Primary 1 registration exercise to start on Jul 2

Primary 1 registration exercise to start on Jul 2

During each step, the number of jobs and candidates will be updated.

Parents should be aware that these numbers may change as parents can change throughout the subscription period and make changes.

Schools are unable to provide any extra information beyond what is provided on the MOE Primary 1 membership site, according to MOE.


Additionally, information from the Primary 1 membership exercise last year can be found online. &nbsp, This includes the number of openings, applicants, and balloting details for each step in every class. &nbsp,

Kids can also check if these colleges were oversubscribed in particular phases during the subscription exercise last year and view a list of colleges within 2 kilometers of their home.

” In selecting a major school, we encourage parents to consider a large firm of schools and discover how these schools ‘ special programmes and offerings does best meet their child’s learning needs, interests, and strengths,” said MOE. &nbsp,

It further stated that fairly shut schools should be taken into account in order to reduce a child’s commute time. Additionally, schools that are farther away from a child’s house might also result in fewer transportation options for them.


Parents may register their youngster for Primary 1 using the standard home tackle on their NRICs. &nbsp,

A baby who receives priority admission to a school through the home-school distance category is required to stay at the address where registration began on July 2 for at least 30 months, according to MOE. &nbsp,

The MOE will move the baby to another institution with open positions if this condition is not met.

Parents who want to enroll their child using the handle of their child’s grandmother or a caretaker may submit the Declaration of Alternative Child-Care Arrangement type online between July 1 and August 1.

Parents may send their charter asap because they must receive the MOE’s approval contact before using the caregiver’s email address to enroll their child for Primary 1. &nbsp,

Any participant who is found to have provided misleading details during the registration procedure will be referred to the authorities for investigation, the statement continued. &nbsp,

After all eligible children have registered, the government stated that MOE has and will move a child to another class with remaining vacancies if it is found that a child has effectively been registered in a college based on false information.