Petronas, Accenture, AWS to commercialise logistics platform

Petronas, Accenture, AWS to commercialise logistics platform
  • Designed to optimise logistic operations, cost of offshore vessels
  • Significantly optimise operational costs, reduce carbon emissions by 15%

 Petronas, Accenture, AWS to commercialise logistics platformPetronas, Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating to evaluate commercialisation opportunities globally for the cloud-based logistics solution and services platform Stear. 

Developed by Petronas in partnership with Accenture in 2021, Stear is designed to optimise the logistics operations and costs of offshore vessels, the energy group said in a statement. 

This is done through leveraging key technologies such as fuel management, intelligent routing and scheduling of vessels with near real-time voyage tracking and monitoring, it said.

It said AWS is joining the team to help scale and commercialise Stear, which plays a key role in supporting offshore exploration, production and development, while helping to reduce carbon emissions associated with logistics operations.

Petronas senior vice president of project delivery and technology Bacho Pilong said the firm has been using Stear since 2021, and it has proven to significantly optimise operational costs, while reducing carbon emissions by 15%. 

“With our proven success and increased interest amongst industry players for a solution like this, our collaboration to explore the commercialisation of Stear is timely.

“In fact, Stear can also reduce carbon emissions of the broader industry and we can do more by scaling it to onshore logistics optimisation,” said Bacho.

Meanwhile, Valentin De Miguel, Accenture’s senior managing director and strategy and consulting lead for growth markets, “Not only has Stear helped Petronas lower vessel’s fuel consumption, it also reduced cargo transfer time through more accurate planning and scheduling, while recording and resolving schedule deviations faster.”

Managing director, ASEAN, Amazon Web Services Conor McNamara (pic, above) said, “By leveraging AWS’s differentiated artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things offerings, Stear will deliver a step change in the efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness.

“This applies to both Petronas and the broader logistics industry, delivering immediate value to customers, partners, and the environment,” McNamara said.

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