Six bogus doctors arrested in clinic raids

Five websites were discovered in Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi that provided health and aesthetic care.

Six bogus doctors arrested in clinic raids
In a raid on one of Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi, where six incompetent physicians were detained, a police officer asks a person to mark a document. ( Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham )

Six fictitious doctors have been detained in authorities searches of cosmetic and medical centers in Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi regions.

According to Pol Maj Gen Witthaya Sriprasertparb, commander of the Consumer Protection Police Division ( CPPD), officers raided clinics in five locations in the two central provinces after receiving complaints from public health officials and local residents that unqualified people were performing cosmetic and medical treatments.

According to Pol Col Veeraphong Khlaithon, director of CPPD sub-division 4, “investigators immediately verified the claims about five areas.”

At the first center, located at Talaad Thai in Khlong Luang city of Pathum Thani, a person identified as Supakjira Thammachan, 53, told police she was a dentist providing care.

Yet, she did not possess a clinical patient’s permission. She later acknowledged that Mathayom Suksa 6 ( Grade 12 ) was still in her final year.

A spa store in Pathum Thani, a cosmetic treatment facility on Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road, a medical facility in tambon Ban Mai, both of Pathum Than, a medical facility in tambon Bang Yai of Nonthaburi, and a health facility in tambon Lam Pak Kud in Pathum Thani were also targeted. 29 objects of facts were seized, including a man and four women, and 29 people were apprehended.

The soldiers examined the suspects ‘ educational records and discovered that one person had a diploma in care, one had graduated from a non-formal learning institution, and one had a diploma in medical technology. The previous candidate even studied computer science and had an interest in becoming a medical assistant.

Mr Supakjira and the other five suspects — Sonthaya Tangprasert, 54, Ekkaphop Thamthinno, 63, Romchalee Nakham, 40, Oraphin Pinjai, 33, and Jintana Prahusri, 39 — were charged with working as specialists without licensing. Some organizations were subject to additional costs for operating health clinics without authorization.

In Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi, authorities arrested another person during searches for health and cosmetic facilities. ( Photo supplied/Wassayos Ngamkham )

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Pattaya residents protest “sin city” label

Demonstrators urge media to show Pattaya’s positive elements, noting every town has black side

Pattaya residents protest 'sin city' label
On Thursday, visitors and business owners gather at the gate of Pattaya Walking Street to rally. ( Photo: Chaiyot Pupattanapong )

People in Pattaya protest against the tag” evil area, sky of prostitutes” by the Thai press outlet Thairath, demanding that the state’s beneficial aspects be highlighted.

On Thursday evening, business owners and citizens gathered at the entrance to Pattaya Walking Street to defend its popularity and respect.

The businesses argued that Pattaya’s culture is influenced by its diversified attractions, which draw visitors from all over the world. They also highlighted the commitment of Pattaya’s travel organization to Thailand’s financial growth.

The city offers numerous job opportunities, allowing some people to support their people, according to the protesters.

According to Bunanan Pattanasin, chairman of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association,” we want the internet to display the positive part of Pattaya in a more imaginative way.” ” Every town has a darker side, not merely Pattaya. This is a town of chance”.

Pattaya residents reacted to the bad press representation by using the twitter# SavePattaya on social media.

Thairath apologized in response to the criticism, posting an explanation on its Facebook page.” Thairath apologises to the people of Pattaya for presenting a media section about sexual function and using stories with negative repercussions, which have damaged the reputation of Pattaya as a major tourist destination in the country,” the statement read.


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Suspects arrested in 3-billion-baht mule account scam

Police build a Save Foreign Workers campaign to combat con groups that con them.

Suspects arrested in 3-billion-baht mule account scam
On Thursday, crime police detain a suspect in a fraud gang. ( Photo: Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau )

Two suspects have been detained by hacking authorities who are connected to a group that tricked foreigners into opening pony bank accounts, which were later sold to con artists. The records facilitated over 3 billion ringgit in fraudulent purchases.

The organization’s strategy was to bribe foreigners into opening balances at different banks while doing so legitimately in Thailand. These records were then sold to swindlers, including those running gambling sites.

The Save Foreign Workers operation was made public by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB ) on Thursday. Over 50 international employees were deceived into opening the animal accounts, which had more than 3 billion ringgit in circulation, according to the analysis. Over 100 transactions have already been closed.

Authorities conducted attacks at eight spots in Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi and Nakhon Pathom. One think fled and was still being sought after another member of the group, while the other two were taken into custody.

Companies and foreign workers should be aware of these scams, according to authorities.

Mule lender accounts reveal significant amounts of money being exchanged.

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Police officer killed, another hurt by fleeing suspect

Police officer killed, another hurt by fleeing suspect
After the suspect shot and killed an official before fleeing on Thursday night, police searched the home of a substance believe in the Chiang Dao city of Chiang Mai. ( Photo supplied/Panumet Tanraksa )

A fleeing medicine suspect shot and killed a police commander and wounded another one on Thursday night in the northeastern province of Chiang Mai.

Around 9:30 p.m., a group of officers, soldiers, and local authorities surrounded the adult suspect’s home in the tambon Mang Na neighborhood of Jiachan town. Nevertheless, he fled through back of the house.

The suspect ran into another police squad as they were about to flee, shooting one officer in the head and somewhat injuring another. The dead commander was Pol Cpl Saranyu Singkham, attached to Nawai officers place. The injured was Pol Capt Jeeraphon Wangseng. &nbsp,

A chase is live for the suspect, whose name was withheld.

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Senate Speaker search begins

Two’ front-runners ‘ linked to Bhumjaithai

Senate Speaker search begins
Mongkol: Anxious about Speaker article

Focus has turned to the race for Senate Speaker now that the newly elected lawmakers have begun collecting their credentials and making their reports for service.

There is a lot of discussion about possible candidates for the position of future Senate Speaker. Three have emerged but way: ex-4th Army captain Gen Kriangkrai Srirak, ex-Buri Ram government Mongkol Surasajja and ex-career determine Boonsong Noisopon.

As a former judge, Mr Boonsong, 73, has a strong legal background. He previously served on the Election Commission (EC ) and as an adviser to the second deputy Senate speaker. Additionally, he was a previous Supreme Court judge and former head of the Court of Appeal Region 7.

Kriangkrai: Close relationships with Bhumjaithai

Of the three front-runners, Gen Kriangkrai and Mr Mongkol are said to have close ties with the coalition partner Bhumjaithai ( BJT) Party. Mr. Boonsong is said to be supported by a team of’independent senators’.

Gen Kriangkrai, who had the most votes in Group 1, is known to had close ties to Npn head and Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul. Before he applied for a seat in the Senate, he served as Mr. Anutin’s general assistant.

The 61-year-old former army officer collaborated with Gens. Udomchai Thammasarorat and Wallop Raksanoh to lead peace deals in the deep north.

In the state of Buri Ram, Mr. Mongkol, 73, is alleged to have links to a effective” Ban Yai” political community. He submitted an application to the Buri Ram Senate.

Mr. Mongkol, a well-known internal standard, withdrew out of concern about a rift within the organization. He served in some important messages, including as the director-general of the Interior Ministry’s Department of Provincial Administration.

Mr. Mongkol refrained from commenting on rumors that he might be the novel Senate Speaker on Thursday. He claimed that he needed some time to get started in the congressional function. He added that talking about him being tipped for the article made him feel stressed out.

Sen. Chib Jitniyom, who was chosen from the large interaction group, stated on Thursday that the Senate Speaker and the delegates will face difficult job because they will have to deal with laws and regulations that will demand maintaining fairness.

A Senate Speaker with a solid legal qualifications can steer committee meetings and make a significant difference in the work of the Senate, he claimed.

” It will help a bit if the blog is filled by someone with a legal context because, without knowledge, legal issues may remain perplexing”, he said.

When questioned about the possible candidates for the position, he responded that it was too early to determine whether they were acceptable while acknowledging that his organization is considering a bid for a deputy position.

In response to reports that a group of 30 lawmakers are planning to compete for the position, several recently elected lawmakers on Thursday endorsed a request to have a female senator serve as one of the author’s deputies. Sen. Nantana Nantavaropas claimed that a group of senators with similar beliefs are forming within the Upper House.

It plans to hold talks about the vote of the speech, deputies and chairmen of the Senate committees, she said, adding these important positions may be allocated very among 20 senators ‘ groups to ensure job performance.

Sen. Nantana added that the group’s members are impartial and dedicated to advancing the women’s plan and have shared values and ideologies.

” We’ll discuss this matter within our party and consider probable, requirements and suitability. We’ll make a decision in line with the political process”, she said.

Sen. Nuannit Hongwiwat said she is prepared for the job and supported a suggestion that the key Senate positions may be given to female lawmakers on Thursday.

Six Surin lawmakers drove to the same vehicle to parliament yesterday to review for work.

They were greeted by BJT MPs Pakorn Mungcharoenporn and Sanong Thepaksornnarong.

On Wednesday, the EC announced the titles of the 200 senators-elect who were drawn from 20 professional organizations. The labels were also published in the same newspaper as the day.

Boonsong:’ Independent’ team backing

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Ex-justice minister to lead inquiry into Stark scandal

Ex-justice minister to lead inquiry into Stark scandal
Pongthep: Takesover from Pichai

Previous justice minister Pongthep Thepkanjana has been appointed as the new head of the president’s working group tasked with studying the multi-billion-baht Stark promote incident, replacing Pichai Nilthongkham, who resigned, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Along with Mr Pongthep’s appointment, the secretary-general of the Security and Exchange Commission ( SEC ), the president of the Thailand Federation of Accounting Professions ( TFAC ) and the president of the Thai Investors Association ( TIA ) were also appointed to the working group in an order signed Tuesday by Justice Minister Tawee Sodsong, said Somboon Muangklam, an adviser to the minister.

The working class will examine the findings of Stark Corp.’s famous promote scams incident.

Pol Col Yutthana Praedam, acting director-general of the Department of Special Investigation ( DSI), also provided updates on the ongoing investigation.

According to him, it was recently discovered that around 380 million ringgit were transferred from Stark to seven events in what are now thought to be money-laundering deals.

Two of the seven suspects are currently being held in prison while the Criminal Court holds a reading on their behalf. They are one of the 11 suspects who were recently detained and are currently remanded in custody. According to Pol Col Yutthana, the second hearing is scheduled for January 14.

Former Stark CEO Chanin Yensudchai, who was detained and arrested there at the request of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, was one of the 11 imprisoned offenders. He recently returned to Thailand from Dubai after being tracked along and detained it.

The five different parties who were identified as having received cash, which was later transferred to them in amounts of between 50 and 100 million baht, may be summoned to reply costs quickly, according to Pol Col Yutthana.

The Stark promote incident is estimated to have cost at least 14.77 billion ringgit in restitution to owners and property investors, which concerned 9.19 billion ringgit in corporate bonds and a 5.58-billion-baht rights giving, said Pol Col Yutthana.

According to Pol Col. Yutthana, the SEC is still attempting to capture more property, while around 3 billion baht of the scandal’s assets have already been taken.

Witthaya Nititham, spokesman for the Anti-Money Laundering Office ( Amlo ), said that while 4, 724 damaged parties are seeking to recoup their money, estimated at 3.24 billion baht, it cannot be returned yet pending a court order.

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Satun cave reveals new tree species “Chalermprakiat”

Satun cave reveals new tree species 'Chalermprakiat'
A new Ylang Ylang species plant was discovered in the Satun province’s Tham Thalu grotto. ( National Research Council of Thailand )

A Chiang Mai University research group has found a new branch in Satun and named it” Chalermprakiat” to mark His Majesty’s 72nd day.

The new types of Ylang Ylang, or Cananga trees, known for its fragrant blossoms, was discovered in a hole in Tham Thalu bunker in La-ngu city of Satun state.

The grotto is a part of the Satun Geopark, which Unesco deemed Thailand’s first world geopark.

The finding was made public on July 5 in the global scientific book Phytotaxa.

The research team was backed by the Office of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, the Thailand Science Research and Innovation ( TSRI), and the Science Research and Innovation Fund.

Tanawat Chaowasku, a researcher who led the group, said the fresh Cananga tree variant may grow up to eight feet high and has cream-coloured plants.

The internal petals are fused at the center and cut at the edges, opening spaces between the flowers that reveal the petals and pistils.

This specific construction, coupled with its rarity– just 15 to 20 specimens have been identified– makes the Chalermprakiat extraordinary, he said.

Therefore, restoration efforts are necessary to stop the plant from extinction, according to Mr. Tanawat, adding that flavonoid and bioactivity studies should be carried out in order to develop it as a medicinal plant.

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HM the King envisages a nation of volunteers

HM the King envisages a nation of volunteers

In honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother for their contributions to the Thai nation, His Majesty the King gave instructions to the King’s Private Offices 904 to launch the royally initiated Jit Arsa ( spirit of volunteering ) project.

The project, which is also known as Jit Arsa 904 white par ror, aims to promote country stability, unity, and joy among the citizens. His Majesty the King initially envisioned the charity work being carried out as a common service project in the surrounding Dusit Palace. As a modest beginning, it was established on June 21, 2017, at the Sukhothai School in Bangkok’s Dusit District, and it eventually gradually expanded to include other regions of the nation.

In Sanam Sueapa, a Jit Arsa activities center was established as well. The project is coordinated by the Internal Security Operations Command ( Isoc ). It has set up a local coordination centre in each of the four parts: the Central Plains, Northeast, North and South.

The provincial government, who is typically the mind of the municipal Isoc company, is the provincial governor’s head of the provincial Jit Arsa cooperation center. These local and municipal Jit Arsa centers coordinate actions and encourage more people to apply to work as qualified individuals.

To volunteering with Jit Arsa, you must pass a background check. Participants are required to attend a formal meeting once qualified, where they are presented with a blue cover, a yellow robe, and a Jit Arsa identification cards. In front of a painting of His Majesty the King, the festivities are held.

One is required to strictly adhere to the site’s rules and dedicate themselves to working for the common good once they become a Jit Arsa voluntary.

The Jit Arsa participants may be categorised into three groups, including” Development Volunteers”, whose responsibility is to improve the quality of life of locals through many types of activities such as character and environmental restoration, the progress of public amenities, health, vocations and wellbeing.

” Disaster Relief Participants” help track and provide support relief. The” Ad Hoc Volunteers” who assist with royal events or the King’s visitation on numerous occasions are the last class. They also collaborate with important government departments to facilitate common input, set up pre-event and venue arrangements, and restore normalcy to the venue following the event.

Planting over 1, 000 branches

His Majesty the King sponsored the first round of 384 Jit Arsa individuals ‘ training in March and April 2018 to instruct them to act as position versions for different individuals all over the country.

They were given public information, including tips on how to maintain mental and physical fitness, as well as information on subjects that are pertinent to their volunteer work, such as cooking and woodworking. Additionally, they get to know more about King Rama IX’s job and his theory of validity.

Every time the number of Jit Arsa 904 individuals has increased.

Vachirabenjatas Park became brighter than ever with the golden hues and enthusiastic cheerleaders surrounding an event in July 2019 despite hazy stars. On His 67th day, the volunteers who showed their devotion to the King brought vibrant color to the playground.

They all wore yellow jerseys to join in the” We do good by brain” tree-planting event, which was presided over by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Employees from various businesses, the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand, players and celebrities, as well as individuals from the State Railway of Thailand Vocational School, were just a few examples of the participants. They all agreed that it was important to perform great deeds in honor of His Majesty the King.

Bright star trees, or bit ruang phueng in Thai, were planted in the center of Vachirabenjatas Park because they are the King’s metaphorical tree that is said to bring good fortune and provide safety to the people of the Kingdom.

The area will be covered in the brilliant yellow of the branches ‘ flowers during the King’s birthday party every year because the trees usually bloom in July.

Different parts of the garden were planted with 1, 010 branches donated by associated companies. Particularly in such a large area, planting that some plants is difficult. However, none of the individuals voiced any problems. They dug into the ground and planted the plants, but they did so with a large grin.

Because my companions and I always enjoy volunteering, I immediately signed up for the event, according to an agent from the Don Muang neighborhood office.

” Every day I complete a voluntary project like this, I’m proud of myself for doing something amazing for world.”

People can join

To show that everyone is welcome to take part in performing good deeds, regardless of their conditions,” We do good by heart” became an inclusive event when it started inviting disabled students from the Chaleo-Pavana Memorial School ( Chon Buri’s special education school ) to volunteer, along with their teachers.

As her students helped each other carry the fresh flowers, a Chaleo-Pavana teacher said,” The children were very excited when we told them they may be joining a voluntary action outside the school.”

Although some things may have seemed challenging for the students, they all managed to finish planting their own trees. The students returned with delighted smiles to their teachers.

They may perform more slowly than other volunteers, but they are still content when we tell them they are performing a good deed, the teacher said, grinning proudly.

They will inform their friends about the event when they go to school tomorrow, and they will also be eager to take part in the upcoming volunteer event. I believe that is a very effective way to motivate others to volunteer for the greater good.

The tasks in the event, however, were not just limited to planting trees.

According to Chatramongkol Pinthong, a 24-year-old volunteer who worked at the event’s registration point, those who wanted to take part in the event but preferred to do other things like work at the registration table or distribute snacks were also welcome to do so.

Mr. Chatramongkol claimed that whenever he had the chance, he would volunteer for a cause that would improve society.

” I always tell other people about my volunteer work because I want to inspire them to do the same,” said Mr. Chatramongkol.

” We should be the ones who do good deeds to make our country, which is our home, become more beautiful and liveable,” says one person who says,” If our dream is to see our country, which is our home, become more beautiful and liveable.”

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China to help curb shady businesses

Criminal groups harm the image of both countries.

China to help curb shady businesses
( Photo: 123RF )

Thailand and China will work together to stop call center scams and stop dark business initiatives led by Chinese people.

On Wednesday, Maris Sangiampongsa, the head of the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign ministry, and Liu Jianchao met in Beijing. In March, Mr. Liu traveled to Thailand to talk about global connections.

Mr Maris took the standard journey, which ran from Monday to Wednesday, at the offer of China’s Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi, to following up on Thai-China assistance.

Prior to their 50th anniversary of cooperation in 2015, Thailand and China maintained tight political relations with each other.

According to Mr. Maris, officials at the conference discussed participation in a variety of fields, including hospitality and national security. Cooperation in suppressing legal aspects, such as murder cartels and cocaine, is one of them, he said.

He added that Thai members also suggested the possibility of reducing air pollution under the Mekong-Lancang Cooperation framework.

The plan received positive feedback from the Taiwanese members, said Mr Maris, adding that they also supported the eight-dimension” Burn Thailand” laws of Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

Mr. Maris claimed that the Chinese delegations made mention of the need to promote some megaprojects, including those involving high-speed trains, manufacturing of electric vehicles, and the digital economy.

Thai durian’s export value to China was more than 4 billion yuan ( 20 billion baht ) in the previous year.

The implementation of the Thai-China high-speed railway is anticipated to boost trade between the two nations.

According to Mr Maris, the Taiwanese members said they were also impressed with a statement by Pheu Thai head Paetongtarn Shinawatra, given during the Inter-Party Brics Forum in Vladivostok, Russia, next month.

Thailand was among 14 countries that submitted their application to join the international organisation union Rs ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates ) this time.

Ms. Paetongtarn spoke at the community in support of Thailand’s account, highlighting the significance of the accents of smaller and less developed countries in the global political landscape.

Mr. Maris explained that the Chinese government had hoped Ms. Paetongtarn may enter the Brics mountain in the future.

Mr. Maris claimed that his visit was the result of the close-knit bonds between the two nations, and that his diplomacy may aid in this endeavor.

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New route to help avoid conflict zone

New route to help avoid conflict zone

To prevent transportation issues from armed conflicts along property roads, a cross-border sea shipping route between Ranong in Thailand and Koh Song and Yangon in Myanmar was recently established.

The Myanmar-Thai Regional Border Committee, according to a cause, agreed on June 29 to establish a seafaring link connecting Thailand’s Ranong Port to Koh Song and Yangon ships in Myanmar.

The new course kicked off with an American cargo fleet, MV Beypore Sultan, departing from Ahlon Port in Yangon on Monday, heading to Koh Song Port in Tanintharyi.

Before returning to Yangon, the ship may continue to pile goods to Thailand’s Ranong Port before returning to Yangon.

At Koh Song Port, Myanmar has established gates and customs certification.

This tour marks the opening of a new sea way connecting Myanmar and Thailand. It is a part of the effort to prevent travel issues on land-based transportation routes, particularly those affected by the growing conflict between Myanmar troops and their People’s Liberation Army ( PDF) allies.

Among the damaged routes are the Eastern Highway 1 ( Yes 1 )– a key area between Myawaddy and Kawkareik, which has been blocked by the PDF since December, Road AH 123, which has been seriously affected by conflicts, and a border checkpoint at Payathonzu, which is the under the control of a Karen resistance group.

Another land-based routes, such as Highways AH 1 and Road 1018, have been covered in mud and corroded by rain, making it nearly impossible for cars to travel along them.

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