Singapore gas pipelines so far unaffected by oil tanker grounded nearby: EMA

Singapore gas pipelines so far unaffected by oil tanker grounded nearby: EMA

SINGAPORE: Pipelines conveying natural gas from Indonesia to Singapore have been unaffected so far by an oil tanker grounded nearby, said the Energy Market Authority on Thursday (Nov 3).

The Djibouti-registered tanker Young Yong ran aground off Takong Kecil in Indonesia’s Riau Islands in the Singapore Strait, at around 8.20pm on Oct 26, according to a statement issued by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore on Monday.

“The grounded vessel is in the vicinity of subsea pipelines that convey natural gas from South Sumatra and West Natuna, Indonesia to Singapore for power generation and industrial use,” said EMA in a statement on Thursday.

“These pipelines are rock-armoured for additional protection. Thus far, gas supply and pressure from these pipelines remain normal.”

The agency added it was closely monitoring the situation and prepared to activate the necessary contingency plans to minimise disruptions to electric supply in Singapore.

According to Reuters, the tanker has a capacity of about 2 million barrels of crude oil and is almost full.

On Monday, MPA said that prior to the tanker’s grounding, its Port Operations Control Centre (POCC) had issued early shallow water warnings to the vessel, highlighting the potential risks.

With the vessel grounded in Indonesian waters, Indonesian authorities are leading refloatation efforts for the tanker as well as preventive efforts against possible oil spills, said MPA.

It added that as of Monday, navigation in the Singapore Strait remains unaffected and there have been no reports of injuries or oil pollution.

“MPA’s patrol crafts are monitoring for any oil spill pollution within Singapore Port Limits,” said the authority.

“MPA’s POCC is also issuing safety broadcasts to warn transiting vessels to keep clear of the location of the grounded tanker.”