The fashion entrepreneur who championed plus-sized clothes is now fighting fatphobia in Singapore

By the time she realized that trend had its shortcomings in promoting self-acceptance among plus-sized people, she had begun to realize that while it was a great way to “boost the assurance of large people,” it had also had its limits. These were concerns Rani had that he could not always straight address. &nbsp,

By the end of that year, just as the crisis began, she experienced burnout. &nbsp, &nbsp,

” It was a happy issue that so many people wanted your clothes, but I was too exhausted to keep up with the need,” she said. ” I was n’t sure if what I was doing would have a positive impact on the attitudes of fat people.”


Growing up plus- small, Rani struggled with brain approval from her tweens. She frequently compared herself to younger people her age who were more petite because of how deeply ingrained she had been with her figure.

” I was made fun of by friends, family, and even my closest family members”, she said. ” It soon became second nature for me to hate large body. But when I first discovered body enthusiasm, I was all for it”.

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No stranger to adversity, Shanti Pereira aims to put injury setback behind her as Olympics nears

Her ankle did develop a stress injury, according to scans.

Pereira would lose her Diamond League comeback in a great way because of it. opposition in Xiamen and Shanghai, as well as two big meets in Japan among other events.

The Diamond League is a one of the most wealthy events in sports, with 15 one-day gala events held all over the world, contested by the nation’s top players.

” I think I already knew that I had to lose these events because of the suffering I was going through. And just being practical- when I got again ( from Florida ) it was just two days to those events,” she said.

” Full over, I knew it was probably not going to occur. ”  

2023 was a career-defining month for Pereira.

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, she won the women’s 200m last.   This was Singapore’s second sport silver medal since 1974. Days earlier, Pereira ended Singapore’s almost 50-year wait for a track and field award at the Asian Games, after she clinched a magic in the 100m.  

She won the 200-meter gold medal in August, becoming the first Singaporean to reach the semi-finals of the competition.

At the same time as the Asian Athletics Championships in May, Pereira won the 100 and 200-meter events, marking the first Taiwanese person to do so.

And it’s difficult to compete for an performer in such elite type.  

” I took a couple of days to just be unhappy, ostensibly,” said Pereira. “( I was ) just very upset. It’s really a bummer every time you miss these possibilities. “


However, Pereira has no experience dealing with hardship.  

The racer second burst into the world’s awareness at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games when  She won gold in the 200-meter race, set a specific best, and set a new federal record. In a SEA Games jump occasion, her victory also put an end to a 42-year silver medal drought for Singapore.

But with it came the severity of expectations. Coupled with wounds, some persons wrote Pereira off over the next few decades. The anger ate her off, Pereira said recently.

There were days when she stopped wanting to compete or coach because of it. Otherwise, what she felt was anxiety.

Pereira has drawn on past experiences to make the most of an injury that occurs at such an inappropriate time.

” It’s important to be persistent in this process. Unfortunately, it is still a method even though it was a loss,” she said.

” I had to learn how to accept it, adapt to the situation, and occasionally alter things,” he said,” which frequently occurs every year, but this time it is just a little different.

” My previous experiences did help me get into this attitude of :’It’s fine, this just do what we may best now’. “

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Commentary: S$2 million HDB flats? Not so fast


Usually, real estate agents relied on printing media such as media to market their properties. Potential buyers meticulously looked through page after page of listings to find the best property to purchase.

The environment of home search was altered by the introduction of online portals like PropertyGuru and 99. inc. However, these sites mainly cater to officials, and listing items can cost up to S$ 20, 000 for 12 weeks. Additionally, specific sellers and buyers are unable to find them quickly.

If an option channel is available, this might soon shift.

On Sunday ( May 12 ), HDB announced a new resale flat listing ( RFL ) service for owners to list and sell their properties independently. If owners can “do it- yourself” ( DIY ) in selling their apartments, this may avoid conventional agent involvement and save on commission fees.

In the current payment structure, the buyer pays 1 % of the transaction cost and the owner typically pays 2 % of the transaction amount. A S$ 2 million house, for example, would cost the owner S$ 40, 000 in representative fee. It merits consideration as to the potential impact of this savings on the wider selling smooth market.

Before listing their apartments on the portal, the RFL requires level owners to receive an intent to sell from HDB. This will prevent record and mock listings from appearing. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Additionally, it has a testing mechanism to notify buyers if their asking price exceeds the most recently traded price of comparable products by 10 %. This might help to reduce the number of currently overpriced ads we see on home platforms.

As the RFL is already in its gentle launch phase, it will likely find more listings from sellers as it expands, increasing the number of homes available to potential buyers.

Will it be able to improve the efficiency and transparency of the housing industry in Singapore? What effects will it have on estate agents who are reaching out to potential buyers?

The RFL system will reduce tension and may signal a more aggressive environment, easing existing sites ‘ efforts to up their game, though it’s premature to yet know the full extent of these results.

Even if not all of the owners choose to” DIY” in selling their HDB cottages, the RFL companies could lower the cost of hiring agents as a result of the improving and digital transformation of the transaction process.

Sing Tien Foo is the Provost’s Chair Professor at the Department of Real Estate, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. The author’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of NUS and its members.

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Heightened security at Singapore checkpoints following attack on Johor police station

SINGAPORE: Security actions in Singapore, including those at gates, were stepped on Saturday ( May 18 ), a day after a prior- sun attack at a Johor police station that killed two police officers.

” In view of the heightened threat situation, and that the Malaysian police are looking for several other JI ( Jemaah Islamiyah ) &nbsp, members, we had earlier today stepped up security measures, including at our checkpoints”, said Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA ) in a statement on Saturday night.

Increased guards and improved traveler checks are among these measures. In response, checkpoint difficulties are anticipated, and MHA has advised travelers to account for the additional time needed for immigration certification.

Malaysia arrested seven persons following Friday’s attack&nbsp, in the periphery of Johor Bahru. Additionally, regulators are looking for more than 20 suspected Jemaah Islamiyah individuals.

The Internal Security Department ( ISD ) and its Malaysian counterparts have been in touch with each other regarding the attack, according to MHA on Saturday.

” If someone you know shows symptoms of radicalisation, do call ISD at 1800- 2626- 473 for aid promptly”, said MHA.

First monitoring will enable ISD and its partners to assist the person in a timely manner and stop the individual from harming both himself and others.

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'A step closer': Singapore wildlife sanctuary ACRES expands to full 2ha after more than a decade

According to Mr. Kalai, the shelter’s animal population is approximately 95 % of its original size. &nbsp,

There are major obstacles to returning amazing animals to their naturalized habitats. These include extensive document and finding appropriate recipients. For some creatures, discharge is not an option due to health issues from their day as illegitimate, exotic pets. &nbsp, &nbsp,

The evacuation center can also take more local rescue, which it treats before releasing them into the crazy, with the additional room. In industrial Singapore, space is even more crucial when it comes to restoring exotic animals. &nbsp, &nbsp,

” Any pet- when you treat them- there is a post- treatment time”, said Mr Kalai. &nbsp,

You need a large place to do that successfully. If no, for wild creatures- if you put them in a small place, they see our faces all the time- they may get imprinted. That means when I release them, they are going to view citizens”.

Such behavior may hardly bode well for Singapore’s compact population. &nbsp,

Shawn Lum, a professor at Nanyang Technological University, weighs in on the rise, noting that fewer wild areas in the nation would lead to more wildlife entering built areas, more animal injuries, and more human-animal discord. &nbsp,

According to the senior lecturer from NTU’s Asian School of the Environment, this would require more resources to be allocated to; for example, it would be necessary to house them if they could n’t be safely returned to the wild.

Crowded spaces increase the stress of animals, which can lead to conflict between humans and wildlife and even the spread of pathogens. &nbsp,

” Yet if space is available, the limited supply of land, and the resulting high cost of buying or leasing space create quite high, sometimes overwhelming, overheads for a business, let alone a never- for- profit organisation”, noted Dr Lum. &nbsp,

To reduce the space pressure on ACRES, Dr Lum said&nbsp, there would have to be fewer human- wildlife conflicts, and accidents that require wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

There should be a lot of buffer space to reduce any potential human-wildlife interaction, he said.

He suggested multi-purpose spaces that incorporated animal-related amenities into the landscape. &nbsp,


Results from ACRES ‘ groundwater monitoring test, which was conducted in January of this year, gave rise to a glimmer of hope. The contamination levels have decreased, and the surface land is safe to use, according to the test. &nbsp, &nbsp,

However, much needs to be done to make the area functional. &nbsp,

The area needs to be cleared of vegetation and basic infrastructure, including water, sewer, and drainage pipes, by staff and volunteers. Currently, it takes around 10 minutes fighting through the dense foliage just to reach the edge of the “wild” area from the existing compound. &nbsp,

Some structures- left alone after they went up- must be refurbished, such as a large cage a minute’s walk into the forest. The cage, which resembles an aviary, remains standing but is missing some doors. Through the roof of the house, a tree has grown and burst.

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Singapore’s COVID-19 cases nearly double; hospitals to reduce non-urgent elective surgeries

Singapore has seen a nearly double increase in COVID- 19 cases week over week, which has prompted the Health Ministry to take steps to ensure enough capacity at open hospitals. &nbsp,

The estimated amount of COVID- 19 infection in the week of May 5 to 11 rose to 25, 900 – a 90 per cent increase compared to the 13, 700 situations in the week before that. &nbsp,

The average daily COVID- 19 hospitalisations rose to about 250 from 181 the week before, said the Ministry of Health ( MOH) on Saturday ( May 18 ). In addition, it noted that, despite two circumstances occurring in the previous year, the average daily intake in intensive care is only three cases per day. &nbsp,

The government said that” MOH is carefully monitoring the direction of this wave.” &nbsp,

People hospitals have been asked to reduce their non-urgent elective surgery cases, reduce their hospital bed power, and transfer ideal people to treatment services like Transitional Care Facilities or at home through Mobile Inpatient Care@Home as a protection.

If a patient has mild symptoms or is not susceptible to a medical condition, it also advised against visiting the patient’s Emergency Department for care. &nbsp,

The KP. 1 and KP. More than two-thirds of cases of the COVID- 19 virus are now caused by the COVID- 19 burden in Singapore. &nbsp,

The two strains belong to a group of COVID- 19 variants that scientists have dubbed “FLiRT,” in honor of the technical names of their mutations. They all have JN ancestors. 1 variant, which spread rapidly around the world several months back.

The World Health Organization classified KP earlier this month. 2 as a Variant Under Monitoring. It is also the dominant strain in the United States and has been detected in countries like China, Thailand, India, Australia and the United Kingdom.

” There are currently no indications, globally or locally, that KP. 1 and KP. 2 are more transmissible or cause more severe disease than other circulating variants”, MOH said on Saturday.

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Manthan: The Indian film at Cannes made by half a million farmers


Half a million dairy landowners in Gujarat, India, contributed two pounds each to create a groundbreaking movie in the middle of the 1970s.

Manthan ( The Churning ), directed by respected director Shyam Benegal, became the country’s first masses- supported movie.

The dairy joint movements that transformed India from a milk-deficient nation to the nation’s leading milk producer was the fictionalized narrative that undergirded the 134-minute film from 1976. Verghese Kurien, known as the” Milkman of India,” served as inspiration for the story’s revolution in India’s milk production. ( India currently accounts for almost a quarter of the world’s milk production. )

A flawlessly restored Manthan is getting its red-carpet earth launch this week at the Cannes Film Festival, along with classics from Jean- Luc Godard, Akira Kurosawa, and Wim Wenders, almost 50 years after it was made. Restoring the picture was a problem, according to Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, honor- winning cinematographer, archivist and painter.


A broken negative and two faded designs were the only things that Manthan had left. Lateral clean lines were visible across many sections of the negative because it had been destroyed by fungus. The conservators had to depend on the noise from the only surviving print because the negative’s sound was completely destroyed.

One of the designs and the negative were both saved by the restaurateurs. They repaired the movie by borrowing and digitizing the noise from the display. With the help of both Benegal and his long-time director Govind Nihalani, the project was managed at a Chennai facility under the guidance of a renowned Bologna-based film restoration lab. The Bologna test improved and fixed the sound of the movie.

Manthan was reborn in ultra-high concept 4K about 17 months afterwards. Benegal, one of the doyens of Indian film, says the video remains quite close to his brain.

” It is amazing to see the movie come to life almost like it was yesterday. It looks better than the first printing”, the 89- year- ancient director says.


Benegal recounts that, egged on by Kurien, he had produced some movies on Operation Flood- India’s milk trend- and remote marketing initiatives. Kurien objected when he suggested making a feature film and argued that documentaries mostly reached those who had” converted to the reason.” Given his refusal to accept funding from landowners, he informed Benegal that there were no funds to make the movie.

Small farmers may provide and sell milk to a system of collection centers in Gujarat under the joint model. The butter was then transported to dairy farms where cheese and other items were made.

Kurien suggested that each producer be given two pounds to make them all suppliers. The film’s production was financed by the collected money. ” The farmers quickly agreed because we were telling their story”, says Benegal.

Manthan boasted a superb throw, featuring Girish Karnad, Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, Amrish Puri, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Mohan Agashe in important functions. Vijay Tendulkar, a popular American poet, contributed several codes, with Benegal selecting one for the movie. The song was composed by famous artist Vanraj Bhatia.

Benegal and Dungarpur

A city-bred government veterinarian and his team reach in a fractious Gujarati village with plans to launch a dairy cooperative in the movie. The veterinarian is entangled in the turbulent politics of change as he begins his work and faces challenges from the village head, the secret dairy owner, and a dangerous local milkman.

Sangeeta Datta, the author of the World Director Series: Shyam Benegal, wrote,” Manthan is a microcosmic picture of transformative politics. (… ) Benegal offers a brilliant social critique of a situation in which government bureaucrats attempt to alter the social and economic perspectives of its residents.”

Money was tight and the 45- moment shot was a problem. Nihalani recalls shooting the movie using a “patchwork of various movie stocks” as a background. The cast and crew remained in the community as a close-knit family, where some residents also acted in the movie. The solid did not change their masks throughout the shooting, but” that they looked worn in the village”, said Datta.


Naseeruddin Shah, who started out in acting with Benegal and eventually became one of India’s most well-known players, recalls living the movie while it was being made.

” I lived in a house, learned to make cattle manure cakes and cheese a buffalo”, he says. To get the athleticism of the figure, I would have the buckets and give the cheese to the unit. Shah, who may provide the video at Cannes, furthermore wore the same cloth top throughout the shot.

Kurien first released the movie in Gujarat, and it was greeted with a rousing response. Because its biggest market included the film’s producers,” the movie did beautifully.” Every day, carloads of people from all over the world came in from all over to observe the movie,” says Benegal. More editions of this movie were produced than any other in India, spanning forms from 35mm to 8mm, Super 8, and afterwards, video tapes. Manthan won a National Award at home and was frequently exhibited around the world, including at the UN General Assembly.

Manthan’s victory gave Kurien another thought. Using the picture to spread the dairy revolution, he distributed 16mm images to villages global, urging farmers to create their own cooperatives. He sent teams of veterinarians, cheese technicians, and fodder specialists to distribute and display the video to farmers in real existence, imitating video life.


Manthan, according to Benegal,” serves as a strong reminder of movie’s ability to drive change.” The movie also retains shocking impact today because it explores a range of problems that continue to devastate modern India.

Trains, also notorious for running later, set the stage for the film’s opening field. A customer train, carrying the physician and his associate, pulls into a peaceful village station. Locals, somewhat late, dash down the platform to welcome their visitors with garlands.

” We are sorry”, a frantic villager tells the physician. ” The coach arrived on time”.

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Commentary: Are we missing the point in the single-sex vs co-ed school debate?

Combined BENEFITS OF CO- ED Colleges

Nonetheless, some researchers argue that solitary- intercourse schools reinforce gender stereotypes. According to a 2011 content from the non-profit American Council for Coeducational Schooling, boys who spend more time with other kids become “increasingly aggressive” while ladies who combination with other girls become “more sex-typed”

The director of New South Wales ‘ Armidale School, a traditional all-boys class that became coed in 2016, stated in a media report about the state that the social atmosphere has improved and that the conversation between boys and girls has a tendency to isolate the less desired characteristics of both genders. &nbsp,

Co-ed schools, according to opponents, provide options for both women to work together as they are expected to do throughout their lives, making it easier for students to prepare for post-secondary tutoring and work.

Yet, some research suggests that inc- physician schools benefit males more than girls. Kids generally perform better in institutions with a higher percentage of girls, and boys read much when they are younger.

Although some studies indicate that girls are asked on less often and are less likely to take math and science topics and even leadership positions, educators would like to think they are reasonable.

A 2018 University of Queensland research found that single-sex school graduates are more self-assured than co-ed school graduates, and they are also more likely to carry leadership positions.

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