SNEF president resigns; review underway into ‘governance procedural lapse’

SNEF president resigns; review underway into 'governance procedural lapse'

SINGAPORE: Singapore National Employers Federation ( SNEF ) president Robert Yap has resigned after&nbsp, the union said it was informed of a “governance procedural lapse” during a routine internal review. &nbsp,

In a media statement, SNEF said on Tuesday ( Jun 11 ) the&nbsp, council “promptly engaged an external consultant to conduct a thorough review of our internal processes”. &nbsp,

The league continued that the separate review is ongoing and that it is not conscious of any economic repercussions from the fall.

The government does direct manage this independent assessment and recognizes the republic’s responsibility to uphold the standards set by all of our stakeholders.

The speech did not specify the motives behind Dr Yap’s departure, who has also stepped down as a government part. He had led SNEF for the past 10 times.

Dr. Yap became the SNEF council’s chairman in September of the following year and is currently the executive chairman of the supply chain and logistics business YCH Group.

He serves as the head of the ASEAN Confederation of Employers, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, and the Malaysia- Singapore Business Council, respectively.

” I thank the SNEF government, SNEF members, and bilateral participants for their times of support. I have made a lot of effort to advance the rights of my associates and tripartism in Singapore. Although it’s not quick, I’ve done everything I can. It is also time to hand over the reins of leadership”, said Dr Yap.

” I fully understand the agency’s choice to work with an independent review through an outside consultant. In order to continue improving and gaining from any organizational flaws, it is always advisable to periodically evaluate governance policies.

Companies ‘ trade unions that promote tripartism and labor market flexibility in order to adopt responsible employment procedures are the SNEF. It has a membership of over 3, 300 businesses with a labor of more than 800,000 in total.


The SNEF informed the Ministry of Manpower ( MOM) that it had received information about Dr. Yap’s resignation, and that the union is reviewing its internal procedures. &nbsp,

MOM has requested SNEF to release us on the results of their assessment and to share important documents with MOM as soon as it is finished, it continued.” While there is no evidence of any economic implications arising from this fall, this slip has so far,” it added.

MOM said it&nbsp, may decide on its future course of action after the assessment. &nbsp,

” The bilateral procedure will remain unchanged. In order to enhance our economic and social objectives for Singapore, MOM will continue to collaborate with SNEF as our bilateral partner, the government added.