The man who shot the Slovak prime minister – Asia Times

The man who shot the Slovak prime minister - Asia Times

Robert Fico, the prime minister of Slovakia, was shot several times on Wednesday in Handlova. The Slovak Prime Minister was transported by aircraft to the Banská Bystrica&nbsp, doctor in a life- threatening situation but today is expected to survive. The killer’s individuality has since been revealed, and he was taken into custody.

About 150 km north of Bratislava, where Robert Fico’s government had convened a authorities meeting before meeting with his supporters, the incident occurred in front of the city’s cultural center.

The enemy’s name is Juraj Cintula. He was born in 1953 and is from Léva. He is one of the founders of the LK Dúha ( Rainbow ) cultural association. When the team was transformed into a political connection, he became its leader. He wrote three books of poetry. He is part of the Slovak Writers ‘ Association.

According to what we have so much, Cintula has been consistently described by those who have had close contact with him as a radical left-wing, ultra-liberal intellectual. The dilemma of the situation is that Cintula intended to form a political party called” Action against Violence” eight years ago.

Formerly, he was a security guard in a shopping center and had a permit to carry arms. The murderer approached the excellent minister when Fico left the cultural center where the state meeting was held. Fico made a shake of his hands, but Cintula pulled out a gun and repeatedly shot him.

According to nearby reports, three or four bullets hit the Czech prime minister. The bullets hit Ficó’s neck and stomach.

He was rapidly transported to the helicopter by the lieutenants who then took him into the car. According to our knowledge, Fico was informed throughout the trip. Even though the Slovak police securely locked the hospital, they also took the doctors ‘ mobile phones away. However, it was revealed that the stomach photographs caused the biggest issue.

At 9 p.m., Central European moment, the Czech prime minister was operative. The procedure took time. The prime minister has many gunshot wounds, according to Slovak Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinák, who described his condition as “very critical and life-threatening.”

The Czech secretary of the onterior addressed the death for the first time at the hospital about the political motivation behind the killing. He initially made the suggestion that the assassination might be the result of a hate campaign fueled by domestic interpersonal tensions.

Let’s see the facts: According to the portal of the Hungarian- language regularly published in Bratislava, Juraj Cintula is a committed supporter of the pro- Russian military class Slovenskí Branci ( SB ). In 2016, Cintula often attended the group’s sessions, as evidenced by images. The military team’s Instagram page lists him as a writer and journalist, and several of his works have been published.

In his works, Cintula criticized refugees and the Czech position and openly supported the business. The military organization’s grave commemorations were held in uniform at Jozef Tiso’s grave, the head of the totalitarian puppet state known as the First Slovak Republic between 1938 and 1945, in a graveyard of the dictatorship.

The military team’s logo, which resembles the Nazi youth organization Hitlerjugend, also contributes to the confusion. This was covered by the English-language Czech news website VSquare. Új Szó even reported, referring to the Markíza tv channel, that Cintula stated soon after his imprisonment that he had been planning the death for a fortnight because he did not agree with the president’s plan.

Cintula’s state of mind even raised concerns. In one of his writings, he wrote:” In my dreams, I shot pribs, killed cells”. The illegal transcription is from the regular HVG.]Ed. Possibly, he was referring to the DNA cement PriB.

After all of this, I believe it is incorrect to link Fico’s decision to stop providing Ukraine with additional assistance. All the more so because Czech culture is incredibly supportive of Russian culture. Let’s not overlook that Bratislava still remembers the Second World War’s Russian troops ‘ occupation of the Czech capital.

In serious society, there is no significant anti-Russian sentiment. On the other hand, the typical Slovak is alarmed by the possibility of the nation getting dragged into the conflict. Because the preceding left-liberal government gave everything to the Ukrainians, Slovakia today practically has no army. The Hungarian Air Force primarily provides protection of Slovak airport, which is common of the condition.

However, according to the indications, the execution can get connected with the strong domestic social struggle in Slovakia. Fico discussed how the liberal media did shoot him and his authorities in a video he posted on social media a month ago. The film was &nbsp, leaked by the Hungarian daily Der Standard.

The prime secretary criticized the liberal media’s texts in the picture, which he claimed could have sparked violence against federal officials at the time. ” I just expect that this frustration deepened so passionately by Denník N. Smečko or Aktualita]that it did ] escalate to the death of one of the leading state lawmakers, and I am no exaggerating one millimeter”, added Fico.

Peter G Feher is a blogger based in Budapest who writes for Magyar Hrlap. This document was first published on Stephen Bryen’s Substack Weapons and Strategy, and it has since been republished with kind agreement.