Who is Lum Kok Seng, the new name in ex-minister Iswaran’s latest charges?

Who is Lum Kok Seng, the new name in ex-minister Iswaran's latest charges?

What do we hear about Lum Kok Seng? &nbsp,

CNA has asked the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau if it’s investigating Mr Lum, a Singaporean. His label is not already listed in the court hearing list.

Described as Mr David Lum Kok Seng on his agency’s website, Mr Lum is the managing director of Singapore Exchange- listed Lum Chang Holdings, which has companies in construction, home growth and investments. &nbsp,

Mr Lum has been managing producer since Sep 1, 1985. He is also a producer at a number of companies, including Lum Chang Building Contractors, &nbsp, Lum Chang Properties, Lum Chang Property Investments Development and Lum Chang Asia Pacific. &nbsp,

According to Lum Chang’s site, Mr Lum has more than 40 years of industry expertise and” properly led the development of the group’s home growth actions in Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom”.

It adds that Mr Lum’s business information, corporate business associates and continuous innovative pull have significantly contributed to the development of the group.

His brother Mr Raymond Lum Kwan Sung has been executive chairman of Lum Chang Holdings since 1984. &nbsp,

Mr Lum has two sons, &nbsp, Adrian Lum Wen- Hong and Kelvin Lum Wen- Sum, both of whom are also directors at the company.

Outside of the Lum Chang network, Mr David Lum Kok Seng sits on the board of directors at Nanyang Girls ‘ High School. He’s also&nbsp, a shareholder at Lasalle College of the Arts and the Chinese Opera Institute. &nbsp,