Repairing snapped booms, treating oil-slicked sand: Oil spill clean-up efforts continue a week on

CNA observed a group from T&amp, T Salvage Asia at work on Friday, laying a&nbsp, 200m- much black- brown containment boom along the exterior coastline of Siloso Beach.

” It was poor weather, quite strong stormy rain early in the morning. So one or two boom snapped, but it was soon taken treatment of”, Capt Anuj&nbsp, said, noting that the larger growth was being deployed just as a precaution.

He explained that some injury, such as wear and tear, is already taken into account when deploying boom.

The new boom consists of 3m-long segments that must be fully inflated with air in order to float on the water. Capt. Anuj remarked that the deployment is labor intensive and necessitates more cooperation and workforce.

” These are bigger boom. They are much more durable and stronger. They will last much longer. But deployment takes a little bit longer, he continued.

Each 3m section weighs about 100kg when fully inflated. It is launched from a boat and towed into place by a smaller boat, which can move more quickly and getting closer to the shore.