Special session: Modi introduces women’s bill in new India parliament

Special session: Modi introduces women's bill in new India parliament
India's Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi waits to welcome leaders of the G20 countries at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on September 9, 2023. (Photo by Ludovic MARIN / POOL / AFP) (Photo by LUDOVIC MARIN/POOL/AFP via shabby Graphics)shabby Graphics

A bill guaranteeing a third of seats for women in the lower house of parliament and status meetings has been introduced by the American government.

The divisive expenses, which was first put forth in 1996, has been dormant for years despite criticism from some social functions.

Its restoration occurs in May 2024, weeks before the general votes.

When the MPs convened for the first period in the nation’s brand-new parliament building on Tuesday, Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal introduced it.

The bill would need the support of both houses of parliament as well as the name of the American president before it could be passed into law.

Mr. Modi praised the proposed policy and referred to it as a” special time for the nation” in his opening remarks at the new parliament tower.

The world is aware that discussing women-led growth alone is insufficient. He told officials as he pleaded with them to support the bill,” This is a beneficial step taken on that front.

The previous Congress party-led governments, according to the PM, failed to pass the invoice while they were in office. The PM even made fun of the opposition.

” For decades, there have been discussions about women’s doubts. We may proudly claim to have scripted story, he said.

The new parliament building was officially opened by Mr. Modi in May, but up until this point, no firm had been conducted it.

He convened a five-day special treatment, which started on Monday but was held in the ancient parliament tower for the first day.

Members from both properties gathered on Tuesday night for a photo shoot at the historic structure, and then there was an event in the British-era building’s Central Hall to honor the tradition of parliament.
They subsequently relocated to the fresh parliament, which was formally renamed the Parliament House of India by the lower house of parliament.

Political row

Government of India

Opposition leaders who assert that the state has not disclosed all the company that may arise during the week are criticizing the proceedings as they are being held.

Eight bills have been scheduled for conversation during the program, but this list may change or remain expanded over the course of the week, according to the authorities.

The optimistic Central Vista job in Delhi, which aims to change colonial-era government buildings, includes the new parliament building.

The new four-story building, which was built in front of the ancient parliament and cost an estimated 9.7 billion inr($ 117 million,£ 94 million ), is much larger and has the capacity to stand 1, 272 MPs.

The Lok Sabha room, which will house the parliament’s lower home, was created to resemble the national bird of India, the peacock. The Rajya Sabha room, which will house the lower house, is made to resemble the flowers, the national flower of India, as well as the election symbol for Mr. Modi’s Bharatiyan Janata Party.

The building where the existing parliament is located may be turned into a museum.