Japan drugmaker reports two more deaths in supplement scare

Japan drugmaker reports two more deaths in supplement scare

A Japanese company that makes dietary supplements is at the center of a growing health crisis reported on Thursday ( Mar 28 ) two additional deaths that might be related to the company’s tablets.

Three supplement companies, including” Beni Koji Choleste Support” and two others, were recently recalled by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, all of which contain an ingredient known as red yeast rice, or “beni koji,” that is supposed to lower cholesterol.

Thursday’s news brings the total amount of deaths&nbsp, under investigation by the organization and health department to four, with more than 100 additional people hospitalised.

A grieving relatives informed us yesterday that a man using Choleste Support had passed away due to kidney disease, the manufacturer said in a statement on Thursday.

It added that it had been informed individually that a third user who had recently used Choleste Support had passed away.

In both of these situations, we are working to confirm the details and the causality. Nevertheless, we decided to make this report people from the viewpoint of swift disclosure”.

The Osaka-based business claims to have also provided dark bacteria rice to two Taiwanese businesses and about 50 different businesses in Japan.

In Japan, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical sells a wide range of health products that are promoted through television commercials.

Red yeast rice is cited in clinical studies as a potential solution to statins to lower high cholesterol, but it also warns of the possibility of organ damage based on its chemical makeup.

Additionally, numerous Chinese companies that used the beni ken provided by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical have made recall announcements in separate filings.

The afflicted products include several health tablets, as well as a grew- brown sparkling sake, &nbsp, salad dressing, bread and miso paste used in many classic dishes.