Actor Xu Bin ‘shocked’ he didn’t make Star Awards Top 10 Most Popular Artiste nominee list, says he will work harder

Actor Xu Bin 'shocked' he didn't make Star Awards Top 10 Most Popular Artiste nominee list, says he will work harder

When we asked if he was anticipating his sixth medal this time, he said:” I think the award is something that anyone in the market may hope to receive, myself included. I got my fifth award last year, and it was n’t easy to get to the halfway mark. It’s been a long and slow voyage”.

He laughed before adding:” I do n’t know when I will get to the end. This time, I was soon disqualified”.

He continued:” I absolutely do feel quite frustrated. I feel like there are a lot of folks who had expectations of me, including my friends, fans and customers. I feel like I owe them an explanation and I know these people who support me are disappointed ( too )”.

He said he told his followers that “it’s alright”, and they would simply have to try again next year.

He therefore chuckled before adding:” I have to work harder, and maybe not only appear in one or two plays that area outside the moment frame”.

While he was evidently unhappy about how things turned out, Xu Bin remained joyful during our talk. He said aside from working on Kill Sera Sera last month, he was kept active attending NoonTalk events and activities, for example going live on the company’s TikTok channel every Thursday evening.

He even took a quick break, spending half a month in China visiting his parents with his wife and their kids, five- year- ancient Ethan and three- year- ancient Elyse.

But, he’s now up to the crush.

” I’ve recently started filming again, and I play a big role ( in this upcoming drama ). I’m in 90 per cent of the scenes, together with ( Zong ) Zijie. I’m occupied the whole day&nbsp, I just got home after 3am past night”.

He revealed that the working title of the 15- event play is&nbsp, Zai Jian Ming Tian&nbsp, ( or Goodbye Tomorrow, in English ), and he’ll get busy working on it until June or July.

When we asked about the movie’s slated launch day, Xu Bin let out a great laugh.

” This is very important then proper”? he said. ” I think it will weather sometime during the end of the year, but if that’s the case, it’ll be like Kill Sera Sera and heat into the next year. But for this year, I might just have Kill Sera Sera”.

As for who he thinks may had made the nomination list, Xu Bin said:” I feel as long as people may label them off the top of their heads, they should be nominated. Everyone knows them, and the audience ( is ) familiar with seeing their faces on screen”.

For today, Xu Bin may work hard to get his 10th Most Popular prize and fly to the ranks of All- Time Preferred Artistes.

With a sigh, he said:” As long I’m still active in the industry, it’s something I want to accomplish. After all, it really was n’t easy getting to the halfway mark”.

In the meantime, you can show Xu Bin some aid by catching in Kill Sera Sera on mewatch.

You can now cast your vote for both effectiveness and popularity awards&nbsp, around.

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