Widow of Hamas massacre victim appeals for help

Widow of Hamas massacre victim appeals for help

Widow of Hamas massacre victim appeals for help
The systems of the Thai staff who had been killed in Israel since the Hamas assault on October 7, 2023 were brought back on October 20, 2023. ( Supplied photo )

A wife who lost her husband in the Hamas murder on October 7 in Israel requests additional financial support from the Thai state.

Narisara Malee, 30, lost her husband Tianchai Yotthongdee, 34, a Thai agricultural employee, who was killed when Hamas attackers attacked Kibbutz Alumim in southwestern Israel, near the Gaza Strip.

Mr Narisara and her two kids, aged 8 and 12, were at the Israeli embassy on Monday&nbsp, after travelling from Buri Ram state in the Northeast.

They were invited to Yom HaZikaron, a time of national memory honoring all the troops and victims of the Israeli occupation. 39 Thai people were even honored at this year’s commemoration ceremony in honor of the victims of October 7.

The media inquired about Ms. Narisara’s settlement and type of financial aid from the governments of Thailand and Israel.

After the event, the Thai authorities merely paid her 40, 000 ringgit for her husband’s funeral expenses, she said. ” For other restorative financial assistance from the Thai government, I have not yet received anything”.

She claimed that the Israeli authorities and her father’s companies both provided financial support.

She questioned other people who lost their earners and whether the Thai government had given them any financial aid.

” The]Thai government ] process is quite slow, or maybe I misunderstood something about the process as I have not received any money from the Thai government except for funeral expenses”, she said. ” Choose refrain from neglecting us.”

Jewish ambassador to Thailand, Orna Sagiv, claimed both her government and Jewish employers had made every effort to help those who were affected by the conflict, whether they were Thai or Israeli. Ms. Sagiv stated that the lady would get a substantial amount of payment from the Israeli authorities for the rest of her life in exchange for their support.

In Gaza, Hamas is still holding eight Thai nationals hostage in the wake of the radical group’s first attack on October 7th.