‘The kids kept falling sick’: More Singapore homeowners seeking help for high formaldehyde levels

SINGAPORE: When Ms Ena Lee, her father and their two child moved into their fresh five-room Hougang even, what was meant to be their place of refuge quickly turned into a problem.

” The children were frequently tired,” they said. At one level, my brother was ill for a continuous two weeks”, she told CNA.

It took three months for them to realize the source of the problem, which was a cancer-causing substance called formaldehyde, after their great move in January of this year.

” My companion came over – she’s really an engineer – when she opened up one of the units, she was like,’ Oh, strong formaldehyde odor!'” recited Ms. Lee, who is in her mid-30s and is the company’s chief operating officer.

This flavor – what some call the “new home smell” – is usually present in wooden furnishings. &nbsp,

However, when one gets closer, they might start feeling stinging in their nose and eyes from what can only be described as a powerful nasty jam taste, which is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Ms. Lee claimed that she reached out to her interior architecture firm after her friend visited because of the unpleasant odor, but they repeatedly told her to “give it some period” and that it would “eventually get away.”

Additionally, she purchased activated charcoal and formaldehyde treatment gels from the e-commerce program Shopee to get rid of the smell.

When the difficulty persisted, she ended up contacting an air quality expert. He quickly discovered that the benzene concentration levels were significantly higher than what is considered safe using a benzene meter.

Workers were dispatched to apply a special solution that helps benzene crumble to the damaged surfaces.

The intensity levels finally dropped into the safe area after almost seven hours of therapy, which cost about S$ 1, 000.

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Tired, bloating, no appetite? Find out about a free screening for fatty liver disease

If you believe you or someone you know have fatty liver disease, or if you think you might, you might be eligible for a free screening provided by Roche and the 365 Cancer Prevention Society ( 365CPS). The celebration is taking place from now until August 31.

Risk factors for oily kidney disease include hypotension, high cholesterol or having a family history of those problems. As well as Hepatitis B or C. carriers, being fat or diabetes can increase your risk.

To be eligible for the free&nbsp, screen, you’ll have to be between 50 and 70 years older, and possess&nbsp, a true blue or orange CHAS cards. You must also meet at least two of the three requirements:

  • Have at least one first-degree equivalent such as parent, child or offspring&nbsp, diagnosed with chronic liver disease
  • have a BMI of more than 27.5
  • Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes

Eligible individuals will undergo a fatty liver disease screening comprising the Fibrosis-4 ( FIB-4 ) blood test as well as pre-and post-screening consultation with 365CPS’s medical partner. High-risk people will be issued a referral email for additional follow-ups.


The early, non-specific evidence of fatty liver disease, such as fatigue, discomfort, bloating and loss of appetite, are often not detected by people, causing the illness to be missed until it progresses to more serious problems such as hepatitis (scarring ) and kidney cancer. Just 20 % of primary liver cancers are identified at an early stage, according to 365CPS.

The third-highest cause of death in both females in Singapore is liver cancer, which is the fifth-most popular cancer among men.

Dr. Mark Muthiah, a senior analyst with National University Hospital’s Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, will provide more information about the symptoms of kidney cancer via a Facebook Live event on Jul 13 at 8:30 pm.

Find out more about the testing campaign and greasy liver disease&nbsp, around.

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Van driver who dragged pedestrian along road, killing her after making discretionary left turn, gets jail

A truck driver in Pasir Ris made a voluntary left turn and dragged a passing motorist along the road before rolling over her.

The 68-year-old Singaporean girl died as a result of the incident on her way to work, while the pilot, 61-year-old Singaporean Tan View State, drove off and was arrested later that evening.

Tan was given an eight-year driving ban and a 10 month, four-week jail sentence on Friday ( 12 July ).

He admitted guilt to three visitors offenses under the Road Traffic Act, including driving while not paying attention and disregard, causing dying, failing to stop after a traffic crash, and rendering support. A third command was considered in punishment.

The prosecutor was informed that Tan was driving along Pasir Ris Drive 1 before 6am next month.

At the intersection of Pasir Ris Drive 1 and Loyang Avenue, he made a left turn onto Pasir Ris Drive 6.

The sufferer, 68-year-old Ong Siang Huat, was waiting for the light to turn natural in her favour so she could cross the road. The tech was rushing to get to work.

When the lamps on her side began to turn green, Tan made a voluntary kept turn and drove his vehicle into Mdm Ong, who fell forward.

Before Tan stopped his car, the auto dragged Mdm Ong’s system for a little distance. He therefore drove out suddenly, rolling over Tan.

Mdm Ong’s system was removed from under the vehicle in video film that was broadcast in court to the cries of two ladies in the open gallery, and it remained on the road.

Tan finally left without stopping to check on Mdm Ong.

At the bridge, the driver of the car behind Tan’s de honked at Tan before setting foot to check on the lady.

He requested an emergency, and Mdm Ong was taken to the hospital with numerous injuries. She passed away the same day, and her daughter posted a message on Facebook asking for testimony.


The prosecution provided a list of Tan’s prior, appropriate traffic violations that date back to 1992. Since then, he has been fined at least ten times for speeding, careless travelling, and flashing red lighting.

His most recent violation, according to the prosecution, occurred in 2021 when he was fined S$ 400 ( US$ 2707 ) for disobeying a red-light signal.

Tan’s sentence was 15 months and nine weeks in prison, as well as an eight-year driving restrictions, according to the attorney.

She claimed that Tan had “obviously failed” to watch for walkers crossing before turning left when they had the right of way.

She said it was “unexplainable” why Tan had failed to spot Mdm Ong before executing his remaining change.

Tan also admitted to feeling a knock right away after the incident, his threat lights on, and made his mitigation claim.

Nevertheless, he then drove off “at a reasonably quick rate” before turning into a car park.


Instead, Tan’s defense attorneys Sunil Sudheesan and Joyce Khoo from Quahe Woo &amp, Palmer requested seven weeks and two days in prison.

Tan owned a couple clothing stores in Singapore and was driving a company van to give clothes to a kiosk in Pasir Ris Drive 6 at the time of the incident, according to the prevention appeal.

After park, he checked his vehicle’s wheels and did not observe any fracture or injury to the vehicle, so he felt “puzzled” as to why he had felt a knock earlier.

According to the defense, he learned of the incident from the traffic police.

Mr. Sudheesan claimed that his client was unaware that he had struck one. He claimed that the moon rose at around 7.16 am that day while the moon set at 6.07 am.

He claimed that the victim, who was only 1.45 meters tall, was “unfortunately” just 1.98 meters high.

” While the accused person did test, he did not check much, and therefore he was careless”, said Mr Sudheesan.

” The victim completely missed out on the fact that there was someone it, and it is quite obvious because of his level.” This is exacerbated by the fact that he did n’t realize that someone would be crossing the road at 6:07 am.

He claimed that when Tan stopped his vehicle, it was “absolutely never within his thought that there was a man beneath his automobile” and that is why he left.

District Judge Kok Shu-En said she struggled with the defence’s obedience.

” The word you used ( in your mitigation plea ) was’ oblivion’. He completely did n’t realise”, she said. ” But this was a motorist at a pedestrian passing, on a natural male light. He did n’t notice the pedestrian, he did n’t notice he knocked down the pedestrian, he did n’t notice he dragged the pedestrian and rolled over the pedestrian. The level of careless driving is quite astounding, perhaps if I accept that none of the unsafe driving components are present.

Tan allegedly dragged the sufferer “quite a range” according to the judge.

Mr. Sudheesan responded, saying that his client ought to have stopped and that something more critical might have occurred and alighted, but that he did not know that he had run over a person at all.

The attorney said that his customer was never trying to avoid legal punishment, unlike other standard hit-and-run situations. Instead, Tan usually intended to plead guilty.

” He’s been overwhelmed by guilt since the incident, and he’s so bitterly sorry that he did n’t check properly. He’s never that large of a man himself, but when ( the prosecutor ) says there was a line of sight, I disagree”, said Mr Sudheesan.

In reaction, the prosecutor said Tan should have seen Mdm Ong if he had paid attention.

The defense, on request, and the judge’s request, agreed that Tan could include spotted Mdm Ong if he had given it the proper care and attention.

In imprisonment, Judge Kok said there was a” considerable amount of mistake” in this case. She permitted Tan to commence his prison sentence the following year.

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China hits back at Nato over Russia accusations

China’s foreign secretary Wang Yi has hit back at Nato’s “groundless charges” that Beijing is helping Russia in its war on Ukraine.

He even cautioned the European alliance against provoking conflict.

Mr Wang’s comments, made in a call with his Dutch counterpart, came hours after leaders of Nato member states gathered in Washington DC and issued a declaration on the war.

They accused China of being a “decisive enabler” of Russia through its “large-scale support for Russia’s defence industrial base”, in some of their harshest remarks yet about Beijing.

They called on China to quit” all materials and social help” to Russia’s war energy such as the supply of dual-use materials, which are items that can be used for both civil and military purposes.

Previous accusations have been made by American nations that Beijing has given Moscow satellite pictures and drone and missile technology. About 70 % of the machine tools and 90 % of the microelectronics imported by Russia are thought to be imported from China, according to the US.

Beijing was even accused of conducting “malicious computer and cross activities, including propaganda” on Nato says.

Mr. Wang told the new foreign minister of the Netherlands, Caspar Veldkamp, on Thursday, that China “absolutely does not take” all these charges and that they have always been a “force for stability and peace.”

In comments carried by state media, he said that China’s different political system and values “should not be used as a reason for Nato to incite confrontation with China”, and called for Nato to “stay within its bounds”.

His remarks were the most recent in a rush of irate reactions from Beijing.

Earlier on Thursday, a foreign government spokeswoman said Nato was smearing China with “fabricated disinformation”, while Beijing’s vision to the EU told the empire to” prevent hyping up the so-called China risk”.

Beijing has longer refuted claims that it has aided Russia in the conflict and maintains that it is a negative force. It has called for a resolution to the conflict and suggested a resolution, which Ukraine has rejected.

However, watchers have also pointed out that Beijing’s purchases of significant amounts of oil and gas have helped stabilize Russia’s sector, which has been hampered by sanctions, and recharge coffers drained by war investing.

Beijing’s official stance on the issue frequently echoes Moscow’s- like them, China also refers to it as a battle, and President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have maintained close ties, both of whom have famously declared that their partnership has” no limits.”

Beijing accuses the US and other Western nations of “fueling the fire” by providing Ukraine with deadly weapons and technologies for defense.

In recent months, many nations have gone one step further and allowed Ukraine to employ their weapons against target inside Russia.

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4-year-old girl run over by car in River Valley: Coroner flags importance of hand-holding when crossing roads

A coroner’s court found a four-year-old girl dead after being run over by a car while running across the River Valley on Friday ( Jul 12 ), with the coroner instructing parents to always hold their hands as young children cross the road.

American Zara Mei Orlic, the second of three children, was heading apartment with her two-year-old girl and their 32-year-old home companion on Jan 23 when the tragic incident occurred.

The Indonesian girl, who was unnamed, started working for the Orlics in October 2023 and was tasked with housekeeping, cooking, and getting the kids to and from class.

On January 23, the girl drove Zara and her younger girl from their pre-school along River Valley Road to the Orlics ‘ house in Aspen Heights apartment at around 4.20pm.

The girl carried both girls ‘ class bags as they headed home and held onto Zara’s younger sister’s side.

She claimed Zara had been taught how to be protected and that she had no use for any devices.

The girl claimed she frequently held Zara’s side, but that she had no idea why she did not do it that day. She acknowledged that Zara’s businesses had instructed her to hold her hand, particularly when crossing the road.

The group made the decision to cross the road as they made the uphill descent along Institution Hill. &nbsp,

Zara ran across the street to the other side of the first alley after crossing it. She did not observe a car coming from her left, and the girl did not notice a car coming in her path.

A 40-year-old American woman driving a car collided with Zara in the next lane and ran over her knee and head, killing the girl three steps away from Zara.

The girl yelled violently for the car to stop, let go of the younger baby, and then rushed to Zara, who was lying still and bleeding on the side of the road.


The girl called Zara’s papa, who was working from home, and rushed downward while the vehicle landed and remained at the picture until the police and ambulance arrived.

The pilot, who was not named, was on her way home after fetching her children from class and doing grocery shopping.

Around 5 o’clock in the afternoon when the girl made a right turn onto Institution Hill’s little upslope from River Valley Road, she observed cars parked on the opposite side of the road.

She ran over something she had immediately sensed when she hit it.

She sensed a quiet cry and realized she had slammed into a young child. She soon stopped her vehicle and rushed to Zara, who was being held by a upset, screaming girl.

Prior to the incident, the driver claimed she had not seen everyone crossing the road and would have taken fast safeguards if she had.

The traffic police conducted an investigation to discover that Zara had just appeared in in-vehicle film for one second prior to the incident and that the lady was not moving at a fast speed.

As Zara was merely 100cm high, she was very little to be seen by the driver.
Teachers rushed out of the local institution to report a loud scream to the Singapore Civil Defence Force after the receptionist heard it.

Zara was taken to Singapore General Hospital, but her vitals were unknown at the time of her appearance and she was unable to breathe. She was treated and given iv adrenaline after suffering a bone injury and an open wound to her head.

Zara’s parents informed him that she had severe head injuries and was unlikely to survive.

He instructed the medical staff to maintain resuscitating Zara until his family arrived. But, when she got there at 6.20pm, the doctor told them that resuscitation efforts had been fruitless, and Zara was pronounced dead at about 6.45pm that morning.


Zara’s father claimed he had no idea why the girl had chosen to cross the road that morning. &nbsp,

Zara’s parents claimed that since the road from the cross would guide her to their house, the girl had been instructed to move from the pre-school to the signalized motorist crossing after Institution Hill.

Otherwise, the girl had been following her exact path for some months that day.

The household had no significant issues with the maid, according to Zara’s father, aside from a few small miscommunications standard of employing foreign local helpers.

The girl claimed that she had never intended to harm her businesses ‘ children and had always been concerned for them.

She claimed that Zara’s passing greatly saddens her because she had not anticipated a dreadful event.

This incident, according to coroner Eddy Tham, was a horrible tragic accident that “reminds caregivers of younger children of the importance of street security in that they must always maintain a young child’s hand when crossing the road.”

He claimed that young children are prone to make fast activities and do not have a strong sense of road accidents.

This case also demonstrates that fresh children’s smaller actual bodies and other near objects can obscure them from view.

” The need to be diligent and to get utmost caution may be over-emphasised”, he said, conveying his sincere apologies to Zara’s home over her sudden loss.

Despite past reports addressing “jaywalking” by the girl, the pathologist made no mention of jaywalking in his results. The judge had previously heard that the girl was “jaywalking,” meaning she was not crossing the correct intersection but was doing so 200 meters away.

The Orlic mother’s attorney, Mr. Alfred Lim, said the family may be considering their lawful options when he was approached by the media following the hearing but that he could not say precisely what at this time.

The lady driver is represented by attorneys from the law office of Damodora Ong. When CNA approached, the attorneys claimed the vehicle had not been indicted.

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Singaporean singer Joanna Dong discovers she has Stage 1 cancer after minor surgery

Despite recently believing she had no tumor, Singaporean song Joanna Dong revealed on July 11 that her doctors had discovered a 7mm cancer in her physique following her and slight breast surgery.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Joanna, 42, first thanked her followers for their love and support, saying that their well wishes “gave ( her ) a lot strength”. She finally provided an update on her health problem, stating that she intended to warn her fans.

Joanna shared that when the lab studies of her procedure came back, her physicians were “very, very astonished” to discover a 7mm tissue outside her breast pipes. Nevertheless, she clarified that this cancer “is a entirely distinct issue from the breast release” that led to her previous surgeries.

” On the one hand, it’s stressful and upsetting to learn that I do own cancers,” she said. But the good news is that it’s very, very little, it’s in its first stages&nbsp, – it’s Stage 1… and it’s a hormone-sensitive tumor which, as I understand, is quite treatable”.

Joanna added that she and her doctors were considering using radiation treatment and hormone therapy to treat the cancer and that they had come to the conclusion that there was a” gold covering” that they had first detected it.

She therefore assured her fans, saying:” So I’m going to be fine. My specialists advise me to make a full restoration, and I can trust them. So everyone, do n’t worry… Only a quick prayer for me, please. Send me great feelings and great feelings, and I’ll see you at my upcoming performance.

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322 suicides reported in Singapore in 2023; lowest since 2000

” While it is encouraging to see a decline in suicide figures, we must realize that one death is one very many”, said Dr Jared Ng, clinical director at Connections Mind Health, a doctor that provides&nbsp, alternative medical and psychological service.

” Each damage sends swirls through families, schools, offices, and entire populations. We must remain to be kind to those around us, show compassion for those in need, and show compassion to oneself and others.

Gasper Tan, SOS CEO and bsp, stated that the overall decline in suicides is” a testament to the power of society and the value of our collective suicide reduction efforts.”

” But, our work does not stop here. Because death reduction is a public interest, we want to keep making an impact in our communities, he continued.

To that end, SOS launched an initiative called Mindful Bytes next year to&nbsp, lessen the risk of death among boys aged 13 and below, and&nbsp, widen the safety nets. &nbsp,

The program aims to engage youths in secure online conversations, providing essential assistance to those at risk of suicide.

Associate Professor Daniel Fung, CEO of the Institute of Mental Health ( IMH), noted the” substantial work” done by cross-sectoral organizations, from hospitals to social service organizations on suicide prevention, citing the significant decline in suicides last year.

For instance, the tips of the Interagency Research Workgroup on Youth Suicide have been put into practice to help more intensive collaborations between various organizations and medical institutions, he said.

” These activities help to create an ecology of care and processes that encourage help-seeking and first identification, support at-risk teams, and give crisis support”.

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Deep Dive Podcast: CPF nomination – Are there safeguards against ill intentions?

Steve Chia: What about for CPF nominees? &nbsp,

Liang Weirong: It’s the same. Nothing prevents a Pension representative from recommending candidates outside of their immediate family. And if he did the election, there’s nothing to suggest that election was wrongly done. All we need to do is embrace it. &nbsp,

Steven: ( But ) when you think there might be other dubious things going on, there will be some red flags that will cause your back end to ring. &nbsp, Can you ever refuse a election? If I come to you and I say,” I want to do this”, but you’ve done your checks, and then you come back to me and say,” I’m sorry, but we cannot proceed with this person”? &nbsp,


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Australian soldier charged with spying for Russia

An American soldier and her partner have been detained and are facing spying charges for Russia.

According to investigators, the couple, both of whom are Russian-born Australian citizens, obtained Australian Defence Force ( ADF) documents to share with Moscow.

However, the mind of Australia’s knowledge support says” no considerable compromise” of American secrets has been identified.

It is the first time that Australia’s stricter foreign intervention regulations, which were passed ten years ago, have been used to justify espionage charges.

The 40-year-old person, an army secret, and her 62-year-old partner will experience judge in Brisbane afterwards on Friday, each on one count of preparing for an spy crime.

According to police and intelligence officials, the women allegedly quietly visited Russia while taking an ADF leave of absence and instructed her partner to get her work account and give her documents.

This is a breaking news story- more to pursue.

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