Thai PM says legalising casinos good for revenue and jobs, eyes entertainment project

Thai PM says legalising casinos good for revenue and jobs, eyes entertainment project

Bangkok: Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stated on Friday ( Mar 29 ) that the Thai government is considering drafting a casino bill. If passed by parliament, it would increase the number of jobs, generate more revenue, and permit the creation of a mega entertainment project.

In Thailand, betting is prohibited, but only on state-controlled horse races and the jackpot are permitted. However, illegitimate gambling is prevalent, with underground casinos and soccer betting rife.

According to a research in parliament that was passed late on Thursday, Southeast Asia’s second-large business is considering allowing games as another way to attract investment and commerce.

A legitimate blackjack marketplace in Thailand, according to many in the sector, would be a great success in drawing foreign visitors, and create strong competition for Macau, the only place in China where residents can play casino games legally.

In a article on X, Srettha stated that” we can control the grey market and obtain taxes… We do not want to promote gambling, but rather we would prefer to oversee it and use the investment to produce jobs.”

Previous attempts to legalize gambling have been made, but the authorities have failed because of public criticism.

Although there are no underwater casinos in Thailand, a large number of Thai citizens travel to neighboring Cambodia and beyond to attend sizable game complexes, where they claim revenue could be kept.

The proposed pleasure intricate, the location of which Srettha did no share, may include a concert hall and sports venue, among other things, plus a gambling floor, although that may account for only 3 per cent to 10 per cent of the entire area, he said on X.

Cabinet would have to send a draft legislation to congress for attention, he added.