Srettha banks on Wissanu

Srettha banks on Wissanu

Legitimate whiz confirms assistance with PM’s situation

Srettha banks on Wissanu
At the Bangkok Post Forum 2023 in October of last year, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin engages original deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea-ngam in conversation. ( Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill )

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, acknowledged that he had contacted Wissanu Krea-ngam, his newly appointed legal adviser, for tips on how to support himself in court after Pichit Chuenban was appointed as the PM’s Office minister.

A defense has already been drawn away, according to Mr. Srettha, but it still needs tweaking before it can be submitted to the Constitutional Court by June 10.

He claimed to have consulted Mr. Wissanu about how to proceed with his defense. He is “one of the people I have to turn to for advice,” Mr. Srettha said, citing the laws that dictated that Pichit’s visit was to be done.

Following Mr. Srettha’s discovery next Monday that he had asked Mr. Wissanu to help with the situation, Mr. Wissanu confirmed the following day that the prime minister had design him as an assistant.

After the 2014 revolution, Mr Wissanu was appointed as deputy prime minister in charge of constitutional matters under Prayut Chan- o- cha’s management.

He also served as Thaksin Shinawatra’s deputy prime minister between 2002 and 2006, as well as as his 1993-to-2002 case secretary-general.

According to Vice Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai, Mr. Srettha made the right choice to assign Mr. Wissanu as a legal advisor.

” The prime minister is ready to give people a chance to help with the president’s work”, Mr Phumtham said.

He downplayed censure, saying the state had no other choice but to enlist a former cabinet minister to assist it in its work.

The state is attempting to overthrow earlier political tensions. It is not about creating groups. It is about serving the government’s interest”, Mr Phumtham said.

Sorawong Thienthong, a Pheu Thai MP for Sakaeo, on Sunday&nbsp, even denied a speculation that some Pheu Thai MPs were not satisfied with Mr Srettha appointing Mr Wissanu as his assistant.

The prime minister’s aid of what the country sees as in the country’s best interests is” Pheu Thai.”

Mr. Sorawong said,” I am convinced that this will not cause any rifts in the party.”

A petition challenging Mr. Srettha’s nomination as PM’s Office Minister was accepted on May 23.

In the event that the judges ‘ orders were not followed, Mr. Srettha was given a 15-day deadline to provide an explanation, but they decided not to dismiss him as PM in the absence of a decision.

A similar complaint against Pichit was also rejected by the court, which cited his resignation as PM’s Office Minister next Tuesday.

Pichit resigned in what was seen as a charge to prevent Mr. Srettha from potential legal angst as a government minister despite his enrollment being in dispute.

Previously, the 40 caretaker senators had asked the court if Mr Srettha and Pichit should be removed from office under Section 170 ( 4 ) and ( 5 ) of the charter, which deals with the ethics of cabinet ministers.

The visit of Pichit, who previously served as ex- prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s attorney as well as Mr Srettha’s assistant, as PM’s Office secretary raised questions about his eligibility to function as a government minister.

Because he was sentenced to prison for contempt of court when he represented Thaksin in a contentious area offer event in 2008 when he was a prosecutor for an attempted bribery situation.

After they attempted to pay Supreme Court officers by handing them a paper bag containing 2 million baht in income a month earlier, the Supreme Court sentenced Pichit and two of his associates to six months in prison on June 25 that time.

In the land case, Thaksin and his ex-wife were representing them, for which Thaksin received a two-year sentence.