Singapore’s 4G leadership will be tested by other countries, has to stand its ground, says PM Lee

Singapore's 4G leadership will be tested by other countries, has to stand its ground, says PM Lee

” The new staff will be probed surely. Tested, well, even lightly. Some people may experience problems and squeeze a little bit more. Or even not”, he said.

” But we must be prepared to answer and anticipate some investigation.” Never in a terrible manner, but silently to stand our ground. And letting people know that, while there may have been a changing of the guard, the new soldiers are prepared, and the former guards are however, finally giving the new team some insight on how to proceed.


What constitutes national interest is still a hot topic, according to Mr. Lee, even though foreign policy may be influenced by national attention.

Some concerns include wealth, safety and security, defending oneself, being able to do business with other nations, and its independence or freedom.

You have national passions in particular, such as having access to aircraft to allow your planes to fly into and out of Singapore, or to be able to choose your own business partners and what you want to stand for in the world, according to Mr. Lee.

He said that beyond breads- and- cheese issues, values and ideals subject to, such as multiracialism, politics and integrity of the system.

According to Mr. Lee, the controversy over national interests does not revolve around just one philosophical process, like whether to weigh the economy’s or sovereign’s.

When, for example, one group is examining your sea limitations while offering to do business with you, he said, things get more complicated.

” Do you get angry? Do you make the decision to ignore this before I go about doing firm and resign? There is no magic solution, he said, adding that the state will have to make a decision and take a walk in each case and that each one must be evaluated independently.

The government will need to consider that see, and the individuals will also have to do so. And we will talk about this with the authorities, who will hopefully include a considered perspective and speak with the population.

Noting that this has always been the technique, Mr Lee cited the case of his 2004 journey to Taiwan about a month before taking office as Singapore’s next Prime Minister.

His journey to the isle was secret and illegal. However, Mr. Lee claimed that it sparked” a rumpus,” making him appear at his first National Day rally the following month.

Mr. Lee explained that he traveled to the area to know his Chinese counterparts ‘ thinking and the changes in Taiwanese culture, in order to make an objective analysis of the cross-straits situation during the protest, which is considered Singapore’s most significant political conversation of the year.