No spare parts: Scoot cancels some flights in May as supply chain woes bite

No spare parts: Scoot cancels some flights in May as supply chain woes bite

Speaking at the Singapore Airshow in February, Airbus Asia- Pacific’s leader Anand Stanley told CNA about the delay orders and that Asia- Pacific area is the fastest growing business, and also the largest industry, in aircraft.

” We are talking about 19, 000 to 20, 000 aircraft over the next 20 years, so it is ( an ) unstoppable demand to be honest”, he said.

The need for plane has been going up write-up- crisis, said Mr Stanley.

” We are looking at 19, 000 fresh plane that are required, which shows that air travel is back”, he said.

” Last time, we had a history month in terms of our delay and purchases. We have 8, 300 plane in the queue best today”.

Mr. Stanley even made it clear that the company would have to work strongly with suppliers to “resolve and more importanly, meet the needs of aircraft customers and consumers” even though Airbus was “in a ramp-up- meet demand” to meet demand.

The COVID- 19 pandemic and the Ukraine war’s decreased supply sources have made the situation more dire.

At the Singapore Airshow, Mr. Roberto Tonna, CEO of the aircraft supply chain company ALA, stated that” the aerospace-grade metal deficit started with the Ukraine war.”

He continued, noting that skilled labor, as well as alloy, an alloy used by plane sector companies to make engines and exhaust systems, are both continued issues.

The industry’s extensive parts lack has also been a result of the conflict in Ukraine, as well as the Israel-Hamas war and rising geopolitical tensions around the world.

Due to the rising demand from nations looking to strengthen their defense skills, Bibus Metals, a supplier of high-performance metals, claimed these components, which are crucial to the production of planes, are becoming more expensive and harder to come from. &nbsp,

Pascal Fabre, a professional at advisory organization AlixPartners, added the aircraft repair, rebuild and reform market is” under- capacity”. By the time the decade is almost over, Boeing and Airbus have been fully booked, causing delays. &nbsp,


An engine manufacturing defect from US aerospace giant RTX, which caused hundreds of Airbus A320neo jets to be grounded last year, has also contributed to the issues facing the airline industry.

The snag, which will leave 350 jets grounded on average annually through 2026, could leave 650 jets idle in the first half of 2024.

Because repairs take longer to complete, the issue is likely to get worse as a result of a tug-of-war between airplane factories and repair shops.

Four of the engines that power its A320neo fleet were notified in September of last year, according to Scoot, adding that the affected engines had been removed from commercial use.

Due to issues with the Pratt &amp, Whitney engines, Scoot also announced in November that it was considering extending the lease on some of its A320ceo aircraft.

We are considering whether to extend some of the leases to lessen the impact because we have some flexibility with the A320ceos that we will return next year in 2024, CEO Leslie Thng said.