China, Japan congratulate Modi’s alliance on India election win

China, Japan congratulate Modi's alliance on India election win

BEIJING: &nbsp, China and Japan on Wednesday ( Jun 5 ) congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi following his ruling alliance ‘s&nbsp, victory in India’s general election.

Beijing said it was “ready to job” with its neighbour.

A” sane and steady China-India marriage is in the common interests of both factors and promotes peace and development in the region and the world,” said Mao Ning, a spokesperson for the foreign government.

” The Chinese side would like to congratulate” Modi’s BJP party and his National Democratic Alliance ( NDA ), she added.

Since taking office in 2014, Modi has dominated American elections, but for the first time he will have local allies ‘ backing after his party was unable to secure, say, an absolute majority.

The NDA won 293 votes in the 543- part lower house of parliament, more than the 272 needed to form a state.

Modi’s BJP won 240 chairs on its own, a diminished verdict which may aggravate the president’s reform plan.

With a focus on the big picture and a view to the future in mind, Mao said,” China is ready to operate with India to encourage the good and stable growth of relations between the two countries.”

Both nations have frequently engaged in hostility in the region, having frequently clashed with one another over an attempt to seize territory along their illegal border known as the Line of Actual Control.

India has been cautious about its north neighbor’s growing military might, and problems over the two Asian giant ‘ 3, 500km shared border have been a constant source of tension.

Arunachal Pradesh, a state in northeast India, is ruled by China, considering it to be a part of Tibet, and the Asian giant engaged in a full-fledged borders war in 1962.


Yoshimasa Hayashi, a spokesman for Japan’s leading government, also praised the&nbsp, ruling coalition under Modi.

” India is an important companion for the realisation of a free and open Indo- Pacific, and we will proceed to develop the Japan- India relationship”, he told investigators.

Japan and India both belong to the so-called” Triple” group, which also includes the United States and Australia.

Despite India never being a part of the union, the Indian prime minister even attended the G7 summit in Hiroshima next year.