‘We are very grateful’: PM Wong thanks Thailand for SQ321 help

'We are very grateful': PM Wong thanks Thailand for SQ321 help

The&nbsp, Boeing 777- 300ER plane- carrying 211 passengers and 18 staff members- was forced to deflect to Bangkok towards the neck conclusion of its London- Singapore route after encountering serious turbulence.

The incident on May 21 left many people injured, with some experiencing brain and spinal cord injury. A 73- yr- ancient English person, believed to have had a spirit attack, died. &nbsp,

In an update on Tuesday evening, SIA said 45 people from SQ321 are still in the Thai funds, including 28 who are receiving medical treatment in clinics. &nbsp,

In a post on X, Mr. Srettha wrote:” I reiterated our eagerness to assist and aid those also recovering in Thailand.”

Additionally, Mr. Srettha added that during their visit, he had invited Mr. Wong to make an official visit to Thailand. &nbsp,

Mr. Wong thanked Mr. Srettha for his welcome message to the president in his Instagram post. &nbsp,

Mr Wong said the two countries” share warm and friendly relations, underpinned by standard higher- level&nbsp, visits, substantial economic links, and regular interactions at the people- to- people level”. &nbsp,

” I look forward to working closely with him to strengthen our bilateral and regional cooperation, especially as we mark the jubilation of political relations in 2025.”