Singapore’s nation building journey deserves to be ‘commemorated and remembered’: SM Lee

Singapore’s nation building journey deserves to be ‘commemorated and remembered’: SM Lee

Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Edwin Tong, as well as Minister for National Development Desmond Lee, were present at the ceremony’s page in Bay East Garden, where Mr. Lee officiated the breakthrough service.

In a discourse delivered at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Field Hall, Mr Lee touched on the efforts of Singapore’s foundation officials.

Aside from rallying the country through various&nbsp, crises and growing the business, they established “fundamental values and ideals” that set the extended- term way of Singapore, he added.

These were democracy, justice and equality, democracy and a push for superiority, and an unwavering dedication to fair, fresh government.

According to Mr. Lee, the establishment leaders were determined that everyone of all races would have an equal position in Singapore, which was partly attributable to a number of factors.

” Having had quite recent terrible experience of being a racist minority, the founding leaders resolved not to place impartial Singapore’s majority race, language, and culture above another, and never to allow our minority areas to be disadvantaged and marginalised”, he explained.

” Firstly, while Singapore was a Taiwanese majority and Asian majority world, all our neighborhood were Malay majority and Chinese minority cultures. Our status in Southeast Asia would have become unsustainable due to racial politics in Singapore.

In contrast, the establishment leaders had a “profound, unbreakable judgment” in multiracialism, said Mr Lee. They “passionately believed” this was how Singapore may be, and had to be, for the sake of all its people, he added.


Mr. Lee argued that Singapore’s nature tale is unique and distinct from those of other newly independent nations in the post-war period.

Not many nations were successful in moving from the “independence battle to country building, from rousing innovative mobilization to the individual slog of improving people’s lives. Singapore did”, he added.