Singapore has to bring in more foreign talent, but crucial to integrate them into society: PM Lee

Singapore has to bring in more foreign talent, but crucial to integrate them into society: PM Lee

He cited as an example the changing role of bank clerks in the banking sector.

” They sit it, you come, they smile, they trim your lender text, and then they do the deal. But then, nobody is on ATMs”, he said.

Instead of just letting them leave, businesses have been instructing clerks to redeploy them to different positions within the structure. Some of them, for instance, turn customer service officials, shared Mr Lee.

” You need them because Banks are nice, but you want a specific touch”, he said.

Press two if the ATM frustrates you and you use the support button; instead, you want someone to smile it. Then you become extremely frustrated because you are speaking in a mechanical tone. They are it, a mouth comes off, smiles, says’ How can I assist you’ as a true man, and talks you through it”.

Mr. Lee predicted that the employment environment would continue to change. For instance, the advent of synthetic intelligence&nbsp, may open up a real man from a certain task to do something else.

He declared,” We did work very hard to ensure that he or she can do something else.”

He cited the work of the nation’s in this area, including the establishment of a specialized organization SkillsFuture Singapore.

Mr Lee also pointed to a S$ 4, 000 ( US$ 3, 000 ) SkillsFuture grant in this year’s Budget, which Singaporeans aged 40 and above will receive from this month. When they reach the age of 40, younger Singaporeans will get the similar sum.

The S$ 4, 000 will be more focused in range and can only be used for selected education initiatives, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who is also Finance Minister, announced in February.

This includes component- time and complete- day diploma, post- diploma and academic programmes, as well as courses for the Progressive Wage Model sectors, he said.

A wide range of courses can be taken with the current fundamental level of S$ 500 in funds.

It is not a small sum of money, but it is a sign of how serious we are about it and how eager to see you taking things to boost yourself and your chances, according to Mr. Lee.