Airbnb in Singapore: Some hosts still offering illegal short stays in condos and HDB flats

Airbnb in Singapore: Some hosts still offering illegal short stays in condos and HDB flats


All home properties in Singapore– condominiums, stroll- up apartments, flats, bungalows, or deck houses– are intended for long- word residence.

In 2023, URA looked into 156 cases of suspected illegal short-term hotel in secret domestic qualities. There were 160 and 117 circumstances in 2022 and 2021 both.

The minimum remain period of three consecutive weeks is “minimise regular turnover of temporary inhabitants,” URA told CNA.

These turnovers alter a property’s “residential figure” and have a negative impact on nearby residents.

Airbnb urged guests in Singapore to abide by the law, citing the Planning Act, which forbids the renting of short-term lodging in private residences.

According to URA, visitors who choose to book short-term remains at private residential properties may be asked to assist in studies if they are discovered staying at the house during background checks by the authorities.

They may also experience inconvenience and have to pay additional fees for alternative lodging, according to URA, noting that some condominiums ‘ management corporations (MCSTs ) and security officers have been actively enforcing the rules.


Airbnb as a platform remains authorized in Singapore. Many of the listings were for hotel suites, which have no minimum be period.

However, some of the ads that claimed to become “authorised serviced rooms” were condominium units or HDB cottages.

Serviced apartments may become developed or managed by one owner and rented out for at least seven days. &nbsp,

An individual product in a condo may be a serviced apartment because caste subdivision of serviced apartments is prohibited.

Airbnb advises guests to change their settings to enable prices for at least 92 consecutive times in order to avoid breaking the law for products that are not serviced flats and are personal property.

Opening in HDB apartments is not permitted by Airbnb. Public apartments or apartments in apartments may be rented out for at least six months, according to HDB.

Anyone found guilty of making short-term accommodations may be fined at the very least S$ 5, 000 under the Planning Act. Stubborn criminals or those who offer stays at multiple qualities will face legal action.