Suspect confesses to condo killing

Suspect confesses to condo killing

Suspect confesses to condo killing
Phurinat Karnjanabunyong, 27, is in police prison on Saturday. ( Police photo )

A 27- yr- older person has admitted to murdering a 54- yr- ancient businessman in Nonthaburi following the suspect’s arrest in Chumphon on Friday.

The crime occurred on May 20 at a property on Ngamwongwan Road in Nonthaburi, but police learned about it on Sunday.

Paisarn Tong-on was the target, according to the police. His body was discovered after neighbors who lived near noticed the smell, and it was left rotting in the property for a while.

The think, Phurinat Karnjanabunyong, 27, was arrested on Friday in his home county of Chumphon and was sent to Nonthaburi authorities station for investigation and legal proceedings.

He claimed that he and Paisarn had known each other for about a year and that they co-owned a clothing company up, where they invested 5 million ringgit. He denied having a loving relationship with the dead man and declined to provide further details about the company.

Phurinat claimed to have met Paisarn for a conversation at the apartment the day of the occurrence. When he asked Paisarn about the expense in their company, they had a heated change, he said.

The suspect claimed that the argument led to the use of a weapon that the suspect claimed he purchased for self-defense on the way to see him and that he had attacked his business partner.

He was accused of intentionally murdering someone in an urban setting, fraud using a weapon, and unnecessarily possessing a tool.

He immediately denied all expenses, but he later admitted to the crime on Saturday. With a degree in law, Phurinat graduated from a reputable school.

He came from a rich family that owns a citrus farm in Chumphon, said authorities.

However, the family of the dying man consider the believe killed Paisarn to take his house, not because of a business issue as he claimed.

According to them, Phurinat used Paisarn’s cellular phone to make banks purchases in Lat Phrao to purchase gold after the death. Additionally, metal plates and an ID card for the victim were discovered on him.

In addition, he texted Paisarn’s daughter, posing as Paisarn, to tell her to give him the victim’s items, including important papers and his budget.