ERP 2.0 rollout delayed for new Tesla cars, LTA finalising installation details

ERP 2.0 rollout delayed for new Tesla cars, LTA finalising installation details

When CNA was a potential client at the Tesla store in Toa Payoh, the team confirmed that new Tesla cars do not occur with the ERP 2.0 products but with the outdated IUs.

Tesla car purchasers who CNA spoke to said they were hoping the ERP 2.0 devices would be installed, but they either chose not to or were unaware that the ERP 2.0 models had already been installed when they bought their vehicles. &nbsp,

One 40-year-old driver who is scheduled to pick up his brand-new Tesla at the end of the month claimed the sales representative had informed him that the ERP 2.0 system would not be present. &nbsp,

He said he “does not head” the fresh OBU and his&nbsp, only issue is whether the OBU will be compatible with Tesla’s technology. &nbsp,

The driver continued,” I do n’t know if there are any issues with installing the new OBU on an electric vehicle because of problems with the electronics.” &nbsp,

Alvin Khoo, 39, who received his vehicle at the end of April, is another driver who recently purchased a fresh Tesla. &nbsp,

He was surprised that Tesla employees did not inquire about his car’s fresh OBU before the May 1 deadline when new cars had come with a pre-installed ERP 2.0 unit. &nbsp,

Certain enough, his Tesla car came with the ancient IU. &nbsp,

” I would’ve expected the car to have the new ( ERP 2.0 unit ) so I wo n’t have to spend a few hours to get it replaced”, said Mr Khoo, who runs a live band company. ” It’s frustrating that it came with the old one” .&nbsp,

But Mr Khoo is looking on the bright side, as having the OBU implementation delayed means he has a choice of where to position the card reader, such as in the pilot’s footwell or the vehicle’s footwell. &nbsp,

This was a decision that was not available to car owners at the start of the assembly training, but LTA this quarter made clear that they&nbsp, was choose&nbsp, to position the device on the driver’s side. &nbsp,

Some drivers complained that putting the card reader on the passenger side made access to it difficult. The decision was made. &nbsp,

LTA then introduced a feature that allows drivers to turn their credit cards on the touchscreen at the click of a button, saving the need to remove the card from the unit. &nbsp,

More recently, members of the public have questioned whether the OBU meets the global standard for electronic devices.

LTA refuted these claims on Tuesday, holding that the OBUs adhere to international standards. &nbsp,