Woman fined over S$175,000 for illegally renting out 3 units to Airbnb customers

Woman fined over S$175,000 for illegally renting out 3 units to Airbnb customers

SINGAPORE: A Singaporean woman who sold short- term stays at three units to guests on Airbnb for almost three years, earning about S$ 162, 000 ( US$ 120, 000 ) in revenue, has been fined more than S$ 175, 000 by a court.

Jayanthi Ponnasamy Manian, 52, admitted guilt to two counts under the Planning Act for using a home to make short-term accommodations without authority, with a second similar charge being taken into account.

If she cannot pay the fine, she will have to offer eight months ‘ prison in definition.

In a ruling on Saturday ( May 25 ), Jayanthi allegedly advertised short-term stays at three Kinta Road properties on Airbnb.

She owned the three products, which are all part of a shopflat enhancement where the earth floor has a store product and the other five floors are home.

Between June 2019 and February 2022, Jayanthi rented out the three products a complete of 489 days. Under the Planning Act, she did not request planning permission to use any of her models for short-term hotel.

She had set up an Airbnb listing for her units and receive payment from the rentals through her Maybank bill.

She instructed her customers on how to proceed to check-in and check-out. Typically, customers had to remove the keys and access card from the designated, unlocked letterboxes.

When a visitor exits, they were instructed to put the keys and accessibility cards back into the mail, and occasionally even to send Jayanthi a photo before leaving.

After visitors checked out, Jayanthi did request that her sister take care of housekeeping duties.

In the end of 2021, Airbnb informed Jayanthi that it was against the law to offer short-term lodging in Singapore.

Next Jayanthi stopped offering any rental periods.

Jayanthi’s attorneys Mr. Mohamed Arshad Mohamed Tahir and Mr. Patrick Fernandez requested a great of S$ 10,000, while Urban Redevelopment Authority prosecutor’s requests for a good of S$ 212, 000.

The maximum fine for a first-time criminal who places improper short-term keeps is S$ 200,000.

The army argued that a total of approximately S$ 304, 000 may be deducted as expenses for the three units, including repair services, mortgage and curiosity payments and atmosphere- conditioner servicing.

Nevertheless, the judge allowed simply a calculation of about S$ 32, 700 for water, light and refuse series.

She noted that Jayanthi had stopped engaging in her hobbies after being informed that they were prohibited in Singapore.