Government SMSes will come from single sender ID to guard against scams

Starting on Jun 18, the second receiver ID will gradually become released. Government agencies, ministries, and legal boards may continue to send SMSes from their individual sender IDs during this time until the full roll-out on July 1.

The consumer is advised to keep an eye out for scams when checking messages for the established government. gs sender ID.

According to Sim Feng-Ji, deputy director of Smart Nation Group, the unified receiver ID is meant to give the government “added confidence and ease of thinking” when identifying reasonable SMSes from government authorities.

Mr. Sim told the media that the company is closely working with SMS aggregator, telecom service providers, and their sub-brands, to prevent messages that are not from the state from using the government. roc receiver ID.  

More safeguards are in place for the government, according to Mr. Hygin Fernandez, plan assistant director of OGP. roc receiver ID.  

If people attempted to create a receiver Card that even looked like gov, sg, there are multiple layers ( of protection ), including a manual one where somebody eyeballs it, that prevents that message from ever being reaching the public,” he said.  

According to Mr. Hygin, it took about nine times to grow and plan the sender ID.

The plan assistant director stated that the primary goal of the design was to make sure the typical city user would comprehend what the new method of communication means for them.  

He continued,” We’ve been very grateful for the support that we’ve received from various organizations to join.”” Everyone joining one method is not always simple,” he continued.

We must support ( those who have needs, too ),” he said. “

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Indonesia frets over online gambling after policewoman allegedly burnt gambler-husband to death

He noted that other events must take action because it involves economic institutions and cross-border online transactions, even though Kominfo itself has prevented and taken down many of the popular gambling software.

” The web is global, cross- country, the server is in another country’s security apparatus… thus, the eradication of online gambling is not the task of one ministry quite as Kominfo”, Mr Budi said.

The secretary explained that more than 2 million online casinos have already been blocked, but new ones keep popping up.

According to information from the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center ( PPATK), which Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Hadi Tjahjanto released in April, about 3.2 million Indonesians are engaged in online gambling.

“80 per share of them play under the value of 100, 000 rupiah”, Mr Hadi said.

Data also indicate a significant rise in online gambling-related purchases. Over the past five years, Indonesian citizens ‘ online gambling transactions have increased by more than 8, 000 % in value.

It was 3.97 trillion ringgit in 2018. More recently, the number hit 104.41 trillion ringgit in 2022, while next year’s count was 327 trillion dirhams, according to PPATK information released in May.

For the first fourth of 2024 only, deals equivalent to 100 trillion ringgit were recorded, said Mr Hadi as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

According to federal officials, there are also connections between funds fraud and online gambling. &nbsp,

” It is not just online gambling, because there are several cases ( of money laundering ) where they got the ( illicit ) money from winning in gambling”, said communications minister Budi.

Caught IN HIGH- Attention LOANS

According to PPATK mind Ivan Yustiavandana, some people in Indonesia have resorted to taking out loans online as they are sucked into online gambling. He claimed that there is a more abundant supply of resources in the field of online gaming.

Mr. Ivan said the amount of the money was not little, as reported by Tirto on Wednesday, but he did not specify the number.

High interest rates are typically associated with online loans, especially those made available through illegal lending platforms. Many people who take out these loans to finance their gambling practice have become enroiled in debt and pain, especially when the losses from gambling are added.

According to the Center for Financial and Digital Literacy, there have been 14 deaths and attempted suicides in Indonesia since 2023, with the patients age ranging from 19 to 30 as of the date of the report from Media Indonesia.

A part of the Indonesian Navy shot himself in the brain at his Yahukimo, Papua work station in April, killing himself. The Indonesian National Army claimed in a formal declaration that the agent was depressed because of debts amounting to up to 819 million ringgit due to online gambling.

Earlier this month, another member of the military in Bogor, West Java committed murder, also reportedly due to online gaming.

One website gambler who did not want to be identified described to CNA how he became unhappy and had to buy his only bicycle to break his gambling habit.

The 40- yr- outdated office worker became stuck in 2022 and ended up borrowing up to 50 million rupiah to serve his addiction.

He explained to CNA that despite his best efforts to stop online gambling altogether, he has been attempting to break the habit.

” Gamblers are addicted if they win and eager to win if they lose, so they keep playing” .&nbsp,

He has stopped borrowing from online lenders and has only started gambling whenever he has money. He hopes to eventually stop playing the game completely.

” A gambler’s true victory is when he can stop gambling entirely”, he added.

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‘No climate of fear in Hong Kong’: Top lawmaker on what has changed since 2019 protests

CNA: This discuss the reasoning behind several schemes under the national security law. Could you merely explain whether the judgments required a majority of the politicians ‘ votes?

Regina Ip: I tried to implement Article 23 up in 2003.

We failed to control the storyline and the media emotion, in my opinion. The main issue was that we did not have enough seats, though. We did not receive enough votes because one important pro-government group cut it.

But then, this time is different.

I believe that the vast majority of Hong Kong residents are aware that protecting national security is crucial after the 2019 unrest. Otherwise, we wo n’t have a day of peace and quiet. And the government is free of the anti-China elements who have long been against anyone involving China.

So, we passed the bill in seven times and signed it into law on March 19; however, during the Bill investigation process, which included me, the state accepted 91 modifications.

CNA: Did it surprise you that the act was only passed in that time frame?

Regina Ip: When the federal consulted me, my counsel was not to perform a three- fortnight consultation. As little as possible feasible, because people are now fully aware of the tenets and purposes of national security policy. &nbsp,

And with any piece of legislation, the longer, the more time you spend poring over it, you’re bound to find more flaws. People are bound to find unique loopholes, so to get it done, a little conversation time is enough.

CNA: But of course, some apartments of society also believe that the dark line is questionable.

Regina Ip: The purple lines will come out from the judge decisions. You may just learn the dark outlines after a laws has been tested and applied in court.

For instance, the first event in which a younger man was prosecuted for independence, advocating Hong Kong independence – the case of Tong Ying System, you know, a young man who charged at the officers on a bicycle with flags saying:” Liberate Hong Kong, Revolutions of the Times”. The judge ruled that these thoughts are rebel, they mean promoting Hong Kong freedom. &nbsp,

But obviously, the dark line is it. If you do it, you advocate. If you go to a group and say:” Rescue Hong Kong, this is rebellion of the days”. That says, evidently out of bounds.

So the red lines may come out of court decisions, you know, and they are coming out bit by bit.

The government has stated repeatedly that the most important elements of criminal law are a legal goal. You do everything consciously, and there has to be some action. &nbsp,

For instance, someone questioned,” If I have a pile of Apple Daily media ‘ front pages promoting Hong Kong independence under my bed, I forgot about it&nbsp, – do I get accused of having seditious materials now” as an example during our attention of the Bill.

If you left it under your bed by accident? Or if you keep it … for teaching law, what is the law on sedition? If you do n’t have any criminal intent and are n’t stirring up hatred, you ca n’t possibly commit an offence. &nbsp,

So the government and I have all been working very hard to explain the nature of criminal law. &nbsp,

I believe that those who are concerned should examine the law. The two elements in criminal law are mens rea, meaning criminal intent, and actus reus, meaning you have to do something.

Also, look at the numbers in the past four years. Ever since this law has been enacted, how many people have been arrested? 297. And how many have admitted guilt or entered guilty pleas? 120.

A recent arrest was made in accordance with our new law, this locally adopted law, but it involved the same group of people. Most people do n’t really care about the national security law, unless they have an endangering one’s.

So, it’s a very small number of bad actors intent on endangering national security. Other people have no cause for concern.

CNA: We talk about the global impact. For instance, the West has expressed concern that national security measures are fostering a sense of fear.

Regina Ip: In Hong Kong, there is no atmosphere of fear.

There are still 84, 000 Americans in Hong Kong, 1, 300 US enterprises, 300, 000 Canadians, and large numbers of Australians. They are aware that Hong Kong is secure and not prone to avert risk.

Of course, the Western media has been highly biased. They frame these bad actors as freedom fighters, you know, people who fight for democracy or freedom. Actually, the reality is very different.

Although this kind of negative publicity has had a toll on Hong Kong, our tourism numbers are rising, and there are no shortage of Five Eyes country officials, former officials, scholars traveling through Hong Kong, and people visiting there. There’s no problem whatsoever.

I think we must keep explaining. I do encourage the government to do more face- to- face engagements, other than just issuing a press release.

CNA: The Department of Justice now has more room to file an appeal against acquittals and for early release to be voided in accordance with Article 23. What is the balance here, with reintegration of the young activists who took part in 2019 ( protests )?

Is it really the best way to reconcile with young people if you just let them off without acknowledging the legal repercussions of the harm they have caused to society?

Because people immediately demanded amnesty after the riots broke out and said to” just let the young people go free.” &nbsp,

If these young people do n’t understand the legal ramifications, I do n’t believe that is a good way to reconcile, rebuild our society, or assist them.

You know, during the riots, our police have not fatally injured anyone. However, some of the young people have left after a brick was used to kill and ignite one person. They could not be traced.

CNA: What steps does the government take to ensure that they reintegrate into society and become productive members?

Regina Ip: Well, our Correctional Services Department has a rehabilitation programme&nbsp, – retraining and rehabilitation&nbsp, – and they do a good job.

But as you can see, some of these young people have a lot of trust in our authorities. One of them, Agnes Chow, was allowed to go abroad. She immediately went out to denounce Hong Kong after receiving her passport back.

So, can you really trust, or can all young people be trusted? They ask for leniency, but do they really understand, accept that they have damaged society and a lot of damage to our country and society?

I believe that everyone should try to comprehend and accept Hong Kong for what it is. We are part of China, just like Guangzhou or Hangzhou. Our country’s red lines are our red lines, where we do have a different way of life. We have a capitalist system, we have far greater freedom of expression, different forms of freedoms, and much stronger protection of human rights than many other democratic societies.

I’m hoping that people will see our situation and accept it.

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Despite government support, ex-convicts involved in 2019 Hong Kong protests struggle to reintegrate

In accordance with current laws, prisoners may receive a second of their sentence reduced for good behavior.

However, with the state’s new national security law Content 23 that was passed in March, things have changed.

A slave who has been found guilty of violating the laws of national safety cannot be exonerated unless the director of custodial services is satisfied that the action will certainly “violate the interests of national security.”

A inmate was scheduled to be released soon after two years of confinement, according to Mr. Yau. But, the new law required him to sit for another six weeks.

” Despite anger, he had only focus on studying, and reached out to us for books to help pass the time”, Mr Yau added.


CNA spoke with Mrs. Regina Ip, the chairman of the important Hong Kong executive council and a member of the legislative government, to find out what has changed since the demonstrations.

When questioned about how the government is assisting young protesters in reintegrating into society, Mrs. Ip cited the Correctional Services Department’s treatment program.

She questioned whether like young protesters could actually have faith in the state.

” They ask for mercy, but do they really understand, accept that they have damaged culture and a lot of harm to our country and world”? she asked.

” I believe that people may try to comprehend and accept Hong Kong as it is.”

Kenny is one of these younger people, many of whom left Hong Kong shortly after the protests. However, he claimed he is staying put.

He added that in the short term, he wants to get more involved in campaigning. Additionally, he suggested considering working as a charity for Project Change or other similar organizations.

Because the majority of those who took part in the 2019 protest do n’t intend to harm the society, he said, the government may consider hiring someone like me on a case by case basis.

” Instead, we wish to build a better Hong Kong”.

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Instant noodle gratification with chef Anthony Yeoh of Summer Hill: Creamy beef curry noodles

” Late at night, when I come home and want to have a nice hot meals, just seeing something like this makes me happy”, he said. ” I adore how beautiful the surface on the brisket is especially.”

The cherry on top is that “it’s even very small energy, which makes me yet happier”.

Anthony Yeoh’s Thick Beef Curry Instant Noodles &nbsp,

1 message Myojo Chicken Curry pasta
1 vegetable
1 zucchini, roasted
Cherry vegetables, sliced in half
Left steak onglet, about 100g
1 is Campbell’s Cream of Chicken dish

For the fruits:

In a roasting dish, drizzle olive oil over the tomatoes and aubergine, and bake at 200C for 10 minutes.

For the sirloin:

Use the meat’s beef spice powder in half.
Grill the meat in a warm plate, throwing in the garlic to caramelise.
( You can also deglaze the pan and add a picture of whiskey to the sirloin. )

For the pasta:

Cook and discharge the pasta.
Prepare the sauce by boiling the Campbell’s dish with butter (add water if you wish ).
Put the packet’s remaining sauce powder.
Combine pasta and ketchup.

Add basil to the salad and arrange the components on top of the pasta. Provide the plate with the seasoning fuel from the packet.

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CNA Explains: Singapore Airlines' SQ321 compensation offers – what are passengers' rights?

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines ( SIA ) on Tuesday ( June 11 ) announced compensation offers&nbsp, to the 211 passengers on the turbulence- hit SQ321 flight. &nbsp,

One deceased and lots of wounded, some critically, were on the plane’s way from London to Singapore when it was forced into an emergency landing in Bangkok on May 21.

Passengers with “minor injuries” have been offered US$ 10, 000 ( S$ 13, 500 ). Those who experienced more severe injuries have been invited by SIA to further examine compensation options to fit their particular circumstances, and they will also be given an US$ 25, 000 advance payment for their urgent needs. &nbsp,

CNA spoke to civic and aviation professionals, some of whom represent the SQ321 people, to answers questions raised by the event.

What are people ‘ right after an accident?

The Montreal Convention is the legal framework that most states adhere to when determining the liability of an aircraft to travellers.

Under the Convention, in the event of an injury resulting in injury or death, flights are” completely guilty” for the first 128, 821″ Special Drawing Rights”.

This refers to an international stockpile resource created by the International Monetary Fund that is being challenged in court, according to Seattle-based aviation law firm Robert Hedrick. &nbsp,

Specific Drawing Rights of 128, 821 translates to about US$ 170, 000. &nbsp,

” For problems in excess of that amount, if the air provider proves that it was not at fault, it is not liable for more”, said Mr Hedrick. &nbsp,

Over 130 nations or states have agreed to abide by the convention’s rules and regulations. These include the United Kingdom where SQ321 departed, the jet’s unique location Singapore, and Thailand where it made an emergency landing. &nbsp,

In accordance with the convention, passengers may record legal claims in either the state where the passenger lives and the carrier runs, or the country where the passenger lives and the airline runs.

It may make the most sense for people to file legal says in Singapore, according to Problems Lawyer Chooi Jing Yen from Singapore strong Eugene Thuraisingam, as opposed to Thailand or the UK. &nbsp,

” A UK passenger could take matters to a UK court, but if SIA does n’t have any assets in the UK, they still have to bring the judgment to Singapore”, he said. ” Thailand is just the emergency landing place, and you may not want to litigate in Thai court, as they are run by a set of rules that ( passengers ) may not be familiar with” .&nbsp,

However, according to aviation compensation solicitor Peter Carter, who claimed to advise 13 SQ321 passengers from Australia and Singapore, the jurisdiction’s choice of control is dependent on the allegations being made.

According to the director of Carter Capner Law, a Brisbane-based law firm, one country may calculate compensation for permanent damage different.

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'Human oversight' enabled fired NCS employee to access company system and delete servers

SINGAPORE: &nbsp, A “human oversight” enabled a former NCS employee to enter its computer system even after he was fired, as his access was not immediately terminated, the infotech company told CNA on Wednesday ( Jun 12 ).

Kandula Nagaraju, 39, was given a two-year, eight-month prison sentence on Monday for the crime of unauthorized access to computer files. &nbsp,

Upset about being fired, he&nbsp, accessed the bank’s computer system several times using the executive registration qualifications. A trained text was later used to remove 180 virtual machines.

In response to CNA’s queries, NCS said this was an “isolated incident” involving a former contract employee who had been part of a team managing the&nbsp, quality assurance ( QA ) computer system at NCS.

This Testing system includes a test environment where all new applications and programs are thoroughly tested before being released. &nbsp,

” Due to a human oversight in administering the standalone test environment, the perpetrator’s access to the test environment was n’t terminated immediately upon departure from the company”, said NCS.

” When the illegal entry was discovered, all admittance was quickly terminated, and a policeman report filed”.


Between November 2021 and October 2022, Kandula was a part of a 20-person crew that oversaw the QA computer program at NCS. &nbsp,

No delicate data was stored on the 180 online servers that made up the system. &nbsp,

His national last day of work was November 16, 2022, and his deal with NCS was terminated in October 2022 as a result of bad work efficiency.

According to court papers, he felt” confused and upset” when he was fired as he felt he had performed well and “made good efforts” to NCS during his career.

Between January 6 and January 17, 2023, he returned to India where he used his laptop, which he had previously used, to gain illegal access to the system six times.

Kandula returned to Singapore in February of that year after landing a new career. On February 23, 2023, he rented a room with a previous NCS colleague and accessed NCS’ system again through his Wi-Fi network.

He wrote some computer code to see if they could be used on the method to remove the servers during the two months of unauthorised access. &nbsp,

In March 2023, he accessed NCS ‘ QA program 13 days. On Mar 18 and 19, he ran a programmed script to remove 180 online servers in the program. His script was written to automatically remove the servers at once.

The police seized Kandula’s notebook in April, and the&nbsp, text used to carry out the removals, was discovered on it.

Studies revealed that he had searched on Google for code to remove online machines, which he then used to code the text.

He was always conscious that he was unfit to access the system after his career with NCS ended. As a result of his deeds, NCS suffered a reduction of S$ 917, 832. &nbsp,

On Wednesday, NCS stated that it has implemented strict procedures and settings, and that it will continue to monitor and improve them.

Although this is a one-time affair, NCS has a zero tolerance policy against such wrongdoing, and it expects all employees to perform their duties with integrity and honesty, it continued.

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Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny's food stall sells out early thanks to Chinese football fans

Around 9 am, a lane started to form and reached its peak at midday. Some supporters were still present when CNA arrived at 2 p.m., posing for photos in front of a barn or conversing with viewers on live TV while tucked into a pitcher of lontong.

Mdm Aidah estimated that while she and her sisters typically cook two volumes of wheat per day, they had to make four or five volumes to accommodate Wednesday’s audiences.

She and her sisters may add a little more foods to the coming days, but they do not intend to keep the restaurant open after 2 p.m.

Because their regular customers had to wait a long time or be turned away after the food was sold out, Mdm Aidah claimed that the attention has been” a little” disruptive.

But she thanked the Chinese followers, and added:” I’m sad if there’s not much food left and it’s sold out very quickly, because it’s surprising audiences”.

China’s meet with South Korea, which it lost 1- 0, ended before Singapore’s meet with Thailand on Tuesday evening.

Tens of millions of vision in China would have been trained on Singapore’s match against Thailand on Tuesday night, according to Chinese federal Niu Chunxi, 35.

He noted that Hassan even received a yellow passport for putting the sport on hold in stoppage time in addition to his saves. This made it impossible for Thailand to increase its lead to success.

Mr. Niu, who was present at China’s match in Singapore in March, also noted that the unity between the viewers when China and Singapore played against one another contrasted with the angst between the viewers at China’s matches against South Korea and Thailand.

He claimed that this heightened Chinese fans ‘ admiration for Singapore and its soccer team.

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50% jump in call volume in 4 years: ACRES hotline no longer 24 hours over heavy caseload

In the last four years, the call volume and the number of animals treated have increased 50 %, according to the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES ). &nbsp,

In response to CNA’s questions about why it decided to end its hotline’s guarded function hours, ACRES stated on Wednesday that it needed to hire more staff in order to handle the growing workload. &nbsp,

The animal welfare organization announced in a Facebook post on Sunday ( Jun 9 ) that it will no longer offer a 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline.

Otherwise, the line may be manned from 7am to 1am everyday, starting from Jun 15. It added that during autonomous hours, it will offer automated guidance via WhatsApp and other means of transportation for animals who require serious rescue. &nbsp,

In FY 2023, ACRES received 15, 000 calling- around 1, 250 a fortnight- via its line, a large leap from the 9, 800 calling in FY 2019.

The organization only responds to calls to its line each month, performing an average of 375 animals rescues. &nbsp,

Co-CEO Anbarasi Boopal outlined several ways that” we tried to manage the more work with various success, including encouraging participation and purchasing a quick response aircraft to supplement our save van.”

After some consideration, it decided to reduce the hotline’s guarded days to 18 days.

Since it receives fewer than 19 calls per month during this six-hour windows, ACRES has chosen to not support the line between 1am and 7am, according to Ms. Anbarasi.

During the autonomous hours, written advice and substitute save options may be provided via the line.

She continued,” Those who need assistance may also find online animals recommendations on the ACRES website,” in addition to the computerized guidance provided by WhatsApp. &nbsp,

In a Facebook post, ACRES cited a lack of cash and a rise in the number of pets it rescues and rehabs as causes for discontinuing to operate a 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline.

As a charity, ACRES receives cash through donations, offers, and charges from solutions and programmes. Its most recent charity gala dinner in May raised S$ 310, 273 ( US$ 229, 373 ), according to its Facebook post on the event. &nbsp,

When asked about the banquet, Ms. Anbarasi claimed that the targeted fundraising was intended to help fund efforts to return the non-native species it rescues. &nbsp, &nbsp,

The area that is crucial to its operations and rehabilitation efforts was recently disclosed to CNA as ACRES intended to increase its sanctuary in Sungei Tengah from its recent 0. 5 ha to 2 lol. In May, the animals save heart housed 125 wild types and was at&nbsp, 95 per cent power for its pet inhabitants. &nbsp, &nbsp,

As our animal welfare organization grows, we may constantly assess our human resource requirements and raise money to hire additional staff to meet expected needs, according to Ms. Anbarasi.

She continued,” We will be doing this in combination with the growth of the shelter and our campaign work,” adding that the general public can follow donation drives and make donations through the website of ACRES or volunteer. &nbsp,

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CNA Correspondent Podcast: Journey to the contested Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea

Here’s an extract from the radio:

Teresa Tang: &nbsp,

What I found really interesting in your TV statement was that you really saw these peach lighthouses in the range and that a Filipino saying that you said translated into” This is ours,” which is incredibly symbolic. On the water, did you encounter any issues? You are aware of what transpired when you approached the reef? &nbsp,

Buena Bernal:

Two China beach guard ships have now begun to shadow our fleet 40 nautical miles away from the coast. By this point, the 100 little wooden vessels were no longer with us. And I spoke with authorities after that journey because 40 nautical miles from shore, that’s properly within a country’s 200 nautical hour exclusive economic zone, and those distances are determined by the UN Convention of the Laws of the Sea, which determines the belt of water a nation can claim based on its distance from its shore.

And they informed me that Chinese vessels monitoring the West Philippine Sea, or the Philippines ‘ coastal area in the larger South China Sea, are getting closer and closer to shore, based on their surveillance. They are beginning to realize that China is constantly moving their target. It started in 1996 with West Philippine Sea with China seizing Mischief Reef, 2012, China’s seizing the inward lagoon of Scarborough Shoal.

Sabina Shoal, the island’s closest big sea feature in the West Philippine Sea to Palawan, is now the focus of the dispute. And therefore what you’re actually seeing these is China’s productive activity of the West Philippine Sea, according to academics I’ve spoken to.

And it’s trying to normalise, the scientists are saying, that activity of its ball. And thus efforts like this, where civilians are attempting to visit these nautical features, have been made, at least to the Philippine-occupied islands there, and have included a tour boat and a visit yacht that I retired from last year.

But all these work to” civilianised” the place, they say, is essentially a rebellion of, or a problem to growing Chinese creative activity of the West Philippine Sea, or what they say is China’s militarisation of that place.

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