Malaysian startup Deemples raises US$2mil from Singapore’s V Ventures

Malaysian startup Deemples raises US$2mil from Singapore's V Ventures
  • Expanded number of active sportsmen by 200 % since last fundraising
  • operating as a two-sided market to grow the golfing community

David Wong, founder of Deemples: "Our core mission is to create the premier golfing experience empowered by tech to allow our community to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone."

Malaysian startup Deemples Technologies Sdn Bhd&nbsp, has raised US$ 2 million ( RM9.58 million ) from Singapore based corporate venture capital firm — V Ventures, to drive its growth and enrich user experience. Deemples has seen its firm twice over each of the past four years in Malaysia thanks to the investment. This funding will help the company’s plans to expand its appearance in Southeast Asia get even more clear.

Our top priority is to provide the best golf experience that can be accessed by technology to help our community to play with anyone at any time, anywhere, and everywhere. With this new funding, Deemples ‘ CEO and founder, David Wong, whose last public money statement was in April 2019, when he closed a US$ 270, 000 round, has set our sights on further enlarging our ecosystem to get really regional with our services and to significantly enhance the golfing community.

Deemples, a company that was founded with the goal of finding golfers for a personal reason, has increased the number of active golfers in Malaysia by 200 % since their most recent fundraising round. Deemples enables golfers to plan their games effortlessly, whether it’s a spontaneous round, a tournament, a club match or a prearranged outing. Deemples caters to the various needs of golfers, improving their overall enjoyment of the game, with its tech-first philosophy and designed-for-golfer approach.

” We will use the funds to build a scalable best- in- class product, with a keen focus on relentless innovation, market fit, and to ultimately expand into untapped markets. This is important to the mission of providing the best borderless golfing experience for our community, enabling golf enthusiasts to connect, play, and enjoy the game, anywhere. In essence, it confirms our commitment to empower golfers everywhere and strengthens our position as a global leader in changing the way people play and play golf outside of borders,” said Deemples ‘ Chief Technology Officer Ahmad Daleen.

Deemples claims that the increased accessibility to golf courses and training facilities has a significant impact on shaping and expanding Malaysia’s golfing community.

Malaysian startup Deemples raises US$2mil from Singapore's V Ventures

Deemples, who operates as the first two-sided marketplace, places a high value on both customers and golf courses by encouraging players to play more frequently, establishing relationships with other golfers, and building a golfing network. This increases user experience, increases revenue, and draws more players to golf courses, all in one way. &nbsp,

Over the past four years, Derek has assisted golf courses in Malaysia in offering a new level of service to both new and existing golfers. We at The Mines Resort and Golf Club were able to quickly launch the platform and begin to receive bookings from their users. Deemples has been a wonderful friend to us and other golf courses. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for the Malaysian golf community, according to Admiral ( rtd ) Mohd Anwar Nor, president of the Malaysian Golf Association and executive chairman of The Mines Resort and Golf Club. &nbsp,