Israeli protesters block humanitarian aid convoy headed to Gaza

Israeli protesters block humanitarian aid convoy headed to Gaza

In the most recent incident in a string of incidents that Israel has promised to allow uninterrupted humanitarian supplies into the besieged enclave, Israeli protesters strew food packages on the road on Monday ( May 13 ).

Four activists, including a small, were arrested at the opposition, at Tarqumiya station, north of Hebron in the Zionist- occupied West Bank, according to a speech from lawyers representing the protesters.

Protesters allegedly threw products from the trucks onto the floor, with the contents of the opened cartons dripping across the street in videos that were popular on social media.

According to their attorneys, four people were detained in southwestern Israel last year following a similar opposition by Israelis who had opposed the flow of humanitarian aid into a region controlled by the Islamist movement Hamas.

A request for comment was never received by Israeli authorities.

Israel was under intense international pressure to increase the flow of aid to Gaza, where international agencies have warned of a severe humanitarian crises threatening the country’s more than 2 million people.

Israeli officials announced on Sunday that a new passing into northern Gaza is being built, and that a momentary slot being constructed by the United States is on the verge of opening.