and feel, and functions real-world options ready for immediate deployment. The technologies and showcases may be updated regularly to provide new experiences to visitors and are built on a unit of continuous development and partnership. They are also set to be the epicenter of co-creation to facilitate quick experimentation and development of new technology solutions for the market.

Emerging technologies like AI are revolutionizing the world, and Malaysia may keep up with this development in order to create a prosperous online nation, according to Idham Nawawi, CEO of CelcomDigi. We made a strong determination to play a crucial role in the achievement of this goal more than 1.5 years ago by leveraging our greater combined abilities as a combined business to invest and promote digitalization, development, and green development for the country.

The AiX is seen as a realization of the federal benefit of Celcom-Digi’s 2022 acquisition, where their combined scale and capabilities you partner with international and regional modern tech giants to advance the creation of cutting-edge online solutions, making it a powerful ally to Malaysia’s online aspirations.

A thriving innovation ecosystem is crucial to the creation of a robust digital society, says AIX. In the fast-paced era of digital everything, speed of innovation is essential. We have therefore created AiX based on a model of strong partnerships and constant evolution, enabling us to co-create use cases for Malaysia with great potential at an accelerated pace. Together we have invested RM55 million to support this endeavor, said Idham, working with some of the most notable global tech and local ecosystem players.

He adds that CelcomDigi will continue to invest in the infrastructure, partnerships, and competencies needed to help Malaysia through its rapid technological advancements. The telco is determined to promote digital transformations across sectors and ensure that all Malaysians can benefit from the advantages of 5G, AI, and emerging technologies.

BoomGrow's Agritech solution is on display at the AI Experience Centre. Daniel Nesan (front), Head of Plant Science, BoomGrow with Fahmi and Idham.

Interactive simulations of solutions for a digital society

Located at CelcomDigi Hub in Subang Jaya’s Hi-Tech Park ( Digi’s previous headquarters ), AiX houses two main inspiring spaces called The Infinity and The Gallery.

The former is designed to provide visitors with immersive, interactive experiences of digital society simulations using cutting-edge audio-visual technology. To illustrate the transformative potential of emerging technologies, which are essential to enterprise growth, the Gallery space showcases a physical array of real-world industrial use-cases. These respective simulations display a range of 5G and AI-powered technologies and robotics across eight verticals namely manufacturing, logistics, energy, fleet, port, healthcare, education and agritech. 13 of the 45 solutions exhibited in the eight verticals are live use cases being tested with businesses in Malaysia.

AiX is also home to AI-RA, the first AI digital human and resident co-host of the centre’s immersive tours. While AI-RA interacts with visitors and explains the diverse use cases on display, she is accompanied by a family of autonomous robotics who perform a diverse range of tasks including perimeter surveillance, delivery of goods, entertainment, and personal assistance, demonstrating the power of combining AI and robotics to improve convenience for work, life, and play.

AiX also houses a collaborative space that serves as a cutting-edge live lab environment for interested parties- from startups to large-scale enterprises, and from academia to government- to co-create, test, and validate new solutions that pair 5G with other emerging technologies.

Build on a partnership model, AiX is powered by a strong, extensive and growing ecosystem of 40 global technology leaders, local partners and solution providers, from core partners Huawei and ZTE, to other collaborative partners AWS, Digital Nasional Bhd, Ericsson, Microsoft, SK Telecom, Softbank, Sumitomo, and Yinson, among others.

AiX will be accessible to visitors on a regular basis. To explore the potential of the digital society through immersive and interactive exhibits, technology and business partners, academia, government agencies, and corporate organizations are invited to visit the AiX.

AiX’s use cases will be updated on a regular basis to give visitors a better experience and allow co-creators to test the most recent technologies in keeping with the dynamism of the tech sector. Schedule a visit to learn how the CelcomDigi AI Experience Centre can inspire and advance Malaysia’s digital transformation at]email&nbsp, protected].

Fahmi getting a feel for robotics. Will his constituency service centre at Pandai Dalam (Bangsar South) see such a robot welcome constituents in the future? On the right is Kugan Thirunavakarasu CelcomDigi's Chief Innovation Officer.

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TNG eWallet launches GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub for convenience and accessibility

  • Aims to reduce economic management, offer users handle over their finances.
  • Allows users to control insurance coverage, optimise their expense portfolio

TNG eWallet launches GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub for convenience and accessibility

TNG Digital Sdn. Bhd. ( TNG Digital ) announced the launch of GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub within its TNG eWallet. This revolutionary hub is designed to promote financial independence, giving users complete control over their financial goals and well-being, according to the included finance player in a declaration.

It said GOfinance democratises accessibility to financial services by bringing together major financial products and providers, offering a wide range of competitive options such as funding, insurance, credit score control, payment, and a new money flow tracking feature. Through a completely digital and user-friendly process, this inclusivity lowers entry barriers and makes access to high-quality monetary services more accessible to everyone.

Alan Ni, CEO of TNG Digital, state,” GOfinance is a major milestone in our quest to drive economic autonomy in Malaysia. We give customers a complete range of financial options at their fingers by leveraging technology and innovation within the TNG app as well as geopolitical alliances. Our goal is to make economic management simpler by giving users more control and a better understanding of their money.

TNG app is trusted by 5.4 million people to manage their finances, including comprehensive and opportunities. With GOfinance, the goal is to promote greater implementation of financial services products available and raise awareness and education by improving customer experience and promoting greater implementation of them, with the aim of empowering Malaysians to be able to easily take control of their finances.

TNG eWallet launches GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub for convenience and accessibilityUsers of TNG app have access to convenient and affordable payment services to more than 50 countries within GOfinance, maintain their insurance coverage, and monitor and optimize their investment portfolios. Users of the Touch’n Get eWallet Visa Card can also use the Touch’n Go eWallet Card to stay on top of their credit standing by purchasing credit scores and have greater flexibility with their eWallet balances.

Users of GOfinance’s cost scanning tool can monitor and finances their spending within the paytm, providing insightful insights into their financial habits. People you actively manage their financial health and make informed decisions by visualizing their spending habits. In conjunction with GOrewards, GOfinance encourages users to make the financial services they need, forming a useful cycle of financial control and rewards.

According to TNG Digital, the release of GOfinance signifies a step up in economic management, bringing comfort, convenience, and independence to thousands of Malaysians. With the launch of GOfinance, the company offers more than just a complete hub for electric financial companies. Coupled with the” Your Cash, Your Rule” plan, which will create a series of financial-related information and offerings, TNG Digital aims to motivate individuals to take greater control of their financial goals. This initiative was carefully thought out to improve their overall financial security and make them live richer, more fulfilling lives.

To learn more about GOfinance within TNG eWallet, visit https ://

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SIDC launches new certification programme in sustainable and responsible investment for the capital market

  • aims to improve SRI’s skills and combat ability shortages.
  • SRI money hold RM7.7 billion in net asset value at close 2023&nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp,

L-R, Tunku Alizakri Alia, chairman, MAVCAP; Mohammad Faiz Azmi, chairman, Securities Commission Malaysia; Lim Hui Ying, deputy minister of Finance; Abdul Wahid Omar, chairman, Bursa Malaysia; Tengku Zarina Tengku Chik, CEO, SIDC. 

A new certification program is being developed by the Securities Industry Development Corporation ( SIDC ) and is intended for professionals in the financial and capital markets. The goal of the Licensed Capital Market Professional in Sustainable and Responsible Investment (CCMP- South ) qualification is to raise the bar for competence of professionals in the investment market in response to the growing demand for responsible and accountable investment.

According to SIDC, there were 68 sustainable and responsible investment ( SRI ) funds in Malaysia with net asset value of US$ 1.63 billion ( RM7.7 billion ) as of December 2023, a significant increase from just seven SRI funds in 2020 with net asset value of US$ 309 million ( RM1.46 billion ), citing the Securities Commission Malaysia’s annual reports.

” Over the past few years, there have been more responsible and accountable investments in Malaysia, and a number of green jobs have been put in place. According to Tengku Zarina Tengku Chik, CEO of SIDC, there is a growing need for experts who can effectively help and guide in responsible and accountable purchase goods.

In addition to completing a range of e-learning, webinars, workshops, and collaborative learning sessions, the CCMP-SRI certification program does combine education, webinars, workshops, and collaborative learning sessions to prepare graduates for positions that demand an understanding of both the overall effect of expense on society and the environment as well as the broader impact of investment.

” Ability shortages current major challenges across several aspects of nation- building, particularly in our goals towards sustainability. Malaysia has continue to expand access to capacity-building initiatives that are related to conservation. At the launch of the new certification program, Lim Hui Ying, deputy minister of finance, said,” We need all participants in our ecology to work together to make our labor ‘vibe-ready’ in sustainable funding features.

The development of the new certification program was aided by 74 industry experts, including members of the Curriculum Review Committee and the Assessment Review Committee. They are mapped to SIDC’s Industry Competency Framework ( ICF).

There are two constructed levels for the CCMP-SRI. The CCMP- SRI1 level is intended for professionals who want to advance their knowledge of SRI and lasting development in Malaysia’s capital market. The next stage, CCMP- SRI2, is for professionals with basic sustainability and SRI skills, aiming to enhance their knowledge in revolutionary sustainability development, ESG structuring, ESG and SRI structuring.

More details can be found at website. my/attend/ccmp- sri1/&nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp,

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Pikom calls for stronger process at HRD Corp following audit findings

  • Claims that HRD Corp really evaluate its processes, management mechanisms
  • Commends the agency’s attempts, such as investing in new technology for faster offer approvals

Pikom calls for stronger process at HRD Corp following audit findings

The recent auditor-general’s findings at the Human Resource Development Corporation ( HRD Corp. ) represent a significant opportunity for organizational improvement, according to the National Tech Association of Malaysia ( Pikom ).

The firm suggested changing processes and increasing the use of technology to address the problems identified in a speech. Pikom stated that HRD Corp may acquire reassessing its operational structure, processes, and leadership systems, with a emphasis on transparency.

These might include more regular reviews, as well as periodic, thorough reviews. These assessments may contain financial, regulatory, and procedure compliance.

Also, Pikom advises that employers and stakeholders be urged to report any irregularities without fear of reprisal. For identifying and addressing invisible issues, effective journalist safety mechanisms are required.

Despite the difficulties, HRD Corp has just made remarkable efforts, such as investing in new systems to speed up grant programs ‘ approval in less than 24 hours. As a result, 354, 562 give applications were processed within that time frame in 2023, as per the Annual Report.

Pikom added that it recognises HRD Corp’s significant contributions to human resource development, noting the report tax series and, more importantly, tax consumption by companies for upskilling their employees.

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Raymond Davadass’ journey in GBS has been underwritten by technology

  • Saw opportunity to deliver better Customer&nbsp, Lifecycle Management via technical
  • Usually believed when you do what you need, in proper manner, money will come

Raymond Davadass: My advice to budding entrepreneurs: Go with your gut, back it up by as much information as possible, and always be honest about what you stand for.”

One of the most sought-after jobs for fresh graduates in the 2000s was in contact centers. Malaysia – KL, in particular – had become a regional hub for user support solutions, taking advantage of our fairly high English ability, technological advancements and business facilities.

Like all things tech, call centres have evolved significantly over the past several decades, transitioning from traditional telephone- based support to powerful, technology- driven contact centres.

Business process outsourcing ( BPO ) is the current branch of business process outsourcing in Malaysia, which is growing in Malaysia thanks to the same factors that fueled call centers almost 20 years ago: the country’s strategic investments in digital infrastructure and a highly skilled, multilingual talent pool, beyond just English. The government’s supportive policies and initiatives have likewise played a vital role in this transformation.

Tech businessman Raymond Davadass has been in the forefront of the development of this sector over the past 20 plus years. He is the founder of Daythree Digital Bhd, a company involved in the global business services ( GBS ) and customer lifecycle&nbsp, management ( CX Management ).

Under his leadership, Daythree has slowly expanded its offerings while utilizing the power of AI to streamline operations and increase customer performance.

Daythree went people last year, quick- forwarding its previously rapid growth. Davadass, whose remarkable salt and pepper moustache has become a personal look, is managing director.

Davadass was eager to study law, like many other young people of his creation in the 1990s, but he made a wrong turn when his three-month accounting trial course turned out to be more exciting. On entering the workforce, the Rawang local spent his early years in PwC, and left in 1997 to devote eight years working in Malaysia’s next- emerging technology scene.

He quotes his late father as saying,” That close affinity to technology has always been there, things I’ve always been fascinated with,” explaining how he came to terms with the transition and how he explained it to technical. He credits his late father for encouraging him to get extra-curricular lessons in BASIC software, deep II, and Lotus 123.

After working for others, Davadass, equipped with tech industry experience, accounting skills and a master’s degree in business administration, was ready to take the plunge.

” Between 2006 and mid 2009, I provided business consulting services. But that first attempt at being an entrepreneur definitely came with a lot of learning, I suppose. He said that some of the projects I was working on included how to finance technology.

He became the CEO of Kannal Solutions Sdn Bhd ( a subsidiary of Kannaltec Bhd, which was then listed on the ACE Market ). He joined the business in June 2009 and is now a director of Kannal Solutions Sdn Bhd.

The corporate journey continued for seven years before Davadass was given the choice to buy Kannal Solutions in 2016, which he chose, and which he did as a result of his second successful venture.

He changed the company from telemarketing, which was a commodity, low margin BPO space, to concentrate on the higher margin Customer Lifecyle Management and Digital Technologies segment. He changed the name to Daythree.

The new focus paid off. ” I started Daythree in April 2016 with a small team, and now here we are with almost 2, 000 staff ( 500 permanent and 1, 400 contract who enjoy full staff benefits as well )”. It recently reported Q1 24 revenue of US$ 5.03 million ( RM23.7 million ) with US$ 500, 000 ( RM2.38 million ) in profit before tax. Since Daythree was listed in July 2023, there is no comparison of the coresponding period.

a leader in digital CX; aspirations

The growth of Daythree is a testament to the evolution of the BPO industry, which has come a long way from its call center roots ( many of us will recall calling 755 2525 for pizza ) and has undergone numerous iterations to now become Global Business Services ( GBS ). The world today allows for multiple ways to reach the customer, from customers who only interact with service providers via phone. And vice versa, and with AI agents on the horizon! However, the challenge for businesses like Daythree is n’t just combining all the data in relation to a particular transaction with real-world storytelling.

” Before the GBS term, contact centres were part of business process outsourcing. However, if the focus of BPO was once on cost, which is why call centers were once so popular in India and the Philippines, there is now a shift to value. It is not just people behind a desk, but better access to quality technology. It also means managing the entire service interaction, supported by technology. And a lot of it”! Davadass says.

With the ( somewhat mouthful ) tagline” Customer Experience Lifecycle Management is our Forte.. with its ambitions of being a Digital CX Leader. &nbsp, Delivering Insights &amp, Innovation is our Differentiator”. Daythree’s service to the market is delivered through three digital tools, all developed in- house.

  • Faith is a platform designed to improve employee engagement by providing tools for streamlining scheduling, automating payroll processes, facilitating communication, and enhancing performance feedback.
  • Customer relationship management is integrated with robotic process automation ( RPA ).
  • Saige, which functions as the business intelligence tool for the organization, gathers real-time data from each customer interaction and stores it on a unified analytics platform. This allows for analysis, interpretation, and recommendations for improvement based on the collected data.

Davadass chose to build his own solutions, even though it would have been simple to purchase off-the-shelf solutions to shorten its time to market. We are the first to notice the gaps in the processes that cause consumer frustration because we manage customer front-end processes for a living.  Very frequently we see agents being lacked the necessary digital tools to get the data and information they need to make quick decisions. This resulted in us seeing the value of expanding the capabilities at Daythree and bringing an improved CX to the market, explains Davadass.

” We are on a relentless search to incorporate technology into every aspect of the business,” he continues. ” I need to be able to do more with less, and that is Daythree’s edge. Malaysia’s other advantage is that we have people who can speak 53 different languages and dialects. At Daythree alone, its 15 languages. India and the Philippines cannot compete with this in any way. Although, these days, less people call in and the focus is more on doing things via chat. One agent can manage four conversations at once, which is a more effective use of my resources.

Not just Daythree makes the most of Malaysia’s advantages as a BPO hub. ByteDance, which runs TikTok and AliBaba, are two notable examples of global tech companies that have tapped these resources. Both companies began with small teams, and over the years, ByteDance’s number has soared to over 4,000 in just four years.

AI or not, human touch will always be needed

According to the joke, Davadass is the last person to worry that robots will eventually rule the world because of how practical and optimistic she is about the future. ” A huge challenge now is generative AI, in the sense that people are concerned about how it will change things”, he says thoughtfully. I firmly believe that more transactional work will be handled by technology, so if you do n’t upskill now, you’ll be left behind. In our industry, we still need that human touch, and I believe we always will. In some situations, AI can perform the job, but in others, the client needs to experience genuine empathy. You need a human right now to find that balance.

Going from founding a tech company in 2016 and getting it listed in 2023 is an impressive feat, but success did n’t necessarily come easy for Davadass. ” I bootstrapped the business”, he laughs.

No banks wanted to lend money to him, and the early stages of the process were challenging. However, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation ( MDEC ) assisted him in getting assistance. ” Through GAIN and many of their other programs, their support has been instrumental in guiding us in our growth journey”, he acknowledges. They have helped us gain brand visibility in the market where we do business, both regionally and globally, by exposing us on various platforms and forums, including business missions. This has helped us open new markets and&nbsp, find new partners. They have also offered advice and assistance in assisting us in developing our exclusive digital tools.

As the pandemic hit in 2020, &nbsp, Davadass realised that he&nbsp, had hit a glass ceiling. The realization hit in those early difficult days of the pandemic that Daythree could n’t be an entrepreneur-driven company any more. I needed money and adopt a more professional approach in order to grow. Hence our IPO journey started in 2020 itself, and we got listed in July 2023″, he said.

Relinquishing control of the company born from an idea you’ve had for many years is n’t easy, but in failing an an entrepreneur once before, Davadass, who owns 38 % of Daythree, was able to approach the entire process with a more open mindset: the benefits were very clear and fit into his plan for&nbsp, Daythree’s growth. Before the IPO, I lost a very big deal because we were n’t “big” enough even though we were technically more than qualified. Because I understood that this business was more than just about me, I had to go through with the IPO. It’s not been too long ( 10 months since listing ), but the difference is very clear – the pipelines I am able to build, and with so many new doors opening. When you can be a part of a much bigger pie, why fight for control over a small pie?

With the experience he has acquired, and looking back, would he have done anything differently? Davadass smiles. ” I do n’t know. There are no decisions I regret. In its own time, everything happened. If I’d done the IPO 10 years ago, I would be a different person today, for example. I think of myself as an accidental entrepreneur, the one who’s always taken the road less travelled– even though as an accountant you’re trained not to do that”, he quips.

His business and life lessons apply to both his business and life lessons. The pillar of doing business for me has always been integrity; I’ve never been one to chase profits. When do you need to, when do you need it, and in the right way, the money will arrive, in my opinion. Being sincere has always paid off, and putting that front and center means that money will come. I also believe humility is critical”.

The three words used a lot in the company are’ Alive’,’ Blessed and ‘ Grateful’.

Davadass looks outside his large office windows, and smiles. I’ve heard this advice to budding businesspeople:” Go with your gut, back it up with as much information as possible, and always be open about what you stand for.”

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Coworking space provider Sandbox finds its niche as a startup hub

  • 15 % increase of lively regular users from 2022 to mid 2024 time
  • Investor gave US$ 318k in 2021 to establish 2nd place in Bandar Sunway

Sandbox co-founders, Lye Yu Min (left) and Casper Foo. 

Although the Klang Valley’s traffic conditions demonstrate clearly that the work-from-office pre-pandemic rule has reaffirmed itself, that does not imply that the idea of the company has not changed.

For example, the demand for working has improved after the crisis, said Casper Foo, inc- chairman of coworking area Sandbox launched with his co- founder, Lye Yu Min in 2017 in Sri Petaling, a township in Kuala Lumpur. There was a second i- leader then and the group self- funded the opportunity to the rhythm of US$ 63, 705 ( RM300, 000 ). The next co- founder immediately left to pursue additional interests. &nbsp,

The traditional method of working with a fixed space and legal obligations to pay rent had been clearly demonstrated by the crisis. Numerous companies experienced major cash flow issues. &nbsp,

Renting an office in the post-pandemic era also involves signing a traditional two-year lease and then investing in repairs.

More people today prefer coworking spaces because of the flexibility they are offered, according to Casper, adding that because of the lessons they learned that” income is king,” people are afraid to make this determination. With all the competition out there, you do n’t even know whether you’re going to succeed when you start a business. Which is why choosing a working place to begin as your first business is a wise decision, he said.

Casper points out that one can start at a coworking space right away, and that one can leave after one month if they do n’t feel their idea is solid enough.

Found its market

As a provider of coworking space, Sandbox is small compared to market leaders WORQ ( eight locations ) and Common Ground ( 10 locations ), or other established players such as Colony ( four locations ), Co- Labs ( five locations ), Spaces ( three locations ) and Komune ( three locations ).

While industry leader WORQ has been making headlines with partnerships with mall operators and real estate investment firms to expand the scope of its offerings and proven business players are becoming more and more popular for coworking options, Casper believes he has found a niche with his 24/7 coworking space that attracts students, freelancers, distant workers, startups, and modern nomads.

We are more like a business hub, a stepping stone for those who come in with little ideas, maybe only one person, or even occasionally without an plan. So they must experiment with a lot of tests in our environment. That’s why we call ourselves Sandbox”, Casper explained.

In 2022, having proven its target market was viable, Casper, with a US$ 318, 400 ( RM1.5 million ) investment from a close friend opened a second branch in Bandar Sunway instead of the more popular coworking locations such as Bangsar South, Damansara, Bangsar proper or Subang. For us, he said,” Those places are very elegant and business.” &nbsp,

Before Sandbox

Before the concept of Sandbox, Casper had spent his previous 10 years working as a financial planner in economic advisory services, while Lye, his co-founder, spent 11 years as an basic insurance planner. Since their time together at Sunway University, they have been companions.

Casper always liked the idea of working in an office, so he decided to work from a shop, which piqued his interest in the working concept because he thought it was “very cool” but also useful, especially if one was an entrepreneur or modern nomad. &nbsp,

” You could get guidance from others in the same area because the relationship is really strong when you meet like-minded people, rather than working at the cafe only or starting some projects,” said one woman.

Casper’s normal shop, which served as his office, shut down without warning in 2017 and that was the catalyst for the launch of Sandbox.

Sandbox Sri Petaling.

Sri Petaling and Bandar Sunway, and the village think

It was simple to pick Sri Petaling as the starting spot. The founders wanted Sandbox to get located in small towns that had a town experience. Additionally, Sri Petaling is located near to their home.

” I also favor areas that are more geared toward the younger demographic, because businesses typically fall into the 20s to early 30s,” Casper continued.

2017 was a different occasion for coworking areas, as they were too costly, said Casper. ” When Sandbox first started out, our rates were low compared to our competition”.

Now, after seven years in activity, rates have remained the same at the Sri Petaling area.

Because I personally looked for a coworking space before but found it inexpensive, I want to support these startups and those who are starting their entrepreneurial journey. That’s why when we started I wanted to make sure that the costs was pleasant for everyone”, Casper explained.

While Bandar Sunway took a month, its Sri Petaling branch’s cash-flow broke yet six months into operation. Casper items to the gradual recovery that followed the longer period that Bandar Sunway had to make breakeven.

He is now looking to expand Bandar Sunway’s events organization by employing some people. &nbsp,


While residents have come and gone, particularly during the epidemic,” Most folks that leave our place are for good reasons as they grew too great for us to accommodate”, he said, declining to give examples.

A team of four to eight is the common power, but at one place, Sandbox was able to accommodate a group of 30 people because they had expanded at Sri Petaling before the crisis struck.

Sandbox now hosts 70 to 100 active regular people in each area. Between 20 and 30 of the inhabitants are contractors, while the remaining 20 to 30 are between two and four. Since 2022, occupancy has increased by 15 %, and the two locations have a monthly occupancy rate of between 65 % and 80 %.

The prospect

Sandbox is requesting Malaysia Digital Hub ( MDH) status, a government-certification for coworking spaces that meet certain requirements that help their user community grow their businesses.

” We are truly in the midst of this process for getting licensed”, Casper added.

In terms of potential growth,” While we welcome investors, we likewise hope to develop this business spontaneously because we want to maintain our model and style as a center scale, community- driven coworking space”, Casper explained. &nbsp,

Any investor looking to form a partnership with Sandbox in order to expand to new locations must accept their brand. &nbsp,

Beyond investors, Casper is looking for corporate partners. We hope to work together with more businesses to synergize with us, he said. Recently, it recently collaborated with Asus to provide Sandbox with the most recent WiFi router technology.

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U Mobile, Edotco ink MOU to accelerate second 5G  network rollout in Malaysia 

  • For effective blog acquisition and approvals, both parties will employ AI and data.
  • For the 5G implementation, Edotco will grant U Mobile exposure to its castle facilities.

U Mobile signed an MoU with EDOTCO to accelerate the rollout of 5G network under the government’s dual network model. From left to right - Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile, Woon Ooi Yuen, CTO of U Mobile, Gayan Koralage, director of Malaysia Business at EDOTCO, Adlan Tajudin, Group CEO at EDOTCO.

In order to speed up the deployment of the 5G system under the government’s two network design, U Mobile and Edotco have announced their strategic partnerships. The MoU affirms U Mobile’s commitment to a fast, powerful, and cost- successful deployment for the next 5G network by leveraging Edotco’s considerable tower footprint and expertise.

Under the MoU, Edotco may provide U Mobile with data and access to its castle facilities, tool eagerness, and expedited blog supply to help U Mobile’s 5G network implementation. Working with various state agencies, the parties will also work together to create a streamlined method to help identify the proper building locations and structures. This will enable faster and more effective webpage acquisition and permits.

This partnership will help new 5G sites have faster on-air time and increase policy more quickly. Moreover, the two parties will discuss professional arrangements for several infrastructure requirements, including built- to- suit sites, co- locations, site upgrades, and domestic coverage, with the goal of establishing a cost- efficient and competitive offering for fast rollout.

The collaboration was highlighted by Woon Ooi Yuen, U Mobile’s chief technology officer, who noted that” U Mobile is delighted to be able to use Edotco’s tower infrastructure footprint to accelerate implementation in line with the Indonesian government’s authority for two 5G systems to establish healthier competition in the telecommunications industry. This will make us more advantageous in deploying the second 5G network. We are eager to provide Malaysians with affordable, high-quality 5G services and to demonstrate the economic benefits that the technology will bring to the public, commercial, and private sectors.

Gayan Koralage, director of Malaysia Business at Edotco, said:” This partnership is indeed a pivotal step forward in accelerating Malaysia’s 5G future. We are working to improve connectivity across the country and establish Malaysia as the nation’s leader in 5G. We are the largest tower company in the country, and we are dedicated to working with MNOs to provide superior telecommunications solutions and influence the region’s future of connectivity.

Since its formation in 2012, U Mobile has been Edotco’s first non-Axiata commercial customer. The two have had a long-standing partnership that dates back more than ten years. U Mobile is currently completing a site consolidation plan that aims to improve aesthetics and lower network operating costs. It recently renewed its lease agreement with Edotco for another term. This will make 5G more widely available, making it even more important.

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