Man died after being stung by hornets while cycling along Sembawang park connector: Coroner's court

A 60-year-old man who was attacked by a cluster of scorpions while cycling past a church along a garden port in Sembawang passed away three days later in a hospital.

A coroner’s court heard on Tuesday ( Mar 5 ) that the insect bites had an impact on his vital organs, starting with the liver and kidneys, and that the increased acidity in his blood had resulted in the failure of further organs.

The judge heard on the first day of the investigation into Mr. Ang’s death that his last cause of death was multi-organ failure as a result of insect attacks and coronary heart disease.


The prosecutor was informed that Mr. Ang was cycling along a garden connection in Sembawang on July 4, 2022, in the late morning.

While riding his bicycle, he was struck many occasions by a swarm of hornets as he passed the Sembawang God of Wealth sanctuary somewhere between 11.45 am and 11.55 am.

He informed his family, Madam Oh, that he had been chased and bitten by a hornet flock close to the church.

In the beginning, Mdm Oh called him once several minutes after and inquired where he was simply and told him to come home. She later said she would get him to the doctor before&nbsp, calling him again and asking him where he was precisely. &nbsp,

Mr. Ang claimed to be biking about seven hours to the church while at the park port in front of Block 467A Admirality Drive.

He claimed that because he had a sore throat and was excited and breathless, he could not pattern home.

Before going down, Mdm Oh called for an ambulance and told her husband to waited for her.

She noticed sting marks on her father when she found him. He claimed that his throat was swollen and that he was hungry after removing his shirt.

He frequently claimed to be breathless and extremely uncomfortable.

Mdm Oh sent a photograph of her husband’s back to her family party talk, which included her daughters.

On July 5, 2022, Mr. Ang was transported to KTPH and placed in the Medical Intensive Care Unit ( MICU).

He was treated for any potential sensitive response even though there were no scientific symptoms.

He was treated for multi-organ failure as a result of stings from unexplained flies at the time.

He was put on ongoing dialysis because he had both kidneys and chronic liver failure.

Nevertheless, his health deteriorated, and he passed away on July 7, 2022.

No external or internal hypotension evidence was found during an examination. No claws were discovered in his system, despite the body’s regular with insect stings.

Mr. Ang, who had a history of hypertension, was discovered to have an enlarged heart.

The authorities did not suspect foul play, according to the investigating officer, who said this was possible a case of escapade.

Investigations found a wasp eggs in a tree branch along the area connector.

Professor Assurance

On the walk, Dr. Lim Chiow Teen, a senior advisor at KTPH who was in charge of Mr. Ang’s admission to the MICU, described how Mr. Ang’s condition had deteriorated.

She explained that her coworkers in the emergency department’s heart and other laboratory tests revealed a worsening pattern, so she and her colleagues decided to patient Mr. Ang in the MICU.

According to KTPH’s criteria for MICU, Dr. Lim said she viewed Mr. Ang as a priority two circumstance, with concern some being for patients who require fast, life-sustaining treatment.

She explained that Mr. Ang’s liver and kidney function checks were failing, and that he may need treatment at the time of his evaluation.

Dr. Lim claimed that the doctor was aware that Mr. Ang had been bitten by bugs but did not know what kind. &nbsp,

She continued, noting that there is neither a certain treatment for hornet stings or insect stings nor a universal treatment for insect poison.

Dr. Lim asked by the express attorney if there was any investigation into how the insect stings led to the organ disappointment. Dr. Lim responded that this is not well understood.

According to her,” In Mr. Ang’s situation, it started with several insect stings followed by a good toxin effect on his vital organs, starting with the liver followed by the liver, and then increased acidity in the blood and failure of the liver and kidney to remain functioning to provide for typical bodily work,” she said.

She explained that the blood’s higher blood acidity inhibited brain function and caused another organs to fail.

Why did the emergency department never conduct toxicology tests and why conjunctivitis shots were not administered, Mr. Ang’s child and widow inquired of Dr. Lim.

Dr. Lim claimed she was not from the crisis department but that she did not believe there was a particular chemistry exam for scorpion stings.

She added that the patient’s method for mosquito scares does not include typhoid pictures.

Mdm Ho claimed that she worked at a clinic and that her doctor may administer typhoid shots for insect bites, but he wondered why the medical did not.

The prosecutor then informed her that Dr. Lim had testified that it was against hospital protocol and that she would have her doctor to provide proof to support her claim.

Professionals from Rajah &amp, Tann, representing NParks, and Lee &amp, Lee, representing a Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) physician who attended the reading. &nbsp,

The investigation continues.

For more details on the scorpions in the area, CNA has contacted NParks.

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Added resources and measures for Taylor Swift's Singapore shows following complaints of fans encroaching VIP section

She told The Straits Times,” I was wondering if Taylor noticed because the overall stability team, including her head of security, who I recognized from photos, came around.”

Around one hours into the music, Calista added that the situation had changed due to the Evermore time of the music. She continued,” But I do know it took longer to handle the columns behind me.” Actually, it took a while to push everyone up… They simply refused to bend.”

Other supporters have voiced their grievances. Swifties explained the sections they were in in their videos ‘ comments and how they handled the issue of gatecrashing and overcrowding from fans in different areas. &nbsp,

According to CNA Lifestyle, Kallang Alive Sport Management (KASM), which oversees the National Stadium and other parts of the Singapore Sports Hub, they added resources and barriers for the Mar 3 show, Swift’s second night, to improve crowd control measures, and there have n’t been any additional reports of such incidents since.

” We are aware of an incident involving fervent fans of the stage who rushed from their seats to the stage during the ( The Eras Tour ) concert on March 2. Our attendants and security team requested patrons ‘ assistance when this was observed, and they immediately requested that they return to their seats, according to the KASM spokesperson. &nbsp,

We ask that customers agree to stay in their designated areas and seats and observe good musical politeness. We take great care to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable encounter.

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This young chef wants to showcase the potential of Vietnamese fine dining on the global stage

The Revived list follows an psychological route from death to life, from damage to life. For instance, a trees can die but still have a chance to grow, leading to a resurrection following that dying. Most importantly, he said,” I hope everyone concentrates on being optimistic.”

For instance, The New Beginning features sea urchin custard, vegetable foam, and black hen consomme, while a desert course called Happiness features a gentle sweet milk foaming with walnut collapse.

In the end, he wants his food to help foster an emotional connection with the cafeteria, even though he orchestrates a harmonious balance of flavors, methods, and textures. He said,” Cooking is not just about boiling or frying for me.” I want to interact with the person who consumes my meal and bring back memories and emotions. It touches the customers ‘ souls and transcends the scope of the experience.

Remarkable Living ( Season 6 ) is adapted from the series. Watch CNA’s whole episodes every Sunday at 8:30 p.m.

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Health authorities closely monitoring use of 'energy stick' inhalers in Singapore

In response to concerns that young people might become enamored with “energy stick” inhalers, the Ministry of Health ( MOH) and the Health Sciences Authority ( HSA ) are” closely monitoring” their use in Singapore.

Speaking in parliament on Monday ( Mar 4), Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State for Health, noted that young people are being targeted on social media by the sale of these products, which are available in a variety of flavors. &nbsp,

As these products develop, we will continue to examine them to make sure they are free of harmful ingredients like smoking, he added, and we will take necessary precautions to safeguard public health.

” Energy sticks” are drugs that claim to give people a increase in energy. They have ingredients that resemble a regular oral spray inhaler.

Dr. Janil responded to inquiries from Parliamentarians Yip Hon Weng, Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, and others who wondered whether the government had studied the effects of such inhalers, how young people were using them, and whether there was a need to address products like e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

CNA reported last month that health professionals in Malaysia are beginning to worry that the stones may turn into a doorway to substance abuse, just like they did with smoking. &nbsp,

In China, a pattern of kids using energy stones has also been reported.

CNA’s seek for power pieces on Singapore’s e-commerce sites Shopee and Lazada revealed a number of entries starting as low as S$ 1.60 ( US$ 1.20 ). The most well-known models were PEK, Nicor, Causone, and Skyvii.

Mint, several fruits, and Red Bull, an energy drink, were among the flavors. According to the advertisements, the energy stones were said to contain “essential oils,” “natural ingredients,” and” safe, plant-based extracts.”

Additionally, they claimed that using the bronchodilators to combat tiredness while studying, driving, or working overtime may be done.

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Heard of Swiftposium? What happens when serious academics discuss all things Taylor Swift

Dr. Alethea Rae from Murdoch University in Perth conducted a word study of every song by Taylor Swift. Did you know that the words “you” and” I” are the most frequently used in her music, 3, 371 for you and 3, 105 for I? A Completely Good Heart has the least number of words, at 68, and All Too Well has the most exclusive number of words, at 333. This Passion, a Taylor Swift music with the highest frequency of the word “love,” came as no surprise.

There were also presentations that sparked debate about whether Swift should address or address contentious issues, such as whether she ( and another celebrities ) should do more to stop online bullying among her followers, or whether being a Swiftie was truly a labor of love.

The keynote address,” My coins made your crown: Taylor Swift as your billionaire best friend,” was delivered by Dr. Georgia Carroll, a self-confessed Swiftie.

I discovered that spending a lot of time making friendship bracelets involved monetary donations ( such as buying multiple records just because they came in different covers ), support ( such as defending her from others ) and actual labor ( such as buying multiple records ).

Lengthy Live this practice of Wonderland, but the three-day Swiftposium event had to come to an end. I’m so appreciative of the event’s creators ‘ fearlessness in creating a cannon function.

I’m then so excited about my upcoming Taylor Swift performance, The Eras Tour Singapore.

Dr. Natasha Riard is a practicing counselor. She is the office manager at its Psychology Clinic and teaches at James Cook University in Singapore.

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'Sisters from another mother': This Singaporean writer celebrates the beauty of female friendships in her life

I do n’t have sisters, but that does n’t mean I ca n’t fall in love with one. I’ve been surrounded by various groups of female friends who have my up in every manner throughout my entire life. &nbsp, &nbsp,

My lady friends and I have always been there for each other, from major life events like divorce and activities to problems with infertility and quarter-life problems to everyday issues like career searches and what to use.

One of my close friends experienced her second separation when I was 14 years old. The divorce was carried out over Facebook Messenger because the connection had only been around for a short while. How was something like that hurt when we were youth, I know, I know? &nbsp,

Today, about 14 years later, we find ourselves laughing at how really we treated the situation. But when funny as it is today, it was actually taken seriously up next. &nbsp,

My friend and I both remember being so devastated by the separation that all I wanted to do was comfort her. &nbsp,

We spent the entire afternoon sat in a McDonald’s close to her apartment until 8 o’clock. I bought her potatoes that we dipped in glacier milk, and I made sure she was laughing well before I left. &nbsp,

That same companion experienced another breakup when I was 21. She was truly in love with this particular son this time. It was a difficult moment for her. And I made sure I was there for her, only like seven years earlier.

I sat with her on a chair at our school campus and skipped the first 30 days of my lesson to keep her and make sure she was alright before we parted way. This time, there were more tissues and kisses than just ice milk and potatoes.

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Not just issuing summons: Life as an active mobility enforcement officer

There are times when we can walk for 30 or 40 hours without riders. We might be spotted by bikers who make a U-turn. We are aware of our presence and their information is being spread, ” he said.

Soldiers can sometimes face weight, according to Mr. Sulaiman. Some officials believe they are wasting their time, while others try to escape.

One of the new instances I saw involved a bike rider being on the phone, he recalls.

When he saw me, he immediately threw his cellphone into the container. ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ””

The rider denied using the telephone while riding and claimed he was scratching his eyebrows after Mr. Sulaiman stopped him.

However, when confronted with his own visit logs, the cyclist acknowledged his error. Additionally, Mr. Sulaiman reminded him that the affair had been recorded on his body-worn camcorder.

After stopping a food delivery horse on an improperly modified power-assisted vehicle on another situation, Mr. Sulaiman found himself on the receiving end of a reprimand.

The guy turned violent because we were going to truck the device, he said. We exchanged a very polite manner.

Nobody likes having stuff taken away by us soldiers, particularly if he is using that mode of transportation for work, I tried to understand the person’s feelings. ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ””

The man finally sat down and apologized.

I said,” Be sincere, I would respond as well, maybe in the same way.” However, you must comprehend our argument. We are law enforcement officers, and because of this, we must carry out our duties. “ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ””

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Bad blood over Singapore Taylor Swift tour subsidies

Fans, one holding a Philippines flag, pose for a picture in front of a Taylor Swift installation in Marina Bay Sands shopping mall in SingaporeEPA

In the glitzy Asian city-state of Singapore, the sequins are out, limousines polished and hotel pillows plumped.

The city’s hosting Taylor Swift’s Eras tour this week – an honour, but one that has come at a cost.

That cost was initially reportedly to be as high as S$24 million (£14m; $18m) for the six shows to be exclusive to South East Asia.

Culture minister Edwin Tong has since told Singapore’s CNA the figure was “nowhere as high” – although he still refused to be drawn on the exact figure. The broadcaster, however, suggested it may have been just $2m for all six.

But the fact any money had been spent only came to light after an outburst from the prime minister of Thailand, who accused Singapore of paying concert organisers US$2-3m per night.

That triggered criticism across the region. In the Philippines, a lawmaker criticised the move, saying “this isn’t what good neighbours do” – and called for a formal protest against the grant.

But while governments are seeing red – it’s the fans who are paying the price, literally.

Swift is heard everywhere across South East Asia, home to roughly 700 million people – from alleyways in Ho Chi Minh to taxi cabs in Bangkok.

So for many it was a punch in the guts to learn all six shows would be held in the region’s most expensive city.

Singapore’s currency – one of the strongest in Asia – has long been a deterrent for visitors. But for a chance to see their idol, many of her fans are willing to grin and bear it.

Look what you made me do

Flight-loads of fans have been touching down at Singapore’s Changi Airport all week, many coming from China and its territories.

Swift isn’t playing in China so Singapore is the next best thing for many.

One woman flying in from Shenzhen told the BBC she and her friend had spent S$1,200 each on tickets alone. They’ve resorted to camping at a friend’s house after hotel rates across the city surged.

Taylor Swift in Sao Paulo

Getty Images

On the luxe end of things, the city’s landmark hotel Marina Bay Sands has sold out of its S$50,000 Swift packages which included four VIP tickets and a three-night stay in a suite.

Then there’s 22-year-old Allen Dungca in the Philippines, who scraped together his wages to take him and his mother to Singapore.

This Thursday, they’ll take a four-hour bus ride to Manila, stay at an airport motel for the night, then grab their dawn flight the next day.

The enterprising student snapped up the travel package back in July. He eventually tracked down the tickets on a resale night, after weeks of desperate hunting.

“I am very lucky,” he says of the S$400 outlay for seats in the nosebleed section. “The seller was kind and not a scalper.”

Resales now are going for thousands. And he had almost fallen for a scam, a shady character named Pat Steve, later exposed online.

He estimates the whole endeavour is costing him S$2,000 – the monthly income of an upper-middle class family in the Philippines, a country where a fifth of the population lives under the poverty line.

“Right now, I’m a student with a part-time job and I can afford my wants and needs. But it’s sad, other Swifties don’t have any means or budget to watch her overseas and I know most Filipino Swifties love her so much.”

The Philippines arguably has the most ardent Swift fan base – Spotify data showed Quezon City in Manila had played the most streams of the singer last year.

The pop star has toured in the Philippines before – but the bag of money from Singapore undoubtedly sweetened the deal, say analysts.

Clean, modern Singapore has long been seen as a base in the region for big events. It has the infrastructure, the transport links and a high-earning, expat-heavy population.

Spectators take photos of a pink water light show at Singapore's Marina Bay


It’s also seen as reliably stable in a region which has experienced political chaos. A decade ago Swift cancelled her shows in Thailand because of the military coup and resulting protests.

Still, while it’s common for governments around the world to give out subsidies and tax breaks to bring in events, the reported spend goes beyond anything else publicly known in Singapore.

Samer Hajjar, a marketing lecturer at the National University of Singapore, says it’s “above average” even for the city-state.

And fans are quite blunt. “It’s kinda greedy,” says Mr Dunga. “But it’s wise… because their economic response will be way more than that.”

But will it be though?

Show me the money

In Australia, the leg of the tour preceding Singapore, officials suggested the tour had provided a A$145m “uplift” in consumer spending. More than 570,000 tickets were sold across seven nights in Sydney and Melbourne, nearly double the number sold for Singapore’s six shows.

But not all of that money counts, says economists.

More than 90% of show-goers were probably local, estimates KPMG’s chief economist Dr Brendan Rynne, so their dollars would be “just a transfer from one category of spending (or saving) to another”.

Only foreign visitors would have been adding to the books – and they accounted for just 2% of visitors, he estimated. After doing the maths he projected Swift had added only A$10m (£5.1m; $6.5m) to GDP.

Still, Australia didn’t use public funds to have Swift play in the country, state government officials confirmed to the BBC. Neither did Japan, the only other Asian stop on the tour.

Singapore has said Swift’s tour will bring certain economic benefits to the country.

But just how much net gain will be generated is unclear. The BBC has reached out to Singapore’s tourism board but they have refused to reveal foreign visitor estimates or other modelling.

A local bank, Maybank, has suggested that consumer spending may top S$350m – but that’s based on the very optimistic prediction of 70% of attendees being from out of town.

Even Singapore’s Formula One Grand Prix only saw 49% of spectators from overseas in 2022, with a record 300,000 crowd.

Singapore's F1 Grand Prix brings thousands of overseas visitors each year

Getty Images

When pressed on the numbers, Maybank’s economist Erica Tay could not provide specifics, saying the 70% rate was based on Singapore’s “potential catchment” and the bank was not interested in estimating net profit.

“Six concerts may not move a nation’s economic growth materially, but the strategic value of Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Singapore as a tourism destination outweighs that one-off boost,” she said.

But business professor Julien Cayla from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University points out that public spend should be scrutinised – especially when it’s only revealed to citizens by another country’s government.

And in a country where welfare benefits are relatively limited – it could be seen as a fraught spend.

“To justify spending [reportedly] S$24 million on something that on the surface might not seem that critical to the economic health of the country over spending on people and public services… there’s a tension there,” Prof Cayla said.

Nonetheless he and others say that when it comes to planning tourism, governments have mandate to throw around money and Singapore isn’t an exception.

“They don’t necessarily like to advertise it. But the minute the government sees something that fits into a long-term strategy, it will sink government money in to support that,” he says.

In a way, Singapore has just brought in Swift the same way it currently attracts huge multinational corporations.

“What’s different here is that Taylor Swift as a business, is a very emotional business,” he said.

“It’s dealing with the emotions of 10-18 year olds, who are very sad to not see the concert happening in Bangkok or Jakarta.”

And in the words of the songstress herself, that’s caused a lot of bad blood.

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