Boeing Starliner capsule’s first crewed test flight delayed at last minute

Boeing Starliner capsule's first crewed test flight delayed at last minute

According to technology and architectural issues, Boeing made its first attempt to send an uncrewed Starliner to the storage place in 2019. The second crewed evaluation mission was launched with a subsequent success in 2022, allowing for further development.

A May 6 clock was suspended only two hours before start time due to a malfunctioning pressure valve on the Atlas higher stage. This followed weeks of additional delays brought on by another engineering issues that have since been resolved on the Starliner itself.

The two- part staff, NASA astronauts Barry” Butch” Wilmore, 61, and Sunita” Suni” Williams, 58, had been strapped into their votes aboard the aircraft for a couple of hrs before start activities were suspended on Saturday.

About an hour after the trip was scrubbed, personnel helped the pilots safely leave the capsules.

It is common in the space industry to have launch delayed for days or weeks or countdowns halted at the eleventh hour, especially when new spaceship are detecting unusual sensor readings, especially when they are first launching people.