BMA to test motorcycle taxi app

BMA to test motorcycle taxi app

City Hall inviting app engineers to participate in a pilot project in a particular area.

BMA to test motorcycle taxi app
Motorcycle-toy owners participate in a Bangkok campaign to promote fall helmets for both passengers and riders. ( File photo )

The BMA and a private organization are working together to create a bike taxi ride-hauling app.

Wisanu Subsompon, the lieutenant governor of Bangkok, stated that the BMA wants to enhance the services provided by bike vehicle riders. It has collaborated with Krungthep Thanakom (KT), the BMA’s investment arm, to conduct a pilot project to examine the application.

” The BMA and KT did not invest in the development of the game. We are supervisors, he said, and we will collaborate with game developers who want to test their apps in our pilot areas.

The BMA will decide which areas to test, present the designers and applications to groups of scooter taxi riders, and provide information on the subject.

Just motorcycle taxi users in the nearby region may respond to calls for motorcycle taxi services when people use an application. The benefit of using the app is that users do n’t have to spend their time waiting or looking for a ride. Distance will be used to determine the service charge.

In order to enhance safety, the software will also need scooter car users and users to register. The test also aims to confirm if an phone’s conditions are useful, he said.

So much, one software developer has shown an interest in participating in the captain, said Mr Wisanu. Next month, the BMA will hold a press release for the game at its BKK Expo 2024 occasion.