Why India’s Project Cheetah makes no ecological sense

Ecosystems should be viewed as entities in dynamic equilibria. A holistic viewpoint is essential. Ecosystems comprise countless biotic and abiotic components with myriad delicately balanced interactions between them that continue on incessantly and only alter and shift gradually over the long term. Ecosystems could possibly be very loosely thought of as superorganisms that themselves evolve. […]

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5 ways to optimise your workforce in the face of the Great Resignation

60% labor force being millennials & Gen Z, guide processes are backgroundJustLogin LHDN-approved, integrated to Microsoft Teams for HR digesting It’s no longer company as usual as businesses today are coping with a volatile plus uncertain market. Recovering post-COVID economies, China’s zero-COVID policy, destructive natural disasters across the globe (with the…Continue Reading

About 700 users in Bedok face fibre broadband services disruption due to damaged cables

SINGAPORE: A fibre service outage upon Sunday (Sep 18) has affected high speed services in areas of Bedok, NetLink Trust said in a statement. The outage may disrupt the Internet connection of approximately 700 end-users, the organization said.   NetLink Trust builds, owns and operates Singapore’s passive dietary fibre networkContinue Reading

Putin’s war paves way for China’s Eurasia dominance

What had been suspected for some time has now come out into the open: China has “concerns” about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While this is hardly a big surprise, the source and venue of this admission is. Few would have expected Vladimir Putin himself to make such a statement – and perhaps even less so […]

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Decision on Joseph Schooling and Amanda Lim's prize money not finalised, pending outcome of case on cannabis use: SNOC

SINGAPORE: The decision on whether to give Joseph Schooling and Amanda Lim their prize money for their performance at recent sporting competitions has not been finalised, said the Singapore National Olympic Council. It will be put on hold pending the outcome of SNOC’s findings, said a spokesperson in response to CNA’s queriesContinue Reading