Nicol David Organisation, APU empower the unprivileged with digital skills

  • Both join to build Creative Computing Workshops, using APU’s experienced professionals
  • Workshops empower poor students with essential skills, addresses electronic disparities

Left to Right: Dr Teh Choon Jin, APU’s registrar and senior director of Administration; Nicol David; Mariana de Reyes, co-founder & CEO of NDO; Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, APU’s VC; and Prof. Dr. Murali Raman, APU’s deputy VC.

The Asia Pacific University of Technology &amp, Innovation ( APU) and the Nicol David Organisation ( NDO ), led by squash champion Nicol Ann David, have collaborated to support philanthropic endeavors. &nbsp,

Through this collaboration, NDO aims to utilise APU’s expertise, particularly from the Asia Pacific Centre for Analytics ( APCA ), to introduce Creative Computing Workshops. These workshops are designed to address the differences between electronic literacy and economic opportunity in underprivileged students.

This program is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between APU and NDO on February 6, 2024, which takes effect on May 10, 2024. Twenty-five students from underrepresented backgrounds are now enrolled in a complete 40-hour learning program at APU, which is scheduled to be finished by October 2024.

During her lecture at APU to launch the Innovative Computing Workshops, &nbsp, David emphasised the importance of Computer Science in fostering problem- solving skills, reasoning, and creativity. She highlighted the social and economic barriers to online opportunities that learners from B40 and M40 background face because of their social and economic status.

Echoing her sentiments, Hema Latha Krishna Nair, top professor at APU and nose of APCA, explained the show’s aim to provide hands- on experiences for B40 and M40 students, transcending silent understanding paradigms.

” We at APU have assembled a training team made up of seasoned School of Technology ( SoT ) lecturers led by Dr. Veerakumar Soundrapandian, senior SoT lecturer. The team will guide the kids in engaging in meaningful and personally related computing activities, as well as research and reevaluate the creative ways that computers use technology, she added.

The training program includes a variety of modules designed to instill both technological acumen and critical thinking skills in participants, ranging from fundamental computer operations to basic game mechanics. In combination with the Innovative Computing Workshop, APU pupils, under Hema’s assistance, have developed the NDO Learners Performance Analytics platform. This four-month job highlights the interdependence between generosity and academia, which is responsible for fostering stimulating innovation in education.

NDO enhances the learning experience by providing mechanical kits and teaching secondary skills in English skills and squash, while APU expands its infrastructure and educational support. &nbsp,

The MoU outlines a corporate strategy for creative projects between APU and NDO, spanning domains like sports analytics, systems applications, and education interventions. Both organizations are eager to use their combined knowledge to improve community and lead the charge in this area.

David, who expressed enthrallement for the relationship, hopes that it will have a revolutionary influence on society welfare and youth growth, underscoring the convergent role of sports and education as catalysts for societal change. Meanwhile, Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, vice chancellor of APU, echoes this sentiment, affirming the institution’s commitment to fostering innovation and industry partnership, adding that he envisages a dynamic collaboration, characterised by mutual growth and sustained impact.

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Clarion Malaysia debuts Malaysia's first AI and robotics-based advanced manufacturing, powered by Yes 5G Private Network

  • The development of 5G networks will increase Malaysia’s economy and draw in foreign direct investment.
  • Clarion has reduced its manufacturing processing time by 70 % thanks to Yes 5G and AI.

From Left to Right: Patrick Ong, CPE sales leader, Dassault Systèmes, Ahmad Zaki bin Zahid, chief strategy officer, Digital Nasional Berhad, Wing K. Lee, CEO, YTL Communications Sdn. Bhd., Ma Sivanesan, deputy secretary general (Strategic Policy), Ministry Of Digital, Gobind Singh Deo, Malaysia's minister of Digital, Tan Teong Khin, managing director, Clarion (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Lye Yhin Choy, CEO, Cnergenz Bhd., Haji Abdul Halim Hussain, advisor, CREST, Ng Kwang Ming, CEO, Digital Penang

Clarion Malaysia, a world automotive supplier specializing in in- vehicle infotainment equipment, has showcased its powerful trial of Malaysia’s second 5G- enabled superior manufacturing line, powered by YTL Communications ‘ Yes 5G Private Network and Cnergenz’s smart manufacturing solutions.

Gobind Singh, Malaysia’s secretary of Digital, remarked,” Clarion Malaysia’s engagement with technology solutions from Cnergenz and Dassault Systèmes is a major move in advancing Malaysia’s IR4.0 interests. The benefits of 5G include not just for users; it will also significantly increase Malaysia’s productivity and competitiveness.

He added that Malaysia will benefit from significant economic growth and become a desirable hotspot for FDI due to the country’s top public and private 5G network.

Tan Teong Khin, managing director of Clarion Malaysia, added that the relationship between Yes and Cnergenz, where their professional knowledge and answer features are crucial, helped to make this game-changing technology possible. By embracing the Yes 5G Private Network and AI-based technology, Clarion is now able to digitally enhance its production process, lower our running time by 70 %, improve materials control, improve performance, and improve quality, leading to lower operational costs and improved manufacturing quality.

For Clarion Malaysia’s production line, the smart manufacturing solution, such as cloud-based inventory systems and AI-powered Autonomous Mobile Robots, is deployed by Yes ‘ high-capacity, ultra-low latency private 5G connectivity to support mission-critical operations and security requirements. These Yes 5G Private Network solutions collectively improve production efficiency and quality by allowing for seamless integration and real-time communication between employees and the machinery managed by Dassault Systèmes ‘ next-generation ERP and PLM, leading to significant increases in productivity and quality.

” We were the first to introduce 5G to consumers and we are proud to be the first to introduce Private 5G Network to advanced manufacturing as the champion for 5G in Malaysia.” Manufacturing is all about actionable intelligence and adaptability in this new era, not just cost management. Yes 5G Private Network provides the critical high- capacity, ultra- low latency communications fabric to enable next- generation smart manufacturing, integrating AI and robotics into the factory floor”, said Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications.

He added that the Yes 5G Private Network, which is based on the most recent 5G SA ( Standalone ) Network standard, was created to fulfill the mission-critical requirements for enterprise customers with top-notch end-to-end security and resilience, giving Clarion Malaysia flexibility to enable instrumentation and automation anywhere inside the factory in a secure manner.

The Third Generation Partnership Project’s global standards for 5G SA ( Standalone ) and the Network Security Assurance Scheme are adhered to by the Yes 5G Private Network, developed in collaboration with Intel and QCT, for the highest level of 5G security. The No 5G Private Network uses Intel Xeon Scalable processors to provide high-speed connectivity and provide robust security because the traffic is completely self-contained in this onsite private 5G network, from device to device, to 5G SA core, giving the lowest latency and highest level of protection and resilience. This makes No 5G Private Network highly appropriate for mission-critical deployments.

Ahmad Zaki bin Zahid, chief strategy fficer of Digital Nasional Berhad, commented,” We are pleased to be part of this cutting- edge trial, as we continue to expand on our world- class, future- ready 5G network. It is another important milestone in DNB’s drive to transform Malaysia into a digital economy through the application of 5G technology, digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence in various industry verticals. Entities within the oil &amp, gas, manufacturing, and logistics sectors are now leveraging private 5G networks to automate their processes, thereby increasing operating efficiency, safety, and overall quality. We want to see more businesses take advantage of the opportunities offered by 5G.

Cnergenz provides Clarion Malaysia’s smart facility with 5G- enabled manufacturing solutions, including intelligent scanners, smart racks, X- ray automated counter, and Autonomous Mobile Robots to automate and minimise human errors, from incoming materials management to the assembly and delivery of end products from factory floor to warehouse.

Meanwhile, Dassault Systèmes ‘ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and DELMIAWorks Manufacturing ERP empower manufacturers like Clarion Malaysia to achieve greater competitiveness. The company can streamline collaboration and provide real-time operational visibility to Clarion by integrating their bill of materials and engineering bill of materials into a single platform, which will speed up the company’s new product introduction process, improve supplier interactions, and secure their intellectual property.

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Zurich Malaysia’s Takaful arms and AEON Bank partnership to create inclusive Islamic finance

  • committed to promoting digital-first protection products as financial implementation in Malaysia
  • The collaboration offers Shariah- cooperative solutions for customers ‘ economic, personal security

Junior Cho, country CEO/head of Zurich Malaysia (3rd from right) and Raja Teh Maimunah, CEO of Aeon Bank (3rd from left); alongside Shamsul Azman, CEO of Zurich General Takaful Malaysia (1st from right); Nur Fatihah Mustafa, authorised representative of Zurich Takaful Malaysia (2nd from right); Ajith Jayaram, chief strategy officer & head of Personal Banking of AEON Bank (1st from left); and Idham Baharum, treasurer of AEON Bank (2nd from left)

In a move towards financial inclusion aligned with Islamic banking principles, Zurich Malaysia through its family takaful business, Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad (ZTMB) and its general takaful business, Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad ( ZGTMB) has entered into a strategic partnership with Aeon Bank ( M ) Berhad, Malaysia’s first Islamic digital bank.

The partnership between Zurich Malaysia and Aeon Bank shows that the two companies are working together to provide Syariah-compliant solutions to protect the personal and financial security of local customers. The bilateral agreement signifies all parties ‘ commitments to the emergence of financial implementation, which includes offering digital-first security products within Malaysia’s powerful Islamic finance ecosystem.

Shamsul Azman, CEO of ZGTMB, stated,” We are honoured to spearhead the takaful modernization for the region, leveraging on our worldwide network, local modern capabilities to grow takaful cover for all Malaysians. We’re delighted to take our Zurich Edge argument to Aeon Bank, enabling a smooth, tailored and more important person experience. &nbsp,

He added that the partnership between the business and Aeon Bank highlights its commitment to supporting Malay in protecting their assets and creating new opportunities for the growth of the Muslim banking business in the modern place.

Echoing this attitude, Nur Fatihah Mustafa, approved agent of ZTMB, said”, In this fast age of digitalisation, we at Zurich Malaysia are constantly on the lookout for partners that coincide with our brand campaign ethos to ‘ Care For What Matters’. &nbsp,

” Our collaboration with Aeon Bank represents a shared vision for promoting Syariah-compliant financial inclusion for Malaysians of all walks of life, not only for Islamic communities, but also for Malaysians of all kinds. Through this multi- year collaboration, we are ready to meet the dynamic needs of today’s digital- savvy customers and be at the forefront of digital innovation. There is no greater priority than protecting our loved ones and our families, and we’re excited and proud to be able to do this through our partnership with Aeon Bank,” she continued.

The CEO of AEON Bank, Raja Teh Maimunah, stated in a statement that his focus is on the expansion and development of Islamic digital banking.” This collaboration between Aeon Bank and Zurich Malaysia’s takaful arms reaffirms our efforts to provide Malaysians with accessible and inclusive Syariah-compliant takaful solutions. We notice a lack of micro coverage and protection on the market, so we aspire to make it easier for Malaysians to have access to affordable options. We also look forward to working with Zurich Malaysia to realize this shared commitment.

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Simplify launches Thunderbird 5G router on World Telecommunication Day 2024

  • Smarter WiFi turns into a shared service where users can interact and purchase exposure.
  • Offers multi- gbps speeds &amp, solid security, ensuring higher- velocity Internet access

Tuan Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (4th from left), Chairman of MDEC was on hand to show support to Simplify and its founder/CEO Yen Pei Tay (3rd from right).

Simplify unveiled its Thunderbird 5G network, which it has hailed as a cutting-edge breakthrough in communications systems. The launch was in conjunction with World Telecommunication and Information Society Day ( WTISD ) 2024 on 16 May, which celebrated the theme” Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development” .&nbsp,

Simplify’s founder and CEO, Yen Pei Tay, noted how the WTISD design had a strong resonance with him. ” It&nbsp, completely encapsulates our quest at Simplify— bringing systems for great, and bridging the digital divide”.

He noted that the Thunderbird 5G router, is not&nbsp, only&nbsp, fast, with its top download speed of 4.7 Gbps over 5G network, but how its Fixed Wireless Access ( FWA ) technology helps accelerate 5G adoption across Malaysia rapidly, and affordably.

According to him, “the Thunderbird 5G router connects to the 5G network, and broadcasts it as ultrafast Wi-Fi, enabling as many as 128 devices connecting to it, all at the same time. That also means, 4G users and Wi-Fi devices at home are able to enjoy multi-gigabit 5G speed, with Thunderbird 5G router acting as a bridge.”

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation ( MDEC ), which was accompanied by Tuan Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, the company’s chairman, to demonstrate its support for Simplify. The startup, which was named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company magazine in 2017, made an appearance to support its goal. Additionally, simple lovers from China and Finland flew in to help the product launch.

” It is MDEC’s important role to accelerate Malaysia’s online business forward. Our responsibility to fostering innovation and modern change across the country is demonstrated by working closely with esteemed companions like Simplify, an MDEC AgTech Ecosystem Partner and MD standing business. By addressing the evolving needs of our micro, small, and medium enterprises ( MSMEs ), we aim to fortify their position in today’s dynamic global landscape. Through such cooperation, we strive to understand Malaysia’s broader vision of becoming the modern gateway of ASEAN”, he said.

Thunderbird 5G Router can reach a top download speed of 4.7Gbps over 5G.

With a maximum download rate of 4.7 Gbps, the Thunderbird 5G network achieves a new level of connectivity by utilizing MediaTek’s 5G Release 16-compatible chipset for top-tier performance. This network was created to facilitate and facilitate Internet access, and it offers multi-gigabit speeds and strong safety features that make it now easier and faster than ever.

Smarter WiFi, Monetize Wi- Fi network

The impressive Better WiFi feature that makes the Thunderbird 5G modem a revenue-generating engine. This characteristic makes Wi-Fi into a shared service where users can interact and spend for Internet access. The Smarter WiFi have includes a complete use monitoring tool to control the amount of data and speed you can communicate with other Internet users, as well as a double-encryption engine for the Wi-Fi password for improved connection security.

Simplify was recently recognized at the Beijing 2024 ZGC International Technology Trading Conference, where it was recognized as one of the” 100 Best Innovative Technologies for International Cooperation,” making it the only Indonesian organization to receive the award.

Increasing the international 5G Set Wireless Access business

FWA technology, specifically over 5G networks, is essential in bridging the modern separate and accelerating 5G implementation. FWA enables Wi-Fi networks to support devices that do n’t support 5G. This method provides broadband broadband access to the masses at scale while lowering the cost of gadget update.

With the growth of the global 5G FWA business, FWA-based service providers are expected to earn an estimated US$ 67 billion by 2028. This development is not just major but revolutionary, as it leverages wireless broadband property thoroughly. In Malaysia, Simplify is at the forefront of developing innovative options.

Varied applications and genuine- world demonstrations

Thunderbird 5G Router with Holomonsters Game Pack.

Simplify claimed that its Thunderbird 5G router offers quick, dependable connections in settings ranging from airports and food trucks to pop-up locations and electric vehicle ( EV ) charging stations. It is not just a gateway to the Internet but also a bridge to technological equity.

Its plug-and-play deployment in such diverse environments highlights its versatility and crucial importance of 5G in improving intelligent infrastructures. Through live demonstrations, including a COFE mechanical coffee shop and an interactive holographic activity by Holomonsters, the launch event gave attendees firsthand knowledge of the potential of the Thunderbird 5G.

Simplify Thunderbird 5G router is more than just a product; it is a vision that has been realized, pushing the boundaries of what digital connectivity for sustainable development is.

For inquiries, kindly contact Chan Shir Ley

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Axiata Group, Sinar Mas in MOU to explore merger of XL Axiata and Smartfren in Indonesia

  • Both parties intend to continue to hold the position of MergeCo’s combined controlling owners.
  • Major value to occur from combined level, competencies, finances and expertise

View of Bandung, a major city in Indonesia. MergeCo is expected to deliver superior customer experience in the telecommunications sector and create additional shareholder value including through synergies from the combined operations of XL Axiata and Smartfren.

Axiata Group Bhd, PT Wahana Inti Nusantara ( WIN), PT Global Nusantara ( GND), and PT Bali Media Telekomunikasi ( collectively referred to as the Parties and each a Party ), announced on May 15 that they have signed a non-binding MOU to explore the possibility of a merger between XL Axiata and Smartfren in order to form a new entity ( MergeCo ). With both Axiata and Sinar Mas wanting to continue to be shared controlling shareholders of MergeCo, the proposed deal is still in its early stages of examination.

The Events make it clear that there is no guarantee that the parties ‘ ongoing discussions will lead to the signing of any legally binding documents or the closing of the proposed deal. The main tasks that will be carried out during the experimental period governed by the non-binding MOU will be the valuation of the merger logic and value development to shareholders, due diligence, the preparation of a mutual business plan, and the signing of an agreement on key terms. As needed, any significant developments in this MOU may become made public. The related transaction will be subject to, among other things, regulatory and business approvals if a binding agreement is to be reached in the future.

The proposed merger of XL Axiata and Smartfren is anticipated to bring up both Sinar Mas ‘ local level and industry expertise in order to build a stronger communications service provider in Indonesia. Both leaders are expected to have an equal amount of influence over MergeCo’s strategic and operational decisions.

Axiata believes that MergeCo will have the proper agility, ability, and size to match increasing expectations and demand from consumers, businesses, and the Indian public sector. MergeCo is anticipated to provide a superior customer experience in the telecom industry and add value to the company, including through synergies from the combined functions of XL Axiata and Smartfren.

Axiata emphasized that it is committed to remaining a leading participant in Indonesia’s online and tech environment, supporting the government’s online future. Indonesia is a significant business that supports its proper activities. XL Axiata is Axiata’s largest advantage and from a collection aspect, Indonesia is the highest worth creator, where it runs five major businesses- XL Axiata, Link Net, EDOTCO, Boost and ADA.

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Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia: Empowering social entrepreneurs to drive positive change in Malaysia

  • SEAM to tackle issues of aid, assets in the social organization habitat
  • Partnership aims to motivate marginalised communities, promote sustainable growth  

Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia: Empowering social entrepreneurs to drive positive change in Malaysia

Biji-biji Initiative and Ikea Social Entrepreneurship have announced a partnership and the establishment of Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia ( SEAM ), a program that places a premium on social impact, in an effort to promote positive change and empower communities across Malaysia.

The parties stated in a statement that some social enterprises in Malaysia struggle to access the required resources and focused help systems, which are essential for caring and strengthening the social organization habitat, despite the rapid growth of the sector and its ability to have an impact on various beneficiaries. This difference not only hinders the growth potential of these companies but also limits their capacity to address important social and environmental issues such as poverty, unemployment, social isolation, forest, pollution, waste control, and the effects of climate change, they added.

Social companies play a significant role in this work, focusing on achieving responsible financial returns while addressing these issues. So, recognising the necessity of this problem, Biji-biji Initiative and Ikea Social Entrepreneurship, with help from Ikea Malaysia, have joined forces to create SEAM to bridge this gap and enable social businesses across Malaysia. It empowers social enterprises by improving the lives of marginalized communities and safeguarding the environment by contributing to and enriching the ecosystem through financial support and value sharing.Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia: Empowering social entrepreneurs to drive positive change in Malaysiament and promote sustainability.  

A shared goal at the heart of this partnership is to promote sustainable development in Malaysia and inspire positive change in marginalized communities. Juliana, the CEO of Biji-biji Initiative, envisions SEAM not only strengthening the social enterprise ecosystem in Malaysia, but also fostering a harmonious, symbiotic relationship among social enterprises, the government, corporate or private bodies, and grassroots players.  

We think that this program is valuable and capable of meeting the urgent needs of the ecosystem, she asserts, adding that she hopes to create a collaborative environment where each stakeholder contributes synergistically, ultimately maximising social impact and creating a more inclusive society.

SEAM expands IKEA Social Entrepreneurship’s efforts to enable social enterprises that are already making social impact to expand their efforts. We’re thrilled to launch a new programme in a new country with the Biji-biji Initiative. Together, we’re not just launching a programme; we’re continuing a movement that champions innovation, collaboration, and social impact in Malaysia”, said Åsa Skogström Feldt, managing director of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship.

Our support of this new accelerator program is a part of our commitment to make significant changes in Malaysia, according to Malcolm Pruys ( pic ), IKEA Malaysia’s country retail director. By interacting with and connecting with these social enterprises, we not only encourage one another’s learning and exchange, but we also actively contribute to their scaling efforts. We’re eager to see how this partnership develops and to see how the local impact we can all achieve. ”

He continued,” We invite both the government and the private sectors to join us in shaping the future of social entrepreneurship in Malaysia as we embark on this journey. Together, we can foster a culture of partnership across sectors and other entities, promoting shared prosperity for a more sustainable tomorrow. ”

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Primary Guard, JumpCloud and Pos Malaysia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation 

  • Answer helps Pos Malaysia improve IT efficiency, match compliance standards
  • Aims to improve Pos Malaysia’s performance, streamline operations &amp, IT presence

Primary Guard, JumpCloud and Pos Malaysia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation 

Pos Malaysia, a nationwide mail service company in Malaysia, announces its strategic partnership with local IT services provider Major Watch and Open Directory Platform company JumpCloud Inc. to advance its organization’s journey through the pace of sustainable growth. &nbsp, &nbsp,

This lengthy- term partnership aims to motivate Pos Malaysia’s employees with effective use of their business applications, increase productivity, streamline boring processes, and improve infrastructure visibility for their IT teams. &nbsp,

Through this collaboration, Major Guard did give Pos Malaysia with JumpCloud’s central identity, access, and device management solutions that enable the company to utilize a smooth user lifecycle management. With JumpCloud, Pos Malaysia is completely manage and control over customer records, tools, and access permissions. This includes enforcing best practice security procedures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. &nbsp,

Pos Malaysia is no stranger to uprooting and digitalizing outdated systems to improve process efficiencies and stay relevant in the digital era as a long-standing organization that has diversified its services from a traditional postal service to a financial services and supply chain provider today. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Sumesh Rahavendra, Pos Malaysia’s chief digital &amp, transformation officer, shares that when his team was tasked to lead the organisation’s digital transformation strategy, they identified four main elements crucial to their strategy: IT consolidation, compliance, security and operational efficiency. The team needed a secure multi-platform mobile device management solution to ensure consistent and effective policy enforcement across 15, 000 employees in order to revamp the core of their enterprise IT architecture. Additionally, it needed to scale and flexibly integrate with existing systems. &nbsp,

It was crucial that we discovered a way to increase our IT resource efficiency and adhere to our compliance standards with 3,800 touch points spread throughout Malaysia and a rapidly expanding workforce. Our local JumpCloud partner, Primary Guard, facilitated the implementation of JumpCloud’s Device Management and Directory Solution, empowering us to securely manage and access our entire suite of user devices from a single interface”, he said. &nbsp,

JumpCloud’s Mobile Device Management gives IT teams full visibility and control over device inventory, status, application deployment, and security updates. It enables IT teams to remotely troubleshoot problems and provide support while automating provisioning and policy enforcement. This remote management approach can speed up IT resources, shorten the response time, and improve the support experience. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Pos Malaysia can enable group-based access controls and conditional access policies for employees with JumpCloud to make sure only the right users can access resources. This is particularly crucial in preventing data breaches and threats, as well as establishing a secure infrastructure that can improve customer trust online. Additionally, JumpCloud’s Single Sign- On and in- built multi- factor authentication policies enable seamless and secure access to work resources with a single set of credentials. &nbsp,

As JumpCloud’s Malaysia partner, we are supporting Pos Malaysia in their digital transformation journey, using JumpCloud’s unique IT resources to improve collaboration and enhance security. By automating tedious administrative tasks, this frees the in- house ICT team to focus on improving operational security and efficiencies”, said Johary Mustapha, managing director of Primary Guard. &nbsp,

” In the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, collaboration becomes the cornerstone of progress”, said Greg Keller, Co- founder and Chief Technology Officer of JumpCloud. ” Our partnership with Pos Malaysia and Primary Guard exemplifies this synergy, marking a pivotal stride towards efficiency, security, and innovation. Pos Malaysia strengthens its operational backbone by embracing JumpCloud’s centralized identity and device management solutions, as well as fosters a culture of seamless productivity and secure cybersecurity.

Since then, over 100 clients in the corporate and government sectors have benefited from Primary Guard’s certified cybersecurity engineers, who have transformed their businesses and improved their security posture in response to Malaysia’s rapid digital transformation.

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Golden Gate Ventures lands first close of inaugural US$100 mil MENA fund in Qatar

  • Second near of account backed by some of Qatar’s most important people
  • Oman was drawn to VC firms because of their track record in creating SEA startup ecosystem.

Michael Lints, Partner at Golden Gate Ventures and Hussain Abdulla, Senior Advisor at Golden Gate Ventures.

Golden Gate Ventures, a venture capital fund founded by Silicon Valley natives, announced its first US$ 100 million ( RM468 million ) MENA fund at the Qatar Economic Forum held from May 14 to 16 in Doha. The second close of US$ 20 million ( RM93.66 million ) is backed by anchor investor, the multiple- faceted Al Khor Holding with 60 years of history, the Al Attiya Group known frequently for its tremendous help for developing local organizations, and Sheikh Jassim Jabor Al Thani.

The news of the first tight supported by the arches of Qatar’s private business community is a significant step forward in Golden Gate Ventures ‘ efforts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the MENA area. The bank combines Golden Gate Ventures ‘ extensive experience with developing startups ecosystems in Silicon Valley and Asia with the collective local effect of its owners.

Oman was drawn to the VC firm because of their track record in developing the SEA business ecosystem. The first global venture capital fund to be established and managed in Qatar is the Golden Gate Ventures MENA Fund I. Michael Lints, Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, has moved to Qatar to strengthen the firm’s MENA responsibility.

The US$ 100 million MENA fund may focus on powering startups in vital sectors such as alternate energy, clean technology, B2B Artificial Intelligence, and energy- related strong tech, on top of stalwarts like fintech, healthtech and edtech. In these areas, SEA has seen huge growth and has launched some well-known Investments in the last ten years. The relationship between MENA and SEA is expected to have a multiplier impact on their progress, and its direction is anticipated to follow that of SEA.

Qatar has been building up its financial prowess and startup ecosystem in recent years with a friendly government, a powerful push for financial diversification, a pro- business environment, and large investment into the startup space. These tactics closely resemble those used in Singapore, which helped the city-state’s startup ecosystem <a href="”>rank first in the SEA and second globally.

Qatar is emerging as a growing hub for innovation, and MENA is emerging as a shining example of progress. I remember when Golden Gate Ventures established itself ahead of the other VCs that came after in Singapore in 2011. We see a real opportunity to help startups move from one region to the next by creating a golden corridor of growth between SEA and MENA. We connected Silicon Valley to SEA close to 15 years ago, and now we do so with a presence in all the major global startup hubs,” said Vinnie Lauria, founding partner at Golden Gate Ventures.

In fact, several high- profile startups on Golden Gate Ventures ‘ portfolio have expanded to the Gulf, among which are CodaPay, Stripe and Multiplier. The firm’s extensive CEO exploratory trips over the past 18 months, which have introduced SEA startups to the Gulf markets and helped them build their social capital, have given them this ability to scale to the Gulf from SEA and Singapore.

Golden Gate Ventures ‘ SEA-MENA partnership began with QInvest, a state fund with Qatar as an LP in its Asia fund, in the early days. As the SEA ecosystem matures and the MENA ecosystem grows as a potential global competitor, the firm anticipates more activity between the regions.

” Golden Gate Ventures has spent close to a decade curating our networks in the Middle East and developing our long-term strategy for the region with the aim of growing both SEA and MENA together synergistically. We have connected the startup ecosystems in MENA and the SEA and hope to expand this. There are opportunities for startups to scale between the regions and a number of complementary growth areas, such as climate tech, health tech, and edtech,” said Michael.

Golden Gate Ventures also announced the launch of its Qatar startup ecosystem primer,” Qatar Rising: Where ambition and capital converge,” at the company’s announcement of the MENA Fund I. It serves as an industry primer and provides an in-depth analysis of how various factors, including the Gulf state’s robust economic policy, investment climate, startup ecosystem, talent pool, and cultural influence, have all come together.

Golden Gate Ventures has seen remarkable growth over the past two years, expanding its footprint with the opening of its Vietnam operations in 2022 to capitalize on its position as a leading global economy, opening an office in Saudi Arabia in 2023 to exploit opportunities in the Middle East-Southeastern Asia corridor, and adding a New York presence recently to assist portfolio companies in raising funds from the region.

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Measat, Mudah Healthtech partner to bring digital healthcare to up to 1 million rural residents

  • Lovers commit to digitising centers, enabling 1, 000 physicians to help 2, 000 kiosks
  • Measat aims to connect remote innovation to the modern economy with

Left - Right: Yau Chyong Lim, chief operating officer, Measat Global Berhad, Flovia Ng, assistant minister, Community Development and People‘s Wellbeing for Sabah & Dr Kantha Rasalingam, CEO, Mudah HealthTech

Through the CONNECTme NOW satellite broadband service, Measat Global Berhad ( Measat ), Malaysia’s rural broadband service provider, has partnered with healthcare technology company Mudah Healthtech Sdn Bhd to provide the Sihat Xpress telehealth service in remote communities.

In a joint statement, the companies announced their collaboration and the filing of a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) in Ranau, Malaysia’s first rural Sihat Xpress page, serving as a proof- of- strategy for enhancing rural medical through digital technologies.

Through this partnership, Measat and Mudah Healthtech hope to offer electronic care to up to 1, 000, 000 Malay living in rural and remote areas across the country who are underserved and underserved. Additionally, the MoU includes the digitization of hospitals with healthcare capabilities, enabling at least 1, 000 specialists to install up to 2, 000 Sihat Xpress remote healthcare kiosks at CONNECTme Then locations within the next two years.

The Sihat Xpress program allows villagers to utilize healthcare kiosks to check oxygen levels, blood pressure, and body temperature, and to schedule online consultations with doctors for non-emergency health issues like minor illnesses and public health inquiries. Blood glucose testing is one additional health check that could be introduced in the future. &nbsp,

This initiative aims to address issues with healthcare delivery in rural areas, such as overcrowding at medical facilities, and promoting health literacy through educational content.

Commenting on the partnership, Yau Chyong Lim, chief operating officer, Measat, said” As Malaysia’s rural broadband service provider, our collaboration with Mudah Healthtech for the Sihat Xpress rural telehealth initiative is part of our long- term effort to contribute to Malaysia’s national goals beyond providing telecommunications services”.

Yau Chyong Lim, Measat’s Chief Operating Officer, stated that this collaboration aligns with Measat’s commitment to contribute to Malaysia’s national goals beyond telecommunications services. &nbsp,

He added that with CONNECTme NOW as an enabler, Measat is empowering rural entrepreneurship and connecting residents to the digital economy via the initiative. Through our CONNECTme NOW hotspots, we are enabling digital healthcare for up to 1, 000, 000 underserved and marginalized people in rural areas. Without having to travel long distances to a healthcare facility or take regular exams, we can help close the healthcare gap in remote communities by empowering rural residents to actively monitor their health through online consultations and routine checks, Yau said.

The Sihat Xpress initiative in rural areas is in line with national goals to digitize all healthcare facilities by 2030 to improve service delivery, as well as the potential use of telehealth as a cost-effective way to close costs associated with providing high-quality healthcare in remote areas, in addition to gathering data to support public health planning to achieve better outcomes.

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Equinix: Enabling Malaysia's Digital Transformation

    Using cloud impartiality to be the leader in enabling cross multicloud architectures

  • Engaging actively in the hiring of qualified Indonesian practitioners for its information centers

Equinix: Enabling Malaysia's Digital Transformation

Malaysia is now at the vanguard of embracing the online economy, driven by its dedication to develop competitiveness, get foreign investment, and maintain economic growth. The MyDIGITAL framework for Malaysia serves as a crucial step in laying out corporate plans to help the country become a powerhouse of the digital economy. In support of this passion, Equinix, the nation’s digital facilities company, is poised to play a key role in supporting Malaysia’s revolutionary online aspirations.

The MyDIGITAL Blueprint 2021 for Malaysia places a strong focus on promoting sky services across the country. This strategic action will have the power to cause a secret sector-wide ripple effect, increasing the need for robust and flexible cloud solutions. Equinix is carefully positioning itself to support and help this boom in cloud services adoption across the Malay economy by acknowledging this burgeoning business opportunity.

The rapid change in the landscape of cloud processing, as demonstrated by the results of the Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report, which indicates that 87 % of surveyed institutions are adopting multi-cloud techniques, is the driving force behind Equinix’s corporate setting. However, 72 % are adopting hybrid techniques that combine both public and private sky.

This shifting model, as any CTO did speak, highlights the need for flawless integration and connectivity between various cloud environments as well as the increasing complexity of contemporary IT architectures.

Equinix emerges as a leader in enabling these cross multicloud designs by leveraging its sky independence and adjacency connection services.Equinix: Enabling Malaysia's Digital Transformation

By providing a vendor- natural system, Equinix empowers customers to easily navigate the complexities of multicloud networking, ensuring maximum performance, flexibility, and scalability in their IT infrastructure. With this capability, Indonesian companies can rely on Equinix to make the most of cloud computing while minimizing the difficulties posed by multicloud environments.

Interconnectivity to level up firms

Equinix’s connection value proposition appeals to international businesses looking to establish a proper grip in the area, creating an ecosystem that local and international businesses of all sizes can use. With a global footprint spanning 33 countries, 71 metros, and over 260 data centers, Equinix provides multicloud networking with secure private connectivity between different cloud providers like Amazon Web Services ( AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, offering a minimum of 30 % &nbsp, latency reduction through direct cloud connections.


Digital infrastructure to support use cases of exclusive AI

As Malaysia’s modern economy quickly expands, the demand for successful, sustainable, and cutting- edge electronic infrastructure solutions continues to grow. Equinix, with its 25- year legacy&nbsp, at the forefront of modern infrastructure, is nicely- positioned to support emerging technologies like as Private AI initiatives. Already, its initial impressions in the nation have been positive, drawing international companies interested in setting up regional digital hubs and localizing innovative technologies.

Global businesses looking for strategic footholds in the region have heard about the company’s digital and interconnection offerings because they offer a network dense and cloud-adjacent platform that enables them to create their multicloud infrastructure and collaborate effectively with ecosystem partners.

Equinix’s state- of- the- art digital infrastructure solutions, including advanced liquid cooling technologies, can support the deployment of resource- intensive applications like private AI use cases. Equinix is prepared to use its expertise and infrastructure to help Malaysia adopt cutting-edge technologies that promote innovation and growth as Malaysia’s digital transformation progresses.

The growing demand in Malaysia

With a substantial RM144.7 billion in digital investments approved from 2021 to 2023, including RM114.7 billion allocated to infrastructure, Malaysia’s growing appeal as a digital economy hub is evident. Equinix’s dual- metro IBX data centers, KL1 in Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, and JH1 in Johor, will provide businesses with state- of- the- art digital infrastructure solutions to support this growing digital economy.


Fostering local talent and collaboration with key stakeholders

Equinix recognizes the value of nurturing local talent and creating a stable ecosystem to support Malaysia’s digital transformation. Equinix is actively promoting the recruitment of skilled professionals for its upcoming national data centers in keeping with the country’s commitment to talent development.

Even the experience with the Malaysian government support ecosystem has been positive, with strong collaboration across various ministries, agencies, and state governments. Initiatives like Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s Green Lane Supply Pathway and the Johor State’s fast-lane approval process have simplified approvals and made the deployment of power and data center infrastructure more quickly.

Equinix will continue to foster strong collaborations with key stakeholders like the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry ( MITI), Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Digital, the various State Governments, as well as key agencies such as the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation ( MDEC ) and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority ( MIDA ) as it expands its presence in the country. Equinix intends to draw on its global expertise and work with local educational institutions and industry partners to aid in the creation of a skilled workforce from this solid foundation.

Equinix seeks to enable opportunities for talent development and build thriving local communities to empower Malaysia’s digital ambitions, driving innovation, economic growth, and sustainable development, all in the journey to becoming a technology- driven high- income nation.

Dashveen Kaur serves as DNA’s contributing editor.

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