‘If he arrows me to do it, I will take the arrow’: PM Lee on his role after leadership handover

'If he arrows me to do it, I will take the arrow': PM Lee on his role after leadership handover

Premier Lee Hsien Loong said he would do everything in his power to assist Lawrence Wong, but the new leader will have to “lead in ( his ) own way” when he becomes senior minister.

In his last appointment as prime minister, Mr. Lee, 72, addressed the media on May 15, almost 20 years after taking office in August 2004.

Mr Wong, who will be Singapore’s third Prime Minister, has said that Mr Lee may take on the role of Senior Minister in his new Cabinet. A few days before the command transition, details of a Cabinet change will be revealed.

Asked if he has discussed his new position with Mr Wong, Mr Lee said: “ Well, I talked to him. I promised to do everything I can to help you achieve.

“You have to be your unique people. You have to make the choices. I will use my experience and my opinions to benefit you, but you must result in your own way and inspire others. ”

The retiring Prime Minister said he is definitely tap into the community of people who know him during his time in office to see if there are certain areas where he believes he could make more contributions.

I hope that the folks I know, the system of leaders I’ve met, and those who know me will remain there for some time. They are also getting older, he said, citing former officials like erstwhile British Prime Minister Tony Blair and past German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, whom Mr Lee met last month for a final officials ’ surrender, is also handing over the management reigns this time, he added.

However, Mr. Lee said,” I will definitely make use of that and join them if I have people who know me and who I can talk to.”

“Specific, delicate policy – that is up to the Prime Minister to decide, ” he added. “If he arrows me to do it, I did get the bow. ”