Learning lessons from dependency on a hostile power

Many of us who live in liberal democracies used to believe in something we called “engagement” with authoritarian powers such as China and Russia. Germans had a more specific phrase for it: “Wandel durch Handel”, which means change through trade. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, however, has taught us to replace these phrases with a different […]Continue Reading

New era upside of Meta’s share price collapse

Facebook may not be the original social media platform but it has stood the test of time – until recently. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, saw its value plummet by around US$80 billion in just one day at the end of October, after its third-quarter profits halved amid the global slowdown. […]Continue Reading

Alibaba Cloud announces final nominees for AsiaStar 10×10 campaign to recognize innovation in Southeast Asia

11 out of 100 awardees are based in Malaysia including Saora Industries
Part of Project AsiaForward initiative to celebrate tech led entities in SEA As part of its Project AsiaForward initiative, Alibaba Cloud has teamed up with tech ecosystem partners to celebrate the diverse achievements of tech-driven entities in Southeast Asia.
Known as…Continue Reading

US pressing Japan to follow its China chip ban

China has warned Japan of undisclosed consequences if it follows the United States in imposing chip export bans against it, urging Tokyo instead to reject what it sees as Washington’s “bullying behavior.” China’s foreign ministry issued the comments after an unnamed Japanese government insider was quoted by Nikkei as saying that Tokyo had received a […]Continue Reading

Tokyo’s ‘Iron Lady’ is no cause for alarm in Beijing

TOKYO — Other than trolling China, it’s still a mystery why Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida chose Sanae Takaichi to run the fledgling Ministry of Economic Security. There again, what this one-year-old agency does, exactly, is its own riddle. On the face of it, it should be grabbing global headlines: It has the authority to […]Continue Reading