Meta restores Facebook posts by Malaysian media on PM Anwar’s meeting with Hamas

Meta restores Facebook posts by Malaysian media on PM Anwar's meeting with Hamas

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil, who is also the president’s director, condemned the removal of the comments on Wednesday, accusing United States companies of never respecting the freedom of internet shops.

The Malaysia Gazette announced on Wednesday that Facebook had accepted and that the bill is now operating once more.

A two-state solution to Israel’s and the Palestinians ‘ issue has long been a top priority for Malaysia.

Meta added that there was” no truth” to the claim that it was restricting content supporting the Palestinians and that it does not intentionally suppress voices on its Facebook platform.

Meta designates Hamas, the Palestinian violent activity that controls Gaza, as a “dangerous company” and bans information praising the party. To remove or label creative visuals, it also employs both automated detection and individual review.