Cops catch prime suspect in man”s murder in Chumphon

Cops catch prime suspect in man"s murder in Chumphon

Cops catch prime suspect in man's murder in Chumphon
Phurinat: Addressed as Hong Kong visitor

A 27- yr- aged man, the alleged criminal in a Nonthaburi condo murder case, was apprehended on Friday in the southwestern province of Chumphon, according to a police source.

Around 1pm, Provincial Police Region 1’s Investigation Division officers detained the man, only identified as Mr. Phurinat, at a home in the Muang city.

The death of Paisarn Thong-on, 54, who was found dead with numerous stab wounds in his apartment room in the Ngam Wong Wan region on Sunday is the premier suspect, according to Mr. Phurinat.

According to the cause, the body was found five weeks after he was killed.

Around 10pm on May 20, the sufferer was with Mr. Phurinat in the floor before heading to the deceased’s place where he lived only. Images from the condo’s CCTV cameras revealed that at that time.

The suspect left the apartments the following day for about 4am with a huge green case, according to an inspection.

He therefore took a car to a local shopping center.

The suspect allegedly used the deceased’s credit cards and identification to purchase silver bars worth more than 800,000 baht, telling the storekeeper that he had just had cosmetic surgery.

Eventually, the suspect was seen wearing a sweater and a face mask along the beach in Pattaya and afterwards identified on CCTV.

He was reportedly checked into a resort and spent the night it until Tuesday.

He then took a taxi to Hua Hin in the Prachuap Khiri Khan territory from Pattaya.

The taxi drivers told authorities that the suspect, who posed as a Hong Kong tourists and just communicated in English, paid her 4, 000 baht for the journey.

According to the cause, the suspect reportedly traveled from Hua Hin to Surat Thani and Chumphon where he was taken into custody.

During doubting, the believe said he had known Paisarn for about a year as a partner in an trade business.

According to some, the goal for the dying was a business conflict.