Cabinet approves Brics membership bid

Cabinet approves Brics membership bid

Bloc, which was started by more developed countries, including China, is looking to grow.

Cabinet approves Brics membership bid
On the final day of the Brics Summit, on August 24, 2023, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Chinese President Xi Jinping are present at the China-Africa Leaders ‘ Roundtable Dialogue. Two of the Brics people are South Africa and China. ( Photo: Reuters )

Thailand is moving forward with a plan to join the international organisation Un, which is beginning to grow beyond its founding members: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

A review of the standard letter that lists Thailand’s intentions for joining the group was approved by the government on Tuesday, according to government spokesman Chai Wacharonke.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates actually joined the Brics alliance on Jan 1. Thailand is presently in the top 15 of the applicants for registration.

Mr. Chai said in the text that Thailand is aware of the significance of multilateralism and the growing influence of developing nations on international issues. The government’s eyesight is in line with the Brics rules.

Thailand’s membership in the Brics, according to the letter, would benefit the country in many ways, including strengthening its standing in the global community and allowing it to co-create a new world order.

Brics invited non-member nations interested in joining to take part in the 16th Brics conference in Kazan, Russia, on October 22 through October 24. According to Mr. Chai, Mr.

Thailand would have the chance to promote the application process and strengthen its position as a leading participant among developing nations, he added.

Thailand has even given notification that it wants to apply to join the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which consists of 38 of the nation’s most developed economies.