Russia shuts down UN watchdog tracking North Korea sanctions

Russia shuts down UN watchdog tracking North Korea sanctions
Russia's President Vladimir Putin and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un shake hands in a meeting in eastern Russia in September 2023Reuters

Russia has barred access to a section of UN authorities that has long monitored sanctions against North Korea.

The board last week revealed it was looking into reports that Russia had purchased nuclear missiles from North Korea for use in Ukraine in violation of international law.

Since 2006, Pyongyang has been subject to a number of restrictions by the UN Security Council as a result of its nuclear weapons program.

Although those restrictions continue in effect, the experts class established to monitor violations may be disbanded.

Russia used its reject as a permanent representative to obstruct the regeneration in a Security Council vote on Thursday, but 13 of the other 14 part says provide voted in favor of it. China, Pyongyang’s closest supporter, abstained.

Russia’s wall came after a month of high-profile open discussions between Moscow and Pyongyang rulers, which sparked a wave of criticism from the US, UK, South Korea, and other European allies.

The UN Security Council has renewed the screen every 14 years, which is the first time Russia has done so.

Russia’s veto of Russia’s reject was equivalent to” a criminal appeal,” according to the foreign minister of Ukraine’s foreign secretary on social media. It was used North Korean munitions in the conflict.

Russia was silencing the watchdog after the US, UK, and France all revealed to the Council that they had begun to record on Moscow’s individual violations of the law, particularly purchasing weaponry from North Korea for the Ukrainian battlegrounds.

However, South Korea’s agent at the UN criticised Russia’s “blind home- centeredness” and said it had no rationale” for disbanding the caretakers” of the sanctions program.

” This is almost like destroying a Camera to avoid being caught red-handed,” Ambassador Hwang Joon- crazy said.

Russia’s consultant at the UN once more refuted the charges on Thursday, and it has consistently denied using North Korean arms.

Vasily Nebenzia even argued that the panel of experts lacked any price addition.

According to Mr. Nebenzia, who also claimed that punishment had “imposed a heavy problem” on the North Korean people,” the board has continued to focus on trivial things that are not comparable with the issues facing the peninsula.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russia's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visit an exhibition of armed equipment on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice


Russia and China have been trying to convince the Security Council to impose sanctions since 2019.

In response to North Korea conducting a nuclear explosion test, the Security Council first enacted sanctions in 2006, and it has since passed ten more resolutions to strengthen them as Pyongyang’s nuclear activity has continued.

Despite their effects on the economy, Kim Jong Un’s regime has largely ignored the sanctions. The North Korean leader has quickly pursued a more aggressive and dangerous military strategy in recent years and has quickly developed nuclear weapons.

The UN experts claim that North Korea continues to violate sanctions because it launches more missile tests and develops nuclear weapons. This year, the regime launched a spy satellite using technology that is thought to have been provided by Russia.

It continues to import refined petroleum products, send employees abroad, and the most recent UN panel report detailed a campaign of cyberattacks in violation of the sanctions.