CNA Explains: How to get a vehicle entry permit before driving into Malaysia?

CNA Explains: How to get a vehicle entry permit before driving into Malaysia?

The label is linked to the person’s Touch N ‘ Go eWallet account. &nbsp,

The tag’s expiration date is five times from the moment it is activated.

European cars may travel within Malaysia for up to 90 times each. &nbsp,

According to Mr. Tengku Ahmad Marwan Tengku Mahmud, a road safety affiliate with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research ( Miros ), the VEP system will give the police a more accurate database to track foreign vehicles that engage in traffic offenses in the nation.

According to him,” It will give officials a more comprehensive report to check whether automobiles entering or leaving the country have unreported customers summonses or any other information of customers violations.”

” By increasing enforcement, this will hopefully reduce road traffic accidents in Malaysia”, he added. &nbsp,

I have bought a new car. Is the VEP convertible? &nbsp,

No, the VEP RFID label is unique to each car and not applicable. If you buy a new car, you will need to file for a fresh RFID tag. &nbsp,

The label becomes irrelevant when a car’s ownership is transferred to another man. &nbsp,

The previous owner has the responsibility to release the equity position on the VEP website, or they could face fines for any visitors offenses they may commit. The new owner of the vehicle is in charge of requesting a fresh RFID Tag. &nbsp,

What happens if the label is damaged? &nbsp,

When you bring the new VEP RFID tag home, you are required to update your vehicle standing on the net website and provide a duplicate of the police statement from the incident to the Road Transport Department. An operational cost may be imposed.

If your VEP label breaks, you will receive a replacement for free. This does not use to keywords that have been altered or removed; instead, there will be a fee for a new label in these circumstances.