Teen caught smoking at hospital allegedly had heroin

Teen caught smoking at hospital allegedly had heroin

Teen caught smoking at hospital allegedly had heroin
The 14-year-old boy’s possessions included a message containing white flour. ( Photo taken from Maj Gen Dr. Riennthong Nanna’s Facebook page )

A 14-year-old son who was assaulted by the hospital’s producer after smoking in the restroom will be subject to police questioning to find out if he was also in possession of a bag of heroin, as reported.

Officials at Thung Song Hong place, along with appropriate professionals, did examine him, authorities said on Thursday. The Ziplock cheap bag’s white powder will be verified by criminal police to determine whether it is actually heroin.

When the teen’s mother and he returned to the doctor in Lak Si area on Wednesday to get it in front of reporters, the packet was discovered in a suitcase containing his clothing and belongings. &nbsp,

The teen was made to move out of the hospital on Monday as punishment for smoking in the restroom while visiting his 17-year-old expectant girlfriend, who was being treated for her still foetus.

According to the child, he was also&nbsp, slapped and kicked by Maj Gen Dr Rienthong Nanna, the chairman of Mongkutwattana Hospital, before leaving the premises.

When a writer inquired about the boy’s claim that the heroin contained in the message was heroin and that he had purchased the medication for 50 baht in his neighborhood to take it in. Additionally, a straw and a light were discovered with the package.

Maj Gen. Dr. Rienthong stated on Instagram on Thursday morning that police may make the boy’s arrest right away because he was a user of illegal drugs. He even threatened legal action against anyone who claimed the child had been framed. &nbsp,

On Wednesday, he&nbsp, wrote that the bag fell out of the boy’s shorts. which were among the things taken during the tobacco event.