IN FOCUS: As a crucial election looms, Singapore braces for torrent of ‘highly problematic’ online threats

IN FOCUS: As a crucial election looms, Singapore braces for torrent of 'highly problematic' online threats

According to ELD, the state is still working closely with major social media websites to implement strategies for election integrity and content moderation.

Our political processes are regularly reviewed by ELD and various government agencies, including taking lessons from international best practices, to make sure they are accurate and up-to-date, it continued.

The ELD and other government organizations simultaneously issued an advisory warning of security risks and foreign intervention to presidential poll candidates last season.

Ms Kasthuri, &nbsp, who specialises in elections in Singapore and Southeast Asia, stressed the importance of voting training in both promotion issues as well as how elections work, as a barrier against propaganda.

Political topics and elections are much more difficult to deal with, according to Associate Professor Pang of NUS, while the state and schools have been working hard to improve online literacy.

Citizens may be reluctant or hesitant to discuss them openly in our society, she said. The humor is that they can become more prone to spreading falsehoods and conspiracy theories.


Mr Neo, the blogger, today has a rule of thumb when it comes to assessing whether a piece of information is reliable: Cross- verify and validate with at least two separate options.

He feels more stress to ensure the accuracy of his production as a producer of political information.

” This is why for each episode, we meticulously research before drafting questions for our guests, put sources for the information that we mention in our show notes, and when phrasing certain questions, try our best to make sure that even if taken out of context, it ca n’t be construed as misinformation”, said Mr Neo.