Accused adulterer says rough sex was consensual

A doctor director claims that a nurse told him that his marriage to a nurse had broken up with him.

Accused adulterer says rough sex was consensual
After receiving a complaint about alleged adultery involving a public hospital director in Nonthaburi, Thanakit Jitareerat (centre ), vice-minister for public health, speaks to reporters. ( Video viewed from Gun Jompalang’s Facebook post )

A public hospital director who was accused of adultering with a nurse has insisted he knew the nurse was still living with her father but has since admitted to having hard intercourse with the girl, claiming that she encouraged it.

In the midst of an inspection, the person has been moved from the tambon health development hospital where he worked to the Nonthaburi open health department.

Thanakit Jitareerat, sin- minister for open heath, invited the accused civil servant to offer his side of the story on Friday.

During doubting, the man claimed he was not aware that the girl had hardly broken up with her father. She had told him that she had ended the relationship, he said.

The 40- yr- ancient chairman, who confirmed he was solitary, has submitted documents to describe the allegations. According to the vice-minister, they may be forwarded to the everlasting minister for public health.

A 30-year-old man was brought to the Ministry of Public Health on Thursday by social media warrior Guntouch” Gun” Jompalang to share his story. Mr. Guntouch has requested that the government ascertain whether the incident constituted an honest lapse by a common servant.

The plaintiff claimed that his 28-year-old woman and her partner had engaged in sadistic, sado-masochistic sex. She had been handcuffed and chained, and her figure had signs of warm candle wax. On her medical even, you can also find candle wax.

Mr Thanakit, who received the issue, said the doctor producer told him he had met the nurse at a lecture on Sept 4 next month. They exchanged images and whispered via Line. In May, they started having sex, and the marriage slowly started to develop.

The couple had sexual only four times before their marriage was revealed, the man claimed. The stores and cuffs were the person’s plan and they only used them double, he added.

The girl claimed to be aware of the woman’s marriage and childbirth but was informed that she had already separated from her husband.

Mr. Thanakit promised to call the person to verify the truth of the statement.

The vice-minister claimed it was too early to argue that the medical director and the nurse had committed adultery as the allegations were made. It is anticipated that a fact-finding analysis will take two weeks.

If it was discovered that the man had broken any laws or regulations governing civil servants ‘ behavior, Mr. Thanakit said the government would take into account what to do.

In response to a question about whether the event may affect the trust of people using health development hospitals, the hospital producer claimed that he was not a dentist.