Commentary: Singapore’s comeback draw against China provides hope for a brighter footballing future

Commentary: Singapore's comeback draw against China provides hope for a brighter footballing future


Given that native soccer has been in the doldrums, this outcome feels substantial. After the common and bitter taste of battle over the years, a great result tastes all the more better.

While they have a significant level, the Lions remain rooted to the underside of their World Cup qualifier team, three factors behind China.

” It’s the beginning. We’ve just worked one week with the manager, all takes time and we’re gradually getting into the hang of how he wants us to play”, Mahler told CNA’s Aslam Shah article- match.

Under previous manager Nishigaya, Singapore lost their primary two matches next November, with a 1- 3 house loss to Thailand and a 5- 0 ahead drubbing by South Korea.

While Singapore’s effect against China certainly raised eyebrows, Thailand’s 1- 1 ahead bring against party leaders South Korea was the headline- grabber. &nbsp,

Up against a area who made the round of 16 at the last World Cup, the Thais proved no weaklings. And once again, they are a warning that Singapore football has some catching up to do to fit up against Southeast Asia’s superstars.

But Thursday showed that the Lions may hold their own. There is a glimpse of light at the end of the hole, a sense of optimism in the air.

” We want to enjoy a great company of sport, we want to… take up the bright days where we used to be the princes of ASEAN and even further”, said Mahler.

” This is a small action and hopefully we can continue on this”.

Singapore’s expire- difficult fans will expect he is correct, and that this will be the start of a brighter soccer future.

Matthew Mohan is a correspondent at CNA. He specialises in sports reporting, and has covered the Olympics, World Cup, and a number of Southeast Asian Games.