2 former employees of Sembcorp Marine, now Seatrium, charged with bribing Brazilian officials

2 former employees of Sembcorp Marine, now Seatrium, charged with bribing Brazilian officials

Backdated PROSECUTION&nbsp,

Authorities also stated in a press release on Thursday that Seatrium and the public prosecutor are discussing the alleged corruption in Brazil in relation to the deferred prosecution agreement ( DPA ). &nbsp,

A DPA is a lawsuit in which the prosecutors agrees to file criminal charges against a business criminal in exchange for the company agreeing to follow a number of rules. These might include a charge of crime, payment of economic penalties, and the implementation of business reform. &nbsp,

” Under the proposed DPA, the company will be required to give a financial penalties of US$ 110 million”, said the government. &nbsp,

” Of this number, US$ 53 million may be used to compensate the settlement payment totalling 670, 699, 731.73 Brazilian euros ( US$ 134.5 million ) under the in- process settlement agreements that the organization has reached with the government in Brazil”.

The common counsel and Seatrium are still finalizing the DPA’s words and phrases, which will need to be approved by the&nbsp, General Division of the High Court.


CPIB announced in May 2023 that it would begin its investigation into Seatrium and business partners for allegedly committing fraud in Brazil.

CNA questioned the matter when it was asked whether the allegations against Seatrium were connected to a million dollar corruption case involving previous KOM staff and Portuguese oil company Petrobras. CPIB declined to comment.

However, Seatrium made the announcement two months later that its conglomerate EJA was being looked into for “alleged irregularities” in its practices. &nbsp,

Seatrium stated shortly after that the proceedings frequently involved “past do that the Portuguese officials have investigated in connection with Operation Car Wash.” A fortnight later, but, Seatrium announced that&nbsp, primary administrative proceedings against its Brazilian company were suspended.

Operation Car Wash began in 2014 as a funds- fraud sensor into a car soak in Brazil’s money Brasilia, and it turned out to be anything but a regular analysis.

The procedure expanded tremendously, evolving into an intensive research into Brazil’s largest fraud plan.

As the information mounted, the probe&nbsp, revealed illegal kickbacks from business executives to prominent politicians in trade for contracts within the condition- operated oil giant, Petrobras.